7 kinds of food carrying "progesterone", women can eat often, or allow you to pick up a lot of benefits

Morlone, also known as progesterone, is a progesterone secreted by the ovaries. If the luteal ketone is sufficient in women, it shows that the ovaries are healthy, the skin is delicate and smooth, and it looks young and beautiful.

However, with the continuous growth of age, ovarian function declines, estrogen and progesterone hormones will be reduced, affecting women’s menstrual cycles, irregular menstruation, reduced menstrual blood, and even affecting pregnancy.

It is actually very important to add progesterone properly, but "it is three -point poison". Medication is not as good as food supplement. Usually, we can replenish progesterone through some foods. If you eat frequently, it can help women improve the lack of luteal deficiency.

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—— 7 kinds of foods carrying "progesterone" can be eaten frequently, or you can pick up a lot of benefits in vain


Walnut is a kind of nuts that we often eat in our daily life. Proper eating walnuts can supplement the nutrients required for the body, and at the same time play a effect of replenishing the brain. Vitamin E in the walnut can remove excess free radicals in the body.It has the effect of delaying aging. If women lack progesterone in their bodies, it is recommended to eat walnuts frequently. Special nutritional ingredients in walnuts can promote the secretion of progesterone and improve the lack of progesterone.

Kudzu powder

It is believed that everyone is no stranger to mentioning Pueraria fans. Pueraria’s nutritional value is high. Among them, it contains a variety of nutrients such as puerariain and flavonoids. If conditions permit, women can eat Pueraria powder every day.The need for progesterone, the skin will become smooth, delicate and elastic, and has a health care effect on the body.

In addition, the flavonoids in Pueraria can inhibit too much estrogen in the body, and can also irritate thyroid gland, metabolize sufficient progesterone to help you care for thyroid health.


Eggs are known as "omnidirectional nutrition", which is rich in vitamin E, arginine, lecithin. These abnormal ingredients can stabilize hormone levels in the body and regulate the secretion of hormones. ThereforeSupplementing the lack of progesterone, and can supplement the trace elements required by the body, help the human body to establish a strong immune system, enhance resistance, and stay away from diseases.

quail eggs

The nutritional value of quail eggs is high, and a small quail egg, it has the reputation of "natural progesterone".

Quail eggs are very good. When you are okay, you can eat some boiled quail eggs, and you can also supplement progesterone.

Black beans

"Black beans are a treasure, often eat good health." Black beans contain vitamin E, lecithin, anthocyanins, B vitamins, dietary fiber, soy isoflavones and other nutrients. Soy isoproponone is similar to female body in women.It can promote the secretion of progesterone. The anthocyanins in black beans can help us clear the free radicals in the body, enhance skin elasticity, and delay aging.


Although the taste of figs is relatively unique, the nutritional value is high, and the mature time of figs is relatively short. It is not long to eat fresh flower figs every year, but you can also choose to eat dried pork fruit.

Figs or dried figs are rich in nutrients, especially for female friends with lack of lutenone, eating properly figs to help reduce the risk of sexual diseases, while enhancing physical immunity, improving the deficiency of luteum, and insufficient luteal deficiency.Essence


Kelp is a kind of seafood. The taste is relatively delicious and there are many ways to eat. The kelp is rich in calcium, iodine elements, and various trace elements. If female friends want to improve the lack of luteal, it is recommended to eat kelp.Maybe it can bring you good benefits.

——The women who lack lantarone for a long time are likely to occur these phenomena

Cause breast hyperplasia

Insufficient body luteum secretion can affect the metabolism of estrogen, which will cause estrogen disorders and cause women’s breasts, such as breast bloating or nodules.

Easy to sweat frequently

If the sweating and sweating is unknown, it is likely to be related to endocrine disorders. In addition to frequent sweating, dizziness, headache, sleep quality decreased, anxiety, and depression psychological state.

Cause of body obesity

Can progesterone can promote the spiritual metabolism of the body, and the metabolism speed of water and sodium in the tuning body promotes the discharge of water and sodium. If there is insufficient luteal secretion and the decreased metabolic capacity, water and sodium will deposit in the body, causing hypopular disease, causing body edema and body edema and body edemaedema.

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