17 -year -old high school students in the United States pretend to be pregnant for half a year. After reading it, people are admirable, and the truth is completely reversed.

Gabi is a 17 -year -old high school student from Washington, USA.

She usually achieves excellent grades in school, and is friendly and capable, so she is very popular in the class. Teachers and family members love her very much.

However, Gabi was pregnant without graduation, which attracted the strange eyes of teachers and students.

Six months later, while she was pregnant, when she was gathered in the whole school, Gabi obtained the consent of the principal, boarded the podium, and told the teachers and students of the school that she was pretending to be pregnant!

Because she wanted to investigate the situation of campus bullying, the whole school was shocked by the truth.

This is the case.

In the United States, girls under the age of 20 have become a social problem. These girls have made themselves embarrassed, and afterwards, they often have the contempt and indifference of classmates.

Therefore, Gabi hopes to do a social survey, causing the public’s attention, avoiding the pregnancy of minors, and reducing campus bullying.

So Gabibi started the experiment without hesitation.

At the beginning, Gabi often showed the signs of pregnancy in school, which made the students and teachers around him began to look at her with strange eyes.

The classmates said that she was bitch, irresponsible, and some teachers also said that she could not study in college …

Later, Gabi bought the pregnant belly, making his pregnancy more realistic.Gabiber’s play was so good, and even relatives believed it, some asked her parents to talk, while others regarded her as a humiliation of the family.

In this way, Gabi was installed for six months under pressure.

Finally, one day, Jabi found the principal through the opportunity to open the school’s teacher -student conference, told him the truth, and hoped to give a speech at the conference.

The principal was shocked. He admired the courage of this 17 -year -old girl, so he agreed to her request. When the conference was completed, Gabi walked to the auditorium stage.

Under the confused eyes of the teachers and students of the school, Gabi picked up the microphone and took out his fake belly in public!

Then, she told her experience and feelings that pretend to be pregnant in the past six months. They were scolded, rectified, and cold violence, including being splashed with dirty things by boys … Seeing Gabi’s dirty clothes, girls in the audience began to cryAfter hearing Gabi’s experience, many students and even female teachers cried.

Gabi said that the minor pregnancy is a mistake, but in the face of a girl who has made mistakes, she hopes that society and schools can help.The once leader, because the fake pregnancy was too cold and bully, Gabi had met this result before doing the survey, but she persisted.

And from almost all relatives and friends, only a few people such as their mother and boyfriend knew the situation.

The principal Greenne said that I admire her, admire her courage, creativity, and strong.After the social experiments ended, Gabi was still committed to solving the problems of juvenile pregnancy and bullying for minor pregnant women.

Because of the survey, she was supported and cooperated with community leaders, and tried to create a safe space for all students at school.

Today, Gabi has attracted school bullying on campus through fake pregnancy and the attention of minor mothers. This incident has attracted the attention of the whole society. Film producers and publishers have found Gabi, hoping to take this matter.Make a movie and organize it into a book.

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