2023 Wuhan’s most comprehensive shrimp guide, rush!

Wuhan officially entered summer, and at the same time, it also entered the hot shrimp season.

In the early morning vegetable field, the red plastic basin was lined up, and the tens of millions of fat shrimp showed vitality with the posture of the teeth and dancing claws.

Wan Songyuan, who entered the night, was the home of eating shrimp parties, gathered the most famous shrimp shop in Wuhan.The aroma floated in the air and the neon flickered.

The diners in front of the door sat, stretched out their necks, stared at the screen devoutly, leaving only one sentence in my heart, asking the sky to ask the earth- "How many tables?"

This year’s "May 1 Golden Week", a diner from the Tiannanhai North, 7 days, the speed of light eliminated more than 300 tons of crayfish in Wuhan.

In the Great River Lake, break into the "Multi -Universe of Shrimp", floating in the interstellar of the stuntel/steamed/steamed/frozen/grilled/fried/fried, happy to dizziness.

Reminder: Read this article with the accompaniment of crayfish, the effect is better.At the end of the article, I prepared the most complete list of shrimp in Wuhan, long press and save, eat from home to eat


To say that Wuhan shrimp world is flowing, "oil sauces" should be passed through all votes.

This approach comes from Qianjiang, Hubei. He first opened branches and leaves in the local area. Later, Wuhan was swept, becoming the classic taste that best represents Hubei crayfish.

Food formula is the highest secret of each family. In addition to the basic flavor type, it is common to find dozens of vanilla, with a dozen kinds of sauce.

Half a catty of hot oil, the aroma was made, and then the shrimp rolled in the sesame oil until the blue -brown shell became red.

A pot of shrimp, poured two bottles of beer and put it in the pot. This is the soul into the soul. When the beer is burned, the sauce is evenly wrapped in each shrimp, which is done.

The shrimp shops that can stand on the heel in Wuhan will not be bad.

"Fat Fat Shrimp Zhuang" uses oil as a signboard. This year, I also packed 9 layers of houses on Dongting Street this year, especially suitable for friends to wait for friends.

The "Master Huang Spicy Shrimp" of the coordinates Jinyin Lake is the private store of the local old lady.The boss chose Hanchuan’s best prawns, which was very big.My friend said, "The flavor of his home is soul, and I don’t even want to let go of the shell."

The "Master Nie Master Platform", which has opened all the way in Taipei all the way, represents the original memory of Wuhan people.

Sitting around the sanctuary of shrimp and shrimp, the master took a sip of a large pot, stir -fry the shrimp, and the summer night should be like this.


"Steamed shrimp" is another face of Wuhan crayfish. It is not as strong as oiling prawns.

In response to the "high -end ingredients, the simplest cooking method is often used", the quality of the quality of the pyramid spire is qualified to make steamed shrimp, steaming through the water, loyal to the original flavor.

The most complicated minds of the chef are hidden in the inconspicuous dipped in that small disc.

In the early years, many masters of shrimp in Wuhan would go to "pretty steamed shrimp" to line up to eat shrimp, packing a dip in a dipping sauce and "scientific research".

There is a very sensitive tongue, which tastes the taste of old salt plum water. Unfortunately, the progress of "scientific research" is quite slow, and it has not been cracked.

Last year, I went to eat the "Fat Shrimp Zhuang" by the Shahu Lake, which fully felt the "fresh" drama tension.

Live shrimp climbed on the table and staged a "Big Change Steamed Shrimp" in front of the diners.It’s so delicious that it’s delicious, and it’s a bit scared.

I called again this year.


"Garlic Corluses" are typical of pursuing 1+1> 2.

The garlic should be cut finely, and the golden garlic, firmly grabbing every shrimp, every bite is layered.

The shrimp is eaten. The seasoning of the bowl is mixed with noodles, which is the "hidden method" publicly.

"Shrimp Emperor" is a famous shop from Qianjiang. The garlic prawns have wind bones. The secret is to choose the unique garlic, which doubles the aroma.

The "Four Sister Restaurant" on Rose Street is a shrimp shop recommended by friends of Hanyang.

The "Ying Zhang Fat" opened in the Fourth Public Opinion, used the super -level prawns to make a must -order "best garlic shrimp", as well as the gentle version of the cheese and garlic.


Summer night gradually warmed up, crayfish, you should find a way to cool down.

Frozen crayfish, juice crayfish, drunk shrimp … cold, delicious, not fat.

In Wuhan’s braised vegetable stalls, there will be seasonal brine shrimps in summer. It is very pleasant to pack home and add a vegetable.

"Yitang Lobster" is the most brain -cave shop in Wuhan. It is frozen in the frozen shrimp, salted egg yolk, shrimp balls, and durian shrimp balls.

The "ME Journal Data Data" hidden in Jinsong Road, Wan Songyuan, fresh frozen shrimp, sweet and sour lemon drunk shrimp, and a bowl of wine brewed ice bean flower, the clear flow in the supper.


Roasted shrimp balls are the common practices of Wuhan people.

Go to the vegetable market to buy live shrimp, and then go to the halogen shop to shout to the boss, "Boil shrimp in the house", with a pack of spices, and finally buy two cans of beer in the small sales department downstairs.

Because there are too many variables, the taste of the shrimp ball is different, the most suitable recipe for home, the clearest one in the kitchen.

The shrimp ball is a must -have in the shrimp shop, but there are not many shops that are the main shops that are roasted with shrimp balls.

In addition to being proficient in barbecue, Baofeng Road’s "Bull Barbecue" boss also loves to study the method of gear vegetables.It takes at least an hour to burn each pot, which is the hidden model that the old guest knows.

The "Red Manchu Kings King" in the Wangjiawan of Hanyang is the practice of Yicheng, Xiangyang. The roasted shrimp balls should be equipped with green pepper and quail eggs.

You can also order the "lazy shrimp ball". The shrimp belly went to the shell in advance. The teeth can be eaten with complete shrimp, which is pretty enjoyable.


Roasted shrimp ball, the miracle of Wuhan barbecue boss.

Sweet -sprayed condiments, crispy shrimp shells, and sweet shrimp meat, winning a lot in flavor and taste.

"Mao Mao Boamer King" is the originator of Wuhan roasted shrimp industry. In 1996, it started from a barbecue stall. It is an old shop for almost 30 years.

Bake in a row of 100 skewers in a row, and use the traditional charcoal to bake to maintain the umami taste of the shrimp itself.

Before the first season of the food documentary "Life", the main creative team came to Wuhan to step on the spot.

In Xu Dong’s "Tang Laosi Shrimp Crab Museum", they ate a very roasting shrimp ball: the shrimp shell brushed wild honey, and Xuo became sweet.

The film was broadcast in the third season, and the "beautiful roasted shrimp" in Wuhan’s old community was broadcast fire.

I added the WeChat of the boss Shrimp, and his WeChat name was with two, eye -catching and cute.

He often posted a video he took in the circle of friends. When washing the shrimp, the copywriting was called "Tiandao Pouring Delivery".

Kung Fu is worthy of care, the most commonly seen in the evaluation of diners is -Shrimp Zhen ~ It’s clean!The shell is crispy and tender, in place!


In the early summer night, do you sit in the stall with the best friends, and what else is the happiest than a lot of shrimp?

We willingly put down our mobile phones and waited eagerly on the table.

The shrimp was covered with oil, red oil was covered with palms, and a red volcano piled up on the table. We were so smooth and intimate.

If you have a belly, wait for this moment.

At this moment, I was sure I really love Wuhan’s summer.

Edit | Xu Nan Nan

Photography | Liao Chenyang, Huang Datou

Design | haha Xu Nan

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