37 -year -old actress showing a baby Xuanbao sex!The big belly is slender, and the wealthy businessman’s husband laughed and laughed

Recently, 37 -year -old Hong Kong actress Shen Zhuoying took a high -profile photo during pregnancy, and officially announced the gender of the baby in the belly.

In the photo, Shen Zhuoying and her husband Calvin respectively held the balloon with the words "It’ s Boy "and" Baby J ".

Shen Zhuoying looks very good, full of pregnancy, outstanding temperament, and smiles and smiles are feminine. They can’t see that they are 37 years old.She was wearing a pure white neck dress, and she showed her shoulders, showing her good figure.

Although Shen Zhuoying held his belly from time to time in the photo, his belly was as big as he was, but his limbs were still slender as girls. There was no obvious trace of blessing, which made people sigh: "It is indeed a female star."

The wealthy businessman next to him also laughed at his lover after learning that his beloved wife was with a male baby. The two kissed generously in front of the camera, and the joy was overwhelming.

After the good news was exposed, in addition to fans’ blessings, many friends in the circle, such as Hu Xinger, Gong Jiaxin and others, also sent blessings.

As a well -known actress in Hong Kong TVB, Shen Zhuoying participated in the cover girl election of "TVB Weekly" in 2002. After winning the championship, she successfully entered the entertainment industry.Later, the host and acting were wrong, and even the title of "TVB’s most beautiful match", the outstanding appearance made people remember.

It is said that the beauty is worthy of the giants. Shen Zhuoying not only marrys into the giants today, but also her ex -boyfriend is all the second generation of the rich second generation, so she has also been controversially controversial.

The first boyfriend was a rich second -generation pilot, and the man was 12 years older than her.According to the media, the reason for the relationship between the two was that the man was not used to seeing that Shen Zhuoying was too cool during filming, and he was inconsistent with each other.

The second boyfriend is the talented young talented Mai Weiwen. Since the relationship between the two, the two have been happy and sweet since the relationship.People think that the two will work together into the palace of marriage.

Until 2019, Shen Zhuoying’s high -profile officials announced the good news of marriage.Shen Zhuoying’s current husband’s house is doing underwear business.After marriage, Shen Zhuoying was often photographed for luxury, sweeping precious jewelry stores, and proper Mrs. Kuo style.

On New Year’s Day in 2021, Shen Zhuoying officially announced the news of pregnancy and ranked among the elderly maternal.

Looking at the smile that the husband and wife can’t restrain the face, we also wish the baby to be born smoothly!

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