3 cups of coffee every day, "Renewal", the 35 -year -old man’s stomach is in his 60s!Doctor: Discover pre -cancer lesions

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"Renewal" every day,

It is the daily life of many "workers".

Especially in the hot summer, come to a cup of ice,

The refreshing "relieves the heat."

However, 35 -year -old IT worker Xiao Huang

But because three cups of coffee per day

After the gastroscopy is completed due to stomach discomfort

Inform the doctor

His stomach is "age" in his 60s

Three cups of coffee "continuing life" every day

The "age" of 35 -year -old IT male stomach is in his 60s

Xiaohuang, 35, is a member of the "continuing" army of coffee.In the morning, I mentioned God, lacks a cup of solution in the afternoon, and a cup of wake -up brain in the evening … As a standard "IT man", Xiao Huang Ping’s usually life is to work at two points and one line.Frequent staying up late and working overtime. Three cups of coffee every day are normal.

Such a rhythm of life lasted for three years.Until the beginning of this year, Xiaohuang often felt bloating and uncomfortable. He made a gastroscopy at a nearby hospital. He was diagnosed with chronic atrophic gastritis and has progressed to stage C3, that is, severe severity atrophy, pathological results, "The word "moderate and intestinalization" is at ease.

"This is a kind of pre -cancer lesions. The development of gastric cancer is generally divided into four stages. Atrophy, bowelization, and unprecedented hyperplasia, eventually progressing to gastric cancer."

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Xiao Huang panicked.I heard that the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis in the treatment of Chinese medicine has an advantage. Xiao Huang hurried to Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to find Deputy Director Jin Haifeng.

"The stomach is also aged. Most people may shrink after the age of 50, and the intestinalization occurs in her 60s. And the age of Xiaohuang is 35 years old.age."

Deputy Director Jin Haifeng asked about the situation of Xiaohuang in detail. The family history of gastric cancer has no gastric cancer family. The diet is still regular. It rarely eats and drinks. The only problem is that at least three cups of coffee mobs a day.

"There are not a few patients with similar situations in clinical practice, and it is likely to be related to the stimulation of gastric mucosa in caffeine." Deputy Director Jin Haifeng said that many patients often bloated and acidic.They all have a common feature, that is, long -term excessive drinking coffee."So we generally recommend that coffee and strong tea, including cold drinks in summer, usually drink less."

Fortunately, Xiao Huang is young, intervention in time, and the degree of gastrointestinal atrophy and bowelization may be reduced.Deputy Director Jin Haifeng told Xiaohuang to quit coffee first, adjust the rhythm of the work, pay attention to rest, and then cooperate with Chinese medicine with blood circulation and stasis and repair gastric mucosa.After half a year, the gastroscopy was reviewed. The moderate intestinalization of Xiaohuang has become mild.

Summer digestive tract diseases high incidence

These habits are hurting your stomach

Deputy Director Jin Haifeng introduced that the most common digestive tract disease in summer is acute gastroenteritis."Summer students are on vacation. Many children like to drink cold drinks and ice watermelon while watching TV at home. As a result, they suddenly have a bad stomach, and even nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.Stimulation, on the other hand, bacteria are prone to breeding under high temperature in summer, and may not be fresh, which causes the occurrence of acute gastroenteritis. "

At the same time, summer peptic ulcers are also relatively high."Many people like to drink supper, and a lot of money to eat the sea, which exceeds the usual load. Under the stimulation of alcohol and spicy food, it will cause gastric mucosa damage over time, from inflammation to erosion, to ulcers, to ulcers, to ulcers, to ulcers, to ulcers, to ulcers,Even ulcerative blood blood occurs. "

In addition, Deputy Director Jin Haifeng also mentioned that some people with poor gastrointestinal function itself, coupled with some cold foods or changes in raw cold foods, can easily appear, or induce upper abdominal pain, abdominal distension, etc.Functional digestive system disease.

Jin Haifeng analyzes the causes of these digestive tract diseases, on the one hand and the season and diet."Because of the hot summer, people like to eat cold things. Stimulation of cold foods can cause the shrinkage of gastric mucosa blood vessels, which will induce local cracks and ischemia, causing inflammation of the gastric." On the other hand, with personal constitutionrelated."Some people with weak gastrointestinal tract function, a little wind blowing grass, such as air -conditioning wind, may be diarrhea."

"In summer, we often receive patients who have been stuck by foreign objects because they eat supper." Nurse Zeng Xuyan added.Not long ago, the endoscopic center of the Qiantang Hospital of Zhejiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine received a young man who was stuck by the fishbone stuck."At that time, he took the fishbone stuck in his throat and didn’t pay much attention to it. After about a week, he felt that his throat had been faintly painful before looking at it. It turned out that the fishbone had actually worn out the esophagus wall, which was very dangerous. LaterEndoscopy accurately removed it and avoided some major surgery. "

Drinking coffee like this is more friendly


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