55 numbers related to pregnancy

After finishing 55 small knowledge related to pregnancy, both expectant dads and expectant mothers will gain something.These contents are browsed from various literatures and books during my wife’s pregnancy. Now combining my knowledge and experience, I personally think of the useful summary to share with those who are interested.

-In women’s recent birth age: 24-29, men 30-40.

-On ovulation time: 14 ± 3 days before the next menstruation

-In a woman’s lifetime of about 400 eggs

-The men’s excretion of 2-400 million sperm each time, the fertilization process usually occurs within 24 hours afterwards (the time required for the encounter between sperm and eggs)

-In the first three months after you are pregnant, avoid the same room

-The may "unload" within 2 weeks before and after the due date

-Geglin during pregnancy should be above 110g/L or more

-Hunxi (pregnancy vomiting) usually starts in about 6 weeks, and has improved after 13 weeks. Of course

-Enalogenesis generally starts from the 6th month. When playing music with mobile phones, at least 2cm away from the belly, and the volume is smaller

-The best range of urinary iodine after pregnancy is 150-300ug/L

-The baby birth weight is greater than 8 catties called "huge child"

-In in China, after pregnant women are pregnant, it is recommended that the first 3 months increased by 2-3 pounds, an increase of 8-10 pounds in the second trimester, and an increase of 8-11 pounds in the second trimester.(This speed is a normal pregnant woman who has a normal weight before pregnancy. If it is not overweight, it is ultra-weighty. Do not increase the weight of the entire pregnancy.

-In in the middle and late pregnancy, an average increase of 300-500g/week, the most appropriate

-The recent period for screening Tang’s syndrome is 15-20 weeks

-1 weeks of pregnancy, the ears are close to the belly, and the fetal heart can be heard, and the fetal heart can hear 120-160 times per minute

-In 19 weeks of pregnancy, most pregnant women can feel fetal movement

-As about calcium: Early (800mg), mid -term (1000mg), later and breastfeeding (1200mg), and eat too much calcium tablets, which can easily cause zinc absorption rates. It is necessary to combine its own diet judgment.

-In 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement should be trained regularly.

-D pregnant woman with a height of <150cm, because the pelvis is small, be alert to difficulty in giving birth

-After 25 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has the ability to distinguish the sound. At this time, you can perform music prenatal education

-Mom is more than 30 years old and pay more attention to the screening of diabetes during pregnancy

-Di walking time after meals is up to 40 minutes, it is more appropriate for 20-30 minutes

-In 26 weeks, the quasi -mother back pain, and the pelvic pressure feels gradually increased

-29 weeks may occur, pseudo contractions may occur, once every 2-3 hours may occur, the stomach is harder, tight, and may have mild pain.it `s just normal.If the frequency is dense, pay attention to the fetal protection

-The last 12 weeks during pregnancy, the exposure to the gimmicks may increase the chance of infantting asthma with asthma.

-In 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal position has not been corrected, and you can consider the delivery after the external transfer position.

-32 weeks later, the fetal movement may be less than before. At this time, the fetus will spend 90-95%of the time to go to bed to make the final sprint for birth and grow up quickly.

-In 7 months of pregnancy, generally do not need to go to night shift (medical care)

-28-37 weeks have children to be a premature birth

-35 weeks, fetal lung development is basically completed

-After 36 weeks, the fetus will respond to light

-In about the rules of the prefecture to open to the mouth, it takes about 12 hours to take about 12 hours

-Atchida near childbirth usually lasts 30-70 seconds, and it hurts from the back, and then moves forward

-In the birth of the fetus for more than 40 weeks, it is easy to lack nutrition

-The law of giving birth: pain once every 4 minutes, 1 minute each, it has been 1 hour, which means that you have to start unloading

-The body after pregnancy is recovered before pregnancy, usually about 6 weeks

-It about 15-20 days of lochia

-Generally, the vertical lactation is secreted 2-3 days after giving birth

-In summer during the confinement, the air conditioning temperature is recommended to be above 26 ° C

-In 24 hours after delivery, you can rub the bath, you can take a shower after 1 week, 10-15 minutes each time, avoid cold

-Che confinement meal usually requires 5-6 meals a day to ensure sufficient nutrition

-The sexual behavior should be prohibited within 6 weeks after delivery

-In 6-8 hours after giving birth, the mother should take the initiative to urinate

-The acute mammitis is prone to occur in 3-4 weeks postpartum

-Due diabetes during gestational period usually takes 6 weeks to return to normal

-Che newborn jaundice generally starts 3 days after birth, and generally disappears for 7-10 days

-In newborn’s umbilical cord drop generally requires 4-7 days

-In newborn black stools, yellow stools usually need 3-4 days. The first shit (fetal stool) will be discharged within 24 hours after birth. Generally, it is arranged within 4 days.Will be reduced to 1-2 times/day

-The first urine of newborns will occur within 12 hours after birth

-Che newborn daily urination is generally 10-15 times

-In the baby is born, it is recommended to breastfeed within 30 minutes (milk as soon as possible)

-In breastfeeding, the baby should tilt at 45 ° to reduce the risk of vomiting. Feeding every 3 hours. If the amount is measured, it is prevalent (individual differences)

-The fetal hair began to fall off 7 days after the baby was born

-The newborn bath time should be 1 hour before feeding or 1 hour after feeding.

-Newborns do not need a pillow. You can arrange 1cm pillows for 3-4 months. At 7-8 months, the pillow should be rose to 3cm

The so -called small knowledge is just a summary of the artificialness based on the experience, and it is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but maybe there is a certain reference significance. "Giveting to a child" is a major event in life. It should not be borne by "mother".Understand the entire "production" process so that the entire process can be learned that the entire process is not easy, the other half can be considered, and the "family responsibility" is awakened, and proper support and help to lover in the process of pregnancy.

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