44 -year -old Cui Zhiyou first took a pregnant belly photo!Wanderer September limbs are slim and beautiful as girls, children’s gender exposure

Remember the "Stairs of the Kingdom of Heaven", which once earned enough to make people tears?Time, although the routine of Korean dramas has changed waves after another, it is no longer popular, but this drama is still Bai Yueguang in the hearts of many people.

As the heroine of "The Stairs of Heaven", Cui Zhiyou in the play can be said to be pity. The success of this drama made her popular and became a well -deserved Korean goddess. Until now, her status is still very stable.

On May 6th, Cui Zhiyou, 44, rarely took a pregnant belly photo. This is the first photo of her pregnancy since she announced her pregnancy good news in December last year.

In the photo, Cui Zhiyou was wearing a white suspender long skirt and a white flower ring on his head. The whole person was bathing in the sun, and the smile was very warm.At 9 months of pregnancy, she was not obvious because of her loose clothes. In addition, her limbs were slender and looked very good. Unlike pregnant women, she was like a wonderful young girl. She was beautiful and beautiful.

Although it has been very low -key during pregnancy, Cui Zhiyou, who is about to produce, still can’t wait to share the child’s information from everyone. In the photo, she lifts the pink balloon of "Baby Girl" in his hand, and generously reveals that the baby in the belly is a girl.

Cui Zhiyou showed a handwriting letter. In the letter, she shared her recent situation and realized that it was not easy to be a mother. She said: "My due date is only half a month left, and I simply take photos at the doorstep. As an older time, as an older, as an older, as an older time.I met the epidemic in the maternal, and felt that the mothers were really respectable. I hope that the expectant mothers who are about to produce can gain strength when they see me this elderly mother. "

In addition, Cui Zhiyou also thanked the fans for their support: "All the happiness of this happiness will work hard to create a happy family with gratitude. I hope that after giving birth to a baby, I can hear more happy news."

It is understood that in March 2018, Cui Zhiyou and her boyfriend who were more than a year old who had been dating for more than a year had a low -key flash marriage, but when it comes to Cui Zhiyou’s partner, his identity is quite mysterious.

Since falling in love, Cui Zhiyou has always failed to protect his husband. He only said that his husband is an ordinary person who works in IT companies. He has never disclosed his name, identity, and appearance.You can see his back, and the confidentiality work is very good.

In addition to the identity, the gap between the two’s income is also very large, and Cui Zhiyou said that it is not an exaggeration to "marry".According to media reports, Cui Zhiyou’s husband is an ordinary office worker, with an annual salary of up to 200,000 to 300,000 yuan.The rent is 50 million won (about 289,000 yuan), which means that even if she does not do anything even if she is lying down, the monthly income is about one -year salary of her husband.

Nevertheless, Cui Zhiyou’s feelings for her husband are deep. Except for relatives and friends when they get married, the costs are borne by themselves. Even the earrings are bought by 31 million won (about 179,000 yuan).

In December last year, the two finally ushered in the crystallization of love. Cui Zhiyou announced the news of pregnancy through the brokerage company and gained a blessing.

Today, Cui Zhiyou, who is about to be facing, has not diminished the year, and his temperament and state are still outstanding.The time is getting closer to the baby’s birth, and I wish her all the best.


Author: Moxianbao’s Nineteen Generations

Editor -in -chief: Ah fork

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