53 -year -old Faye Wong’s abdomen bulge, suspected to be pregnant, is the good thing near?

Faye Wong went abroad to visit her daughter abroad by her daughter and was taken out of beautiful photos by netizens. She thought that with her back to China, things passed.Without thinking, a fan’s photo caused a storm of pregnancy.

On April 19, a netizen showed 4 photos of Faye Wong when he met Faye Wong at the airport.The person who broke the news was not a camera. The friend who really met Faye Wong was a friend who broke the news.Because she has always been a fan of Faye Wong. I heard that her friend was very excited when she met her idols. She bluntly said that she was envious and wanted to meet Faye Wong once.

Faye Wong in the photo is very simple, which is no different from ordinary people.The black casual top should be paired with a light -colored inside, gray casual pants, mainly lightweight.

The wind was very strong that day, Faye Wong’s hair was blown up, and the coat was the beige trench coat that everyone was familiar with.Although she was wearing a mask throughout the process, she could see that her condition in all aspects was very good, and she didn’t seem to be in her 50s.

Going down from the ferry car, Faye Wong also held a bottle of mineral water in his hand, hanging a silver -gray bag with obliquely, and he was casual, with temperament, but no shelf.

Some fans greeted her, and Faye Wong would naturally respond very naturally, and would not give people a sense of distance.Standing on the side of Faye Wong should be her assistant and is helping her hold the suitcase.

There was no problem with the frontal photo, but the side -by -side photos were discovered by careful netizens.Faye Wong’s manner is very good, but the lower abdomen is obviously bulging. I don’t know if it is a problem of shooting angle. From the photo point of view, it feels very pregnant.

Faye Wong’s temperament is not so cold now. There is a gentleness. I don’t know if it is to be a mother again, or the reason why it is older.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse were together when they were young. Everyone thought they would get married, but the result was that Faye Wong married others, and Nicholas Tse married Cecilia Cheung.The two are good at each other, the family is happy, and the fans are regrettable, but they also have sincere blessings.

Nowadays, the two who restore the single will continue the forefront, and netizens have been very optimistic.During the time when two people were just reunited, they rarely had the same frame.

Not long ago, they appeared at the airport without avoiding it, and they held hands. Everyone speculated that it might be a good thing.

Faye Wong said before that she and Nicholas Tse had made an appointment with not getting married or having children.Faye Wong believes that as long as both people put each other in their hearts and the soul fits, it is not important that the red book and the child.

However, before, some paparazzi photographed Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse in and out, and may have lived together.If Faye Wong is really pregnant, everyone is still willing to bless them.This is a very romantic thing if the lover of the past can be accompanied for a lifetime.

However, Faye Wong is now 53 years old, and it is still very dangerous to get pregnant.

Of course, whether Faye Wong is really pregnant, it cannot be determined by a photo.The wind was very strong that day, and the clothes were blown up, and the shooting angle would have this effect!

Looking closely at the third photo sent by netizens, Faye Wong’s belly is quite flat. Maybe it is the reason for being blocked by the bag. There is no signs of pregnancy.

Nicholas Tse already has two sons, and Faye Wong also has two daughters. They do not seem to have a tangled personality about whether there is a common child.If there is, it may also be an accident. Faye Wong’s belief is not allowed to give up children.

What do you think?

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