5.31 World Smoking Day

May 31st is the world smokeless day.

In the infertility clinic, doctors often ask "Do you smoke?" "How many branches do you smoke a day?" We know that the relationship between smoking and lung cancer is already clear, and in the reproductive center, why smoking will also be like street mice, everyone shouts, everyone shoutedHow about?What effect does smoking have on fertility?What kind of interference is there of the ending of IVF?

The damage to fertility of smoking (small programs have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

1. Smoking can delay women’s pregnancy

Studies have shown that smoking women have been delayed for about 1 year than women who do not smoke.Moreover, the longer the smoking time, the greater the impact on fertility.

2. Smoking can accelerate the decline in women’s ovarian function (small programs have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Smoking can accelerate the loss of follicles and the failure of ovarian function.The chemicals in tobacco can damage ovarian and pituitary gland, damage the function of the hypothalamus-ovarian axis function that regulates ovarian function in women, and reduce ovarian function and fertility.

Among young women, the basic FSH level of active smokers is about 6%higher than non -smokers, while passive smokers are 39%higher than non -smokers.

3. Smoking can reduce the quality of male sperm

Mother smoking is so harmful to eugenics and eugenics, so what about your father?We know that the harmful substances in tobacco are scattered with the air. Father smokes, and the mother and fetus are forced to follow the "second -hand smoke". The harm is the same as that of the mother smoking.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

Men’s testicles produce sperm. Smoking will not only cause varying degrees of damage to testicles and epididymia, but also cause damage to the reproductive function of men from the root. MoreoverThe reduction of sperm has increased the probability of sperm deformity, causing the sperm DNA fragment rate to increase, or control the genes of sperm -generated genes, which leads to male infertility.

4. Smoking can increase the risk of women’s abortion

After pregnancy, if women continue to smoke, tobacco in tobacco may directly endanger the fetus in the abdomen through the placenta, causing problems such as placental incomplete function and limited fetal growth, which may also lead to increased fetal chromosomal degenea.It is also reported that smoking will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, and it is also susceptible to respiratory diseases and skin diseases after birth.

5. The effect of smoking on IVF pregnancy

In recent years, more and more research on the impact of smoking on assisted reproductive technology has shown that smoking has a great negative impact on the ending of IVF pregnancy.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

During the in vitro fertilization treatment cycle, women smoking can lead to increased dosage of gonad hormone, LH peak levels, egg obtained, fertilization rate, decreased planting rate, increased fertilization and cancellation cycle rate.Big patients are more obvious, indicating that smoking and age factors have accelerated the decline in ovarian function, affecting the quality of the eggs, thereby reducing the success rate of IVF.

Studies have shown that the harm of smoking to human fertility and reproductive health is reversible to some extent, and most of the fertility power can be restored to varying degrees after quitting.Smokers, especially those who want to become a father and mother, successfully quitting smoking is very important for themselves and offspring’s health, and success to quitting smoking is also an important part of infertility treatment.

Tomorrow is Children’s Day of June 1st. Moms and dads intended to have fertility. In order to avoid the harm of tobacco in the next generation, act quickly and throw away the cigarettes in their hands ~

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