44 -year -old Chen Qiaoen suspected that he had tires in Thailand and went to Thailand with her husband Allen.

After Chen Qiaoen and her boyfriend Allen got married, the outside world kept staring at the movement of her stomach. During the media reported that she had been pregnant, but they were denied by Chen Qiaoen himself.

Chen Qiaoen is 44 years old. Recently, she and her husband Allen returned to the New Year in Malaysia in Malaysia. They lived in the local area for a long time. During this period, Chen Qiaoen released many dynamics of sweet and loving love and love, making many people feel that they are actively making creation.People, want children.

After leaving Malaysia, Chen Qiaoen and Allen did not return to China immediately, but went to Thailand.

On March 12, Chen Qiaoen shared a dynamic on the social platform. It was originally a video of showing affection, but her belly became the focus of discussion among netizens.

Chen Qiaoen shared a photo of shopping with her husband Allen at the clothing store. She wrote: "Husband who accompanies the soreness of the whole body, but I haven’t finished it yet."

In the photo, Chen Qiaoen had long straight hair, wearing a loose skirt, a brand -name bag on his hands, and a sandals on his feet. It matched with Thailand’s climate.

She was taking a selfie in a high -end clothing store in a high -end clothing store, and her husband Allen appeared in the camera.

Allen was sitting on the sofa in the shop. He held his neck with his hands and was doing stretching movements. He looked like he was shopping.

When Chen Qiaoen saw her husband was paralyzed on the sofa, she felt a little funny, so she picked up her mobile phone to shoot. She laughed and opened flowers. It was really sweet!

This photo has caused heated discussion on the Internet!Not because Chen Qiaoen showed affection, but because her belly looked at the situation.

On the same day, Chen Qiaoen was almost full of face, and wearing loose skirts still couldn’t cover the slightly bulging belly. It looked at the taste of pregnancy.Published.

In addition to Chen Qiaoen shared the dynamics yesterday, there were Chinese tourists who played in Thailand and met their husband and wife. Some netizens shared the occasional photos, and Chen Qiaoen really looked a little fat.

At present, Chen Qiaoen hasn’t responded to the rumors of pregnancy. If it is true, it is indeed a congratulations. After all, she is 44 years old, and it is not easy to be pregnant.

But if it is fake, it seems to be a good thing for Chen Qiaoen. After all, in terms of her current age, she is already an elderly mother. At this age, children have a great impact on the body.This insurance.

As a well -known Chinese actor, Chen Qiaoen has money, has a career, and her husband is with her. In fact, her life is very complete. There is no need to have children.

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