7 months of pregnant mothers lying to eat ice cream: After pregnancy, can I still eat irritating ice drinks?

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers can’t just consider themselves, after all, the body is responsible for breeding new life.

Therefore, the various behaviors of expectant mothers will be constrained, but many habits and hobbies before pregnancy are difficult to change, especially the taboos during pregnancy can be said to be a small challenge.

A pregnant woman who was 7 months pregnant in Anhui went out and went shopping with her husband. She suddenly told the toilet in the middle of the way. After waiting for a long time, she went back and found that the pregnant woman was stealing the ice cream. When she saw that the pregnant woman was panicked at the moment, she turned around and turned around.It is about to "escape."

According to her husband, after pregnancy, he has never allowed his wife to eat irritating foods. He often saw a pregnant woman who sneaked out to eat on the Internet. I did not expect that this time it happened to himself.

Every time I see such a thing, I feel funny and distressed. The pregnant woman is really cute with her family and friends, but they have to give birth to life.It is also very distressed to sacrifice your hobbies and habits.

First of all, everyone must be clear that whether it is ice cream or other cold drinks, it is not ice after being eaten by the mother, so you don’t have to worry too much about stimulating your baby.

On the contrary, the fetus for about three months can already distinguish various "tastes". Ice cream contains sugar. The blood sugar will increase after eating, so the fetus will feel and feel better.

In addition, the emotions of the fetus are also the emotional impact of the pregnant mother. When the pregnant mother is satisfied with the ice cream, this happy emotion will also be passed on to the fetus and will be happy to follow the mother.

Therefore, you can eat ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks after pregnancy, but this does not mean that you can eat unscrupulously. After all, cold drinks will stimulate the stomach and the stomach.

Some cold drinks may contain raw eggs and raw milk, including more bacteria. These bacteria will not be killed at low temperature. If the pregnant mother eats it, it is not safe.

The content of sugar in cold drinks is also very high. Long -term consumption of large amounts of weight, increasing weight without saying, may also damage sugar tolerance and induce diabetes during pregnancy.

Before buying ice cream and ice cream, pregnant women ensure that the ingredients are sterilized (such as the word "Basal disinfection"). You can also see if the ingredients are allergic (egg) or excited (coffee) in the ingredient table.

In addition to the "ice drink", there are many people who should "avoid" during pregnancy. Everyone must pay attention. After all, there is nothing small in pregnant women.

1. Alcohol and alcoholic food

Wine is the most contraindicated food during pregnancy. Without an appropriate amount, it is completely taboo.

If pregnant women drink alcohol, alcohol will enter the placenta through the umbilical cord, affecting the normal development of the fetus, causing the development of the fetus to deforms. After birth, it may also be low intelligence, infection, and abnormal behavior.

Second, non -clean fruits and vegetables, unsustering meat, unsidepled dairy products

Although the nutritional value of the above three types of food is very high, if it is not handled properly, it is easy to leave bacteria and viruses.Pregnant women not only affect their health after eating, but also threatened the fetus.

Third, fish with high mercury content

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made it clear that the mercury content of fish, sharks, swordfish and other fish is too high, and pregnant women and lactating women should avoid using it.

In addition to the above three types of foods that must be taboo, foods such as fried, barbecue, smoked products, carbonated beverages and coffee should also be eaten as little as possible.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and meat, and maintain nutritional balance. As for various snacks, it is okay for pregnant mothers to eat occasionally to understand once.

In addition to the healthy development of the fetus, in addition to the diet, the good mentality and emotions, and the appropriate amount of exercise have great help to the fetal development. The pregnancy is already very hard. Don’t be stingy for the reasonable needs of pregnant mothers.

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