50 days after giving birth, vaginal bleeding intermittently, it has been unclean, what’s wrong with me


This is a question that a treasure mother consults me yesterday. This problem is also the trouble of many postpartum mothers. I have encountered Bao Ma who has been intermittently bleeding for 3 months.Let’s take a look at this vaginal bleeding-postpartum lochia.

01. What is lochia?

Postpartum lochia refers to the postpartum mitigation after giving birth. It contains blood, necrotic moltage and other tissues excreted by vagina. It is called lochia. This is the clinical manifestation of the mother in the puerperium, which is a physiological change.The lochia has a bloody smell, but there is no odor. The color and content changes over time. Generally, it lasts 4 to 6 weeks and the total amount is 500ml.If there is still a lot of lochia out of the above time, it is called postpartum lochia.

1. Normal dew

The total amount of normal lochia is 500-1000ml, which has a bloody smell and not smelly.

2. Line duration: Generally clean at 4-6 weeks after delivery.

3. Lulu is divided into: bloody dew, slurry, and white lochia.

02. The expression of abnormal lochia

1. The postpartum bloody dew continued for more than 3 weeks, and the amount of lochia was very large, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Two weeks after giving birth, the lochia is still bloody, with a large amount, accompanied by a bad odor, and sometimes discharged rotten things, or the fetal membrane -like substance.Ferry membrane may occur at any time.

3. Increased lochia, odor with symptoms such as fever, and lower abdomen pain may occur, which may occur, which can cause endometritis or uterine muscleitis.At this time, the lochia is not only odor, but also the color is not normal blood or slurry, but it is turbid and dirty earthly dew. At this time, you should seek medical treatment in time.

03. The self -care of lochia

1. Persist in breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can play a role in helping the uterine shrinkage, which is conducive to the discharge of lochia.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Compared with the aunt, the lochia is still very long.Usually change sanitary napkins and underwear, clean the perineum with warm water every day.Bathing with a shower or vagina with bleeding cannot be used in a basin. Good sanitation can reduce the occurrence of infection.

2. Appropriate exercise

After giving birth, more rest does not mean that it is completely motionless.Proper bedroom activities, do some stretching limbs, etc., which is conducive to uterine recovery, can help qi and blood running, and can also help the dew in the body to discharge as soon as possible.

3. Strengthen nutrition supplement

Pay attention to the balance of nutrients and appropriately supplement high -quality protein, such as milk, eggs, etc., and sufficient nutrition is beneficial to the discharge of lochia.However, to avoid early consumption of Chinese medicine, codonopsis, ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicines, avoid eating spicy and irritating foods and greasy foods, you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits appropriately.

4. Forbidden in the same room

Sexual life should be avoided within 42 days after childbirth, because the cervix is still very fragile during this time, which can easily cause intrauterine infection and bleeding.

Postpartum dew is experienced by every mother. New mothers want to quickly discharge the lochia as soon as possible. They must understand the lochia.For example, reducing the number of flows and determining the health of the body before pregnancy; such as actively treating various complications (vaginitis, anemia, hypertension during pregnancy, etc.) before childbirth;The duration of postpartum dew will depend on the physique of each mother. If there is abnormalities, you should seek medical treatment in time to avoid causing greater harm.

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