70%of chronic diseases are related to insomnia!If you can’t sleep well, it may be these three reasons.

Many chronic diseases make patients feel miserable, and they do not know that about 70%of chronic diseases clinically are related to sleep.So, which physical symptoms or diseases are closely related to sleep?How many people are currently suffering from insomnia in my country?

In this issue, Zhang Yonghua, director of the clinical psychology department of Hangzhou Hospital of Hangzhou and Hangzhou Hospital, is invited to take you to understand the heart and body disease.


Three major factors that cause sleep problems

1 Tiantian susceptible factor

Some people are inherently easy to insomnia. From the age of 4 or 5, their sleep quality may be worse.

This sensation is usually related to heredity and personality. Personality can be manifested as sensitive and more detailed.

2 Excessive pressure

There are many sources of pressure in modern people, including economy, material, fame, and children.

Except for 8 hours of working hours, modern people cannot relax outside of working hours, or they are busy with family chores.

3 Modern lifestyle

The lifestyle of modern people has created many "modern diseases", and insomnia is one of them.

For the previous people, there are no electric lights and TVs at home, and they can only sleep after dark.

Today, the development of the times has no distinction between day and night, and nightlife is relatively rich, and even 24 hours a day can be immersed in entertainment projects.

Modern people’s sleep time is slowly decreased, and the time to sleep is delayed. At present, adults have an average of about 2 hours from 20 years ago.

Not only that, after sleeping, people often continue to watch mobile phones, which also aggravate sleep problems.


Mind and body diseases need to be treated with the mind and body

Mind and body disease refers to diseases that take psychological factors as the main causes, manifested as symptoms such as physical discomfort, abnormal function, and organic changes.

If the alopecia areata caused by poor sleep, the effect is not obvious if used drugs or habitats.

After its sleep state improves, its hair loss will decrease, and even new hair grows.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, when treating such diseases, it is necessary to cure the mind or the mind.

In the past, many of the internal medicines and chronic diseases related to psychological, sleeping, and had not received good attention and treatment.

Since modern medicine has changed from biological models to society-psychological-biological model, many doctors have begun to pay attention to the treatment of heart and body diseases.


Sleep is closely related to chronic diseases

The body is a whole. When sleeping and emotional fluctuations, there will be problems with the whole body.

Such as insomnia can induce diseases, skeletal muscles, respiratory systems, circulation systems, digestive systems, etc.

Director Zhang said that when such diseases occur, it is necessary to regulate the whole body to cure the fundamental.

If common esophageal reflux, in addition to irregular diet and too spicy, there is an emotional problem.

After receiving the treatment of western medicine, the patient will be temporarily relieved, but if the problem of sleep and emotion is not resolved, the condition will occur repeatedly.

For some situations that are completely caused by sleep or emotion, drugs that can be gradually disabled can be discontinued. You only need to adjust your sleep and emotion to solve the situation.

In life, some friends want to prepare for pregnancy, kidney, nourish blood and nourish qi, but the effects are always unsatisfactory, maybe because of sleep problems.

For friends who are preparing for pregnancy, poor sleep can cause menstrual time disorders, and menstrual time disorders are not conducive to pregnancy. Therefore, a good sleep during pregnancy is also critical.

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