6 -year -old girl was selected as the youngest athlete of the national skipping team

The 6 -year -old girl was selected as the national skipping team [adult minimum athlete 4 and a half -year -old played children’s skipping champion]

On July 6, the State General Administration of Sports announced the list of national team members of the 2022 Asian skipping championship. Jilin Changchun 6 -year -old girl Yu Cani was selected and became the youngest athletes in the history of the Chinese national skipping team.And their parents.

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On July 12, Yu Dawei, the father and coach of Yu Cani, told the Beijing Youth Daily that Yu Chanyi lived in the training hall since she was a child.Yu Cani won all the children’s skipping champion at the age of 4 and a half.For many years, she has never worked hard for training. For her, skipping is more happy.

On June 6, the 2022 Asian skipping championship competition (online), hosted by the National Sports Guidance Center of the State General Administration of Sport, hosted by the National Sports Guidance Center, and co -organized by Shanghai Dajianshi Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.(District, city) 43 teams 397 rope skipping athletes participated in the selection.On the evening of July 6, the State General Administration of Sports announced the final results and the list of national team personnel.In this list, Changchun 6 -year -old girl Yu Chanyi and his parents Yu Dawei and Xi Xiaolin were selected at the same time, becoming the first family to be selected at the same international competition in the history of skipping rope.The Chinese National Skip Team has the youngest athletes in history.

If you are not born, you will "have the same field" with your parents to participate in the competition

On the 12th, Yu Dawei told Beiqing Daily that although Yu Chanyi was only 6 years old this year, she had an inextricable bond with skipping rope early.Yu Dawei said that he was a athlete, and he fell in love with accidental participation in rope skipping competition after retirement.After that, Chanyi’s mother slowly played with him."Chanyi should still participate in her mother’s belly for the first time." Yu Dawei said that when Mother Cani accompanied him to Dalian to participate in a game, a team member could not be able toParticipating, Chanyi’s mother went up, "She was pregnant for more than five months at that time, and it was definitely not possible to jump, so Yu Dawei said, he was thinking at that time, this should be a family of three.They all participated in the competition.

In the years when Yu Cani was born, their family still lived in the training hall. "She can see me training every day, and I can see me with other athletes."Skip rope."When she was very young, she would learn my jumping rope and jump around. When she was about 3 years old, she played with skipping rope." Yu Dawei said that when he and his lover found that Chan Yi was interested in skipping rope skippingLater, I started to add the elements of skipping rope in the game. "She was too small when she started to skip the rope. We once worried that children who had such a bigger could jump. LaterNot only will it not affect her growth and development, but it will also play a good role, and we will start scientific and formal training for her. "

What surprised Yu Dawei and Xi Xiaolin was that Yu Chany’s love for skipping rope did not decrease because of the hard work, and her progress could be described as fast.When Yu Chanyi was 4 and a half years old, she already won the championship of all children under the age of 5.In 2020, Yu Chanyi was awarded the title of "Children’s Skipping Promotion Ambassador" by the State General Administration of Sports.In 2021, Yu Chanyi was rated as the top ten athletes in the country.

The whole family is selected as the national team to accompany the children to grow together

Yu Dawei told Beiqing Daily that although Yu Cani is only 6 years old, her skipping score has reached the level of eight or nine -year -old rope jumping athletes."In her training, we have never been forced, and she has taken the initiative to do it. She has never complained about the hard work, and she has not even cried because of training."The reason for the active request for training is except that she can find happiness in the skipping rope, which is to win the honor of the game. "When she was a child, she would cry when she lost. After crying, the training became more hard.The grades are difficult. "Yu Dawei said.

For the whole family selected the national team this time, Yu Chanyi became the youngest skipping athletes. Yu Dawei said that the family was very happy.They are all 11 years old and the youngest are 9 years old. This is actually a challenge for her. "For Dawei couple, the challenge is old. Although it is hard, they will still choose to persist in insisting onBecause daughters are the biggest motivation for their persistence, "I hope to accompany the child’s growth in this way, and at the same time I also hope that we can become the role model of children and point out for their growth." Wen/Our reporter Wang Tianqi

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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