39 years old, I still wander in the dream of the college entrance examination

Last night I dreamed of the college entrance examination again.Of course, a rare dream of happiness.I dreamed that I had been admitted to the university I liked, and they were always shocked.Soon, the grades came out, and the principals and teachers looked at me, and the university I liked me also warmly welcomed me.I and my students who were admitted to this university suddenly were extremely close to their emotions. Of course, it was the kind of confidence, pride and excitement.After the parents who had no expectations (can be admitted to such a good university) learned about it, I learned that an incredible expression was exposed on her face. Of course, it was instantly incredible, and soon he would have to study the banquet.The news soon was uploaded to the town I grew up. My parents began to become a guest. Wherever I went, I was a congratulations. The neighborhood neighbors had a face -to -face recognition and praise.When life is high, the mood is relaxed. Isn’t it a day to see Chang’anhua?The feeling of being looked up was so cool.

I am the brightest star in the dream

But it has been 21 years since the college entrance examination has been in the past, and I really have done such a good dream for the first time.About the dream of college entrance examination.

I have a dream about the college entrance examination almost every year.Especially summer.Just like the old illness in the body always recur on a special season.The frequency of dreaming may decline as the age of age, but the anxious and confused emotions in the dream, just like driving in the fog, intertwined the scene and the mentality of being sharpened by reality. Sometimes I dream of my dreams.Seeing that I took my child to the examination room, sometimes I dreamed that I was still pregnant with the 18 -year -old children. Sometimes I dreamed that I had to hurry to buy food and cook …It ’s through, I feel that my body is old in a year, but my mood is still in the atmosphere of the year of the college entrance examination. Every time I wake up, I will feel down for a long time. The description of“ life like a dream ”is used in the college entrance examinationIt really can’t be more intimate.

As a town, I was born in the town. In fact, I was admitted to a good university that year, but I did not get the university I like my favorite.This is the same as that it has been hovering in my life.Now that the novels are popular, do I really go back and go back and go through the college entrance examination?In fact, nothing can be changed.Because as a college entrance examination candidate, I tried my best.As a family environment as a town, even if you go back, you can’t change anything.My parents can’t accompany them, otherwise there is no income, and I can’t help me analyze the weights of the college entrance examination. Even the cost of additional classes can be saved, and I will not communicate effectively with my teachers.Perform effective psychological guidance (the psychological guidance of senior high school students is very important), and psychological pressure is great. Every time I come to my aunt, I can’t afford it. Oral ulcers are often common. LaterThe problem.My mother came to school every week to stew me a chicken, which was very powerful, at least supplemented my physical strength.That’s it.

Although the scenery in rural areas is beautiful, the way out of rural children is getting more and more difficult

Come again, the ending may be the same.The college entrance examination is not a person’s battle, it is a family battle.Candidates are soldiers who are rushing in front. The probability of winning this soldier is very incompatible with whether he is physically and more technically.Is it timely and abundant.Therefore, it is very reasonable for the words that it is difficult to come out of Guizi.

Now my children are in high school. In order to come to the college entrance examination, we have to prepare for her.She may also be a half -city questioner.Yes, the city is a questioner.As a parent, we may have more experience than my parents, but after all, there is such a path. I hope my children will not be troubled by the dream of the college entrance examination for decades.

The roll in the city is inevitable

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