45. This is called Yuting’s pregnancy test stick, fool, I am pregnant as a father

In August 2010, Antai Group ushered in several very special guests. Xu Yaqing, the producer of the crew of the "Mine Storm" crew in Beijing, director Sun Kaifeng, and the screenwriter Tan Hongjun returned to Antai Group.The leaders of the group, photography group, lighting group, props group, and field service group.

"Mr. Xu, introduce you, this is Wu Min and Wu Jie of our crew’s service group. They are responsible for the service of our films. This is the photography director of our crew Zhang Xiaolong., This is the boss Zhai Bing, this is the boss of the props group, this is the boss of the field service group, Chang Jin … "In the conference room of the guest house, director Sun Kaifeng Xiang Xu Yan and others one by oneIntroduce his team.

Xu Yan smiled and nodded with everyone, "Welcome to the elder sister to Antai Group, hoping to shoot this film and television work smoothly with the help of the big guys." The title of the sister, Xu Yan and Liu Siqi were produced by the productionpeople.Wang Xueli is the producer.The arrival of the camera team made the hospitality busy busy. The room where no one had lived was full in a few days, which was busy with the director of the reception institute.However, these things were endured by Wang Xueli.

In the early morning, Xu Yanchen ran back and saw Liu Siqi sitting on the sofa in the living room."Qiqi, what’s the matter with you? In the early morning, what are you going?" Xu Yan looked at Liu Siqi a little strangely that in this period of time, Liu Siqi had made makeup.But sitting on the sofa today is a bit strange.

"Husband, that … and that … Give you a gift." Liu Siqi picked up a delicate small box from the table and handed it to Xu Yan.

"Gift gifts early in the morning? Hehe ~~ Is there any good thing?" Xu Yan took over and opened the small box in hand, which was a white long strip.There is a small groove in the middle, and there are two red bars on the small paper in the groove.For the first time Xu Yan saw this, "Kiki, what is this?"

"Don’t you understand? Think about it!" Liu Siqi looked at Xu Yan’s face, and a smile on his face looked at Xu Yan and asked.

"Um … seeing this thing for the first time, it seems like a test or the like. What is this?" Xu Yan’s knowledge told himself that this seems to be a test thing, but for the first time, seeEssence

"This is called Yuting’s pregnancy test stick, fool, I am pregnant. You … you are a father." Liu Siqi was actually very excited. What about the girl was not excited for the first time?

"Lie … lying C, this … this is too good. This is too good." 卧 c … "Xu Yan exploded. This is a shocking and excited state that unconsciously burst out.Xu Yan subconsciously hugged Liu Siqi in his arms, but he couldn’t turn around, and then gently put Liu Siqi down.After doing four or five in one place, I turned over to express my excitement.

"Oh, be careful, don’t sting." Liu Siqi’s soft voice said.

"Haha ~~ No, my wife. I want to tell my mother and the eldest sister first. Hey ~" Xu Yan couldn’t wait to take out the mobile phone and hit the eldest sister.Xu Yaqing was still awakened by Xu Yan’s phone ringtone in his sleep, but when he saw the call, Xu Yan, Xu Yaqing quickly picked up.

"Tell me a news that keeps me angry, otherwise the boy will be over." Xu Yaqing picked up the phone impatiently, and said with murderousness in his tone.

"Hey ~~ Sister, you are aunt, haha ~~ Come to the house, come to the house, I am a dad, you are aunt." Xu Yan didn’t wait for Xu Yaqing to talk to the phone.Past past."Hey, mom ~ Did you get up? That … That morning, how about your blood pressure this morning?"

"Stinky boy, there is something to say and fart, my blood pressure is very good." Ma Qi listened to the phone, and the son’s mouth was stressed that he was so angry that he laughed.

"That … Mom, you … you are your grandma. Hey ~~" Xu Yan reported to his mother a little insignificantly.

"What are you talking about? Qiqi is pregnant? Really? Boy, don’t I open it ~~" Ma Qi said incredible in his stun.

"Real mom, this morning Kiki tested, two bars, haha ~~ two bars ~~~" Xu Yan tilled his legs on the coffee table in the living room, let alone the anger.

Liu Siqi’s pregnancy made Xu Yaqing sit up.In less than half an hour, Xu Yaqing and Liu Shishi appeared at home.The two women didn’t even make up, and Su Yan came.The whispering between women, Xu Yan was inconvenient to blend. Let them talk about them. After Xu Yan washed, he came to the company with a spring breeze.Even the people in the office building, seeing Xu Yan’s state today, can feel that President Xu seems to have something happy today.

There are several more important roles in "Mine Storm". With his ability, Sun Kaifeng also invited several more famous actors. Jin Dong starred in Liu Mufeng, Zhang Jiayi starred in Xu Yan’s father, Zhuge Lian, and Liu Shishi starred in XuMother Ma Qi.At the same time, Sun Kaifeng also invited Zhang Fengyi, Yu Hewei and others as guests as guests. As starring Jin Dong and Zhang Jiayi, they attended the booting ceremony.

As an old mining company in Zicheng, Antai Group is also a large taxpayer in Zicheng. The relationship with various government departments is also very harmonious. Antai Group shoots movies. This is a big news in Zicheng City.Therefore, Liu Siqi arranged for the company to come forward, and the booting ceremony made it strong.

"Dear leaders, guests, workers, hello everyone. I am the president of Antai Group Xu Yan. Maybe everyone does not know that I was born in Songzhuang Coal Mine. My biological father is Zhuge Lianzhi’s name in" Mine Storm ".After I left Songzhuang Coal Mine when I was 8 years old, countless nights, I hope I can return to Songzhuang Coal Mine. Back to this place where I was born and returned to the place where my father worked … "XuThe words were sensational. Although Xu Yan’s speech was very slow, the sentence revealed the true feelings, which moved the people present.Especially the mother Ma Qi, who was sitting on the stage, was already tears at this time.

Director Sun Kaifeng was famous and rigorous. After the start -up ceremony was completed, the filming team had left the mining area with a fire.However, Xu said that the leaders and friends who were present today invited to the guest room of the guest house.Ma Qi pulled Liu Siqi aside and said this whisper, but Xu said that he was accompanied by several leaders from the city.

Sister Cui Tingting was also invited by Liu Siqi today, "President Xu, what you do is still very good. There is a future ~~" Cui Tingting sat aside with a small suit and watched Xu Yan who came over and greeted himself.Said.

"Sister, welcome you to guide work!" Xu Yan sat with a smile, and he didn’t dare to say along Cui Tingting’s words, otherwise he would definitely eat it.

"Okay, don’t stink. I can tell you that you need to close the mine as soon as possible. I have reported your resolution on it. You have to make an example.If the matter comes, if this matter is done, it can be regarded as a political achievement in Cui Tingting’s work.

"Sister, rest assured, the film shooting requires several scenes in the well. If the shooting is completed, we will close it immediately." Xu Yan patted his breasts and promised.

"That’s good. Only after the other side of Shifo Temple Village can sign a contract with you. The policy is not small. You must grasp it." Cui Tingting whispered to Xu Yan.

"Understand, thank you, Sister, wait for you to have time to dinner?" Xu Yanxin said with a nod.

"What kind of meal, I heard that Zhang Fengyi would come? When he came, I would take a few colleagues to visit a class." Cui Tingting said without care.As he was talking to Xu Yan, Cui Tingting suddenly stood up, "Mayor Wang, hello. I didn’t expect, you would come?"

When Xu Yan saw this, he stood up quickly, and only heard which leader talked to Cui Tingting."Xiao Cui, you are here, can I not come?"

"Mayor Wang, I and Xu Yan are the students of Teacher Zhou. He is my brother." Cui Tingting introduced Xu Yan without avoiding it.

"Really? It’s so coincidental. President Xu is the business rookie of our Zicheng. After a while, I hope that President Xu will join the entrepreneur association of our Zicheng?" Mayor Wang held Xu Yan’s hand.Passionately greet Xu Yan.In fact, Xu Yan did not like to deal with these government personnel in his heart. In addition to the company’s various inspections, in addition to the management of various departments, it is Liu Siqi’s work.Communication!

"Brother, I think you don’t seem to be used to dealing with the leaders?" When Cui Tingting and Xu Yan came aside, Cui Tingting looked at Xu Yan with a smile.

"Indeed, I’m not very used to it! In front of them, I don’t know what I should say." Xu Yan said.

"Just get used to it and get used to it." Cui Tingting smiled sweetly, and Xu Yan had the specialties of Xu Yan. In fact, when he was in school, Cui Tingting knew.Xu Yan does not seem to be good at dealing with people in different fields.Instead, in the work, Xu Yan was passionate and full of vitality.

After busy in the evening, Xu Yan took the company from the company and returned home. When he returned home, his mother and his father were with Liu Siqi’s side. The daughter -in -law was pregnant. After knowing the news, Ma Qi rushed from Beijing to Zi from Beijing to Zi.city."Son, Mom can tell you, Qiqi is now Jin Gui, you can’t make trouble, otherwise Mom must have you, you can hear it?" Ma Qi knows his son’s spleen, and naturally he has some words.Xu Yan.

"Mom, I think let Lan Lan come over and save him uneasily." Liu Siqi whispered to Ma Qi.

"I look at it, Lao Xu. You call Lan Lan and let her come to Zicheng to accompany Qiqi." Ma Qi knew what Liu Siqi meant.Ma Qi naturally supports Liu Siqi’s opinion.

"Mom, there is another thing. My parents are gone, and I am pregnant. I think I will secretly receive the marriage certificate with Xu Yan, try not to sound.It ’s just that the wedding is replenished again." Liu Siqi did not want his child to be unknown after birth, so Liu Siqi wanted to secretly receive a certificate with Xu Yan.

"Okay, Kiki. Mom supports you this decision. Qiqi is the heirs of the mother prepared for you. Do you bring it to see it?" Ma Qi was moved when he heard his daughter -in -law’s words.Hurry to take a delicate gift box from Kun Bao. After Liu Siqi opened, he presented in front of him with a delicate gold bracelet.

"Mom, this is too precious, so beautiful!" Liu Siqi looked at the exquisite and simple pattern on the gold bracelet, and quickly worn in his hand.

"Kiki, this gold bracelet has been more than 200 years. It is said that it was originally the object in the palace. Mom was also obtained by chance. Now her mother passed it to you." Ma Qi stopped Liu Siqi’s shoulder and said cheerfully.The gifts sent by Beijingers are very particular, and Ma Qi is naturally no exception.

"Thank you mom ~~" Liu Siqi moved Ma Qi’s shoulder moved, leaning his head on Ma Qi’s body.

No matter how much, Ma Qi also left from the Songzhuang Coal Mine Life Area. He knew that Ma Qi was back. The old and sisters of the year came to the villa.Come to home and make a dinner for the aunts.As a chairman and president, Liu Siqi and Xu Yan, the two seemed to be a waiter, waiting for the aunts with tears.

"Qiqi, you go back to the house to rest. I just stare at it here." Xu Yan looked at Liu Siqi’s busy look, and distressed that the daughter -in -law was worried about the children in the stomach. Xu Yan hurriedly urged Liu Siqi to return to the house to rest.But the guy’s dissuasion, Liu Siqi returned to the house to rest. Xu Yan sat beside his mother outside, and the listener’s interesting person was the interesting thing of the year.Xu Yan looked at his mother’s face, and seemed to see the hardship of his mother.

The filming of the crew is very smooth. Because most of the dramas are completed in the mining area, there are no trivial matters such as venue adjustment, and the help of the president’s help, the shooting is unusually smooth.The shooting of the well was not too deep. The original equipment factory retained the demonstration lane of the underground construction, so the shooting was also very smooth.

"Hey, Zhao Mine. Hello, there is something wrong with calling so early?" Xu Yan just received a call from Zhao Huaowu.

"President Xu, report a good news for you. President Zhao Fulin and Zhao arranged a person yesterday to meet me. We did well in Yuanfeng Coal Mine., Come to Jinzhong to meet President Zhao and finalize this matter? "Zhao Huaiwu emotionally excitedly reported to Xu Yan on the other end of the phone.

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