5 precautions for drinking water during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to the following aspects.

(1) Do not wait until thirsty before drinking water.

Water is like watering after the field is cracked. It is the result of the lack of water and not the beginning. It is the rescue signal that requires hydration to replenish the brain center.The thirst indicates that the water in the body has been unbalanced, and the cells are short of water to a certain extent.

(2) Pregnant women should not drink boiling water for a long time or repeatedly boiled.

Because after repeated boiling water, the concentration of harmful substances such as silver, nitrite ions and arsenic in the water has increased relatively.After drinking the boiling water for a long time, it will lead to the combination of the low -speed hemoglobin in the blood into a high -speed hemoglobin that cannot carry oxygen, which causes blood poisoning.

(3) Pregnant women do not drink tap water without boiling.

Because chlorine in tap water interacts with the organic matter residual in water, it will produce a carcinogenic substance called "trifle".Pregnant women should not drink boiling water stored in the hot water bottle for more than 24 hours, because as the water temperature in the bottle gradually decreases, the chlorine -containing organic matter in the water will continue to be decomposed into harmful nitrite, which is extremely unfavorable to the inner environment of the pregnant woman’s body.

(4) Pregnant women do not drink the tea with the insulation cup.

Because tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, tea alkali, aroma oil, and a variety of vitamins, if the tea leaves are soaked in the water of the thermos cup, a variety of vitamins are destroyed and nutritious.Causes the disorders of the digestive system and nervous system.

(5) Do not drink polluting water.

Pregnant women must not drink water pollutants such as wastewater, waste gas, and waste residue in industrial production. Even if such water is boiled at high temperature, the toxic chemicals in the water still exist.

For the mother, the correct method of drinking water should be drinking water every two hours, and it should be guaranteed 8 times a day.The amount of water intake per day in early pregnancy should be 1,000 to 1 500 ml, and it is best to control within 100 ml of third trimester.

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