16 weeks of pregnancy, amniotic fluid breakthroughs in the early success of herbal protection,

hello!Hello everyone.This article has been brewing for a long time, and my baby has been 2 and a half years old.Everyone forgive me for this delayed person [cover your face] The purpose of writing this article is to give some help for pregnant mothers, treasure mothers, or girls who are preparing to have the same experience. After all, I experienced my pregnancy experience like me.It’s rare.Well, don’t say much, hurry up with my peculiar experience during pregnancy ☈

I was 29 years old when I was pregnant, and my body was good in all aspects. The indicators of the first three months of pregnancy were also okay. I just had slight bleeding in the palace in the early pregnancy. The HCC indicators were slightly lower.EssenceOne day on the 16th week of pregnancy, I remember the day before the day before, it was Leslie Cheung’s taboo day. At that time, I watched the news for a long time to sacrifice him, which was particularly impressive.At 4 am on April 2nd, I suddenly felt that there were water like water in my lower body in my sleep. I ran to the toilet and saw that the amount of bleeding during the menstrual period was as many. I hurried to go to the hospital with my husband in a panic.After listening to my situation, the doctor decisively used the PH test strip to test me.(PS: A simple popular science here, the pH test paper is a test strip used to test whether the amniotic fluid is broken during pregnancy, which is similar to the appearance of the pregnancy test paper.Take vulvar secretions to test. Normal pregnancy women’s pH test strips should be yellow. If there is amniotic fluid in the vagina, the test strip color is green.)Breaking, it turned out that the test strip slowly turned green. The doctor suggested that I quickly perform the operation. At that time, I was stunned. How could this be good?The doctor prepared me for B -ultrasound and ECG detection according to the preparation of surgery.After I followed the B -ultrasound, it showed that the baby was still normal. Although I was psychologically panic, I quickly stabilized myself and felt that I needed to ask someone to ask if my situation really couldn’t keep the child.Because I was only at 4 am at the time, my parents and many friends were sleeping, and my husband and I were anxiously waiting in the hospital.By 6 o’clock in the morning, there were more people in the delivery institute. We began to contact friends who are familiar with doctors in the birthday. Please help them to see it.The classmates who contacted my husband and colleagues were deputy director of the mother -in -law. We quickly found her. She also tested me with a PH test paper. As a result, she was still green., Children can no longer stay, there will be danger.When my husband heard the news, he cried at the time. Instead, I was more calm and asked if the doctor could keep the child like me.She hesitated to try, but she could try it, but she was very dangerous and was not easy to succeed.

The results of the 16 weeks of B -ultrasound are: premature fetal membrane breaks, and the placenta is close to the palace mouth

When we came out of her office, my husband was immersed in grief. At this time, I finally contacted my mother. My mother suggested that I find a few more doctors to take a look.In this way, I contacted a friend of my friend in this hospital. When the phone called, the doctor returned to his hometown to sacrifice. He was not in the hospital, but he helped contact a very famous doctor in this hospital. This doctor did not take a clinic., It ’s being born.Here, this doctor is Dr. Tian.He told Dr. Tian’s intention to keep the child’s intention, let us go to Dr. Tian with the results of the examination.At this time, my mother also rushed over. My husband and I didn’t want to hear bad news anymore, so let my mother take my test results to find Dr. Tian.My mother said that Dr. Tian saw my B -ultrasound first. The first sentence asked whether it was broken among the amniotic fluid, but now the amniotic fluid indicators are enough.After a long time of understanding, Dr. Tian said that if we want to protect the fetus, we can try it, but the hospital must not be guaranteed, because the number of pregnancy weeks is too small and there is no need to guarantee.But she thinks that I am now enough to try it.I told my mother a few medicines (the name of the medicine I would say at the end) and some precautions for us to go home.However, Dr. Tian also said that I must check the B -ultrasound once a week to see if the amniotic fluid is enough. If the amniotic fluid will drop or little next week, it will really not be able to keep it.I have been bleeding throughout the entire inspection. I lay home quickly, take medicine and drink soymilk (it is said that soy milk supplemented amniotic fluid) has started my fetus.

From the 16th weeks of pregnancy to 37 weeks of pregnancy, I have been lying on the bed to protect the fetus. I lay on the bed for nearly 6 months!Now that I think about it now, I especially admire myself.I have been bleeding for a long time since this time, and the amount of bleeding is not very large, but I can see impurities in the blood, and I don’t know what it is.At first, I was lying on the bed and the whole person was bursting. The mood was particularly bad. Some columns of eating, toilet, and other columns were solved on the bed.Every time you go to the check -up, you must take a wheelchair because you can’t go down the ground.The first few inspections are okay except for bleeding, and amniotic fluid has always been enough, which has strengthened my determination and confidence in my fetus.However, during the examination of 19 weeks of pregnancy, I found that the baby’s position was particularly low, and it was already hovering in the uterine mouth. At that time, the doctor said that it was prepared for my child to flow at any time.This made me who had already enhanced the fetal confidence.At that time, I read a lot of articles on the Internet again in less than 20 weeks, making my heart even more bottomless.

The P -ultrasound showed that the placenta had arrived at Gongkou, and I felt particularly scary at that time

But I think, no matter what, I can only persist now, so I gritted my teeth and went home to continue lying down.Fortunately, the fetal position went up during the examination around 23 weeks of pregnancy. Although the comparison with the normal is still low, it is no longer in the palace. This is very good news. At that time, I didn’t bleed.Development.I was a four -dimensional examination of about 26 weeks of pregnancy.At that time, I saw the baby’s cute look particularly excited, and her husband was so excited that he burst into tears again

The baby’s four -dimensional was really cute at the time, thinking that the baby would be obedient, but as a result … you know

Everyone is very happy after checking, thinking that everything is normal now to eat a meal to celebrate.This is good, but I did n’t expect that when I got up at 5 o’clock the next morning after eating, I found that I had bleed again when I went to the toilet. (After the four inspections, we feel that everything is normal.I started to go to the toilet) So I asked my husband to go out to buy medicine or something, and started eating and drinking Lazar in bed again.Later, the doctor said that I might be relatively low in the placenta and fetal position, so it was prone to bleeding as soon as it moved.In this way, from the 16th to 37th weeks of pregnancy, I lay down all the way. Now I think about all kinds of sadness and become a person who cannot take care of myself.At first, my mother asked for a leave to take care of me. My husband went home to cook at noon every day. Everyone was particularly hard. Fortunately, the result was good.However, some problems of tire protection have also followed. For example, because I have been lying without exercise, my weight rises straight. When I have a child, my weight is 210 pounds of life and pregnancy hypertension.At that time, the highest pressure was 180, and it was really scary now.I was born in 37 weeks because the doctor said that the blood pressure could not wait.Because I think there are some experiences I can share with you. I plan to write a separate article with the experience of production.

Let ’s tell you a few problems in my entire pregnancy protection during pregnancy: 1. First, there are 2 kinds of medicines taken during the fetus, one is called solid kidney tire pills, and the other is called ground mastone tablets.There may be many people who do n’t have to eat replenishment of progesterone after more than 3 months. In fact, it is not necessary to take this medicine like me, and this medicine has a effect besides supplementing progesterone.I can’t remember it, you can check it yourself.

2. The second is whether I have broken water. We have also discussed this problem for a long time. From the results of my body bleeding, water, and inspection at that time, it should be broken.I also checked some related information on the Internet. One is called high -level water break. This is not at all of the amniotic fluid. In some developed cities in my country, there are also high -level water -breaking tires.

3. Third, the harm of premature tires of amniotic fluid.The most direct thing is the infection in the palace. When I was in production, because the amniotic fluid was broken, the endometrium infection caused the placenta to stick to the uterine wall. After the placenta was stripped, my uterine wall was now very thin.The doctor deliberately instructed me to be cautious if I was pregnant in the future. Once I didn’t want to perform abortion surgery, it was dangerous. If an unswary doctor came to do it, it was likely that the uterus would be worn.

4. The fourth question is that many friends will worry, including my mother -in -law at that time, there are such concerns that children who protect the fetus will be unhealthy.I want to tell everyone with my personal experience. I took a lot of medicines when I was protecting the fetus.Welon has also eaten a lot, and there is no exercise to lie on the bed every day, but my children are very healthy, and all indicators have reached standards.She is now 2 and a half years old, nearly 1 meter tall, which is higher than girls of the same age. Of course, the weight will be slightly fatter, mainly because we can eat in the childcare article after all. I will share with you my daughter in detail.Some daily life.

5. Fifth is about whether the early amniotic fluid is broken or can we be born.I think everyone’s situation is different. Like me, although I am broken, the amniotic fluid is still enough. I think this can be guaranteed.But if the amniotic fluid is broken and there is no amniotic fluid in the palace, the situation may not be guaranteed.Finally, it really feels like a personal experience.It may be that the current social doctors and patients are tense, which causes doctors to treat patients who are good at patients or good words. After all, they are afraid that they will bear some unnecessary responsibilities and troubles.Therefore, I don’t think I have to panic even if I encounter a problem. I don’t have to treat the doctor’s words as a imperial decree. I must judge myself, or find more familiar doctors before seeing it.Because the familiar doctor dares to tell you the truth.

6. Sixth, many people will have doubts, or if they do more B -ultrasound during pregnancy, will it have a bad impact on the baby?I can tell everyone with personal experience.From 16 to 26 weeks, I have to do B -ultrasound once a week. The number of B -ultrasounds before and after the whole pregnancy is about 20 times, but my baby is very good, so I think B -ultrasound has nothing to do with the baby.Bad effect.

Well, let’s get here first, I hope this article can help some confused girls.Finally, I presented a cute baby, let everyone see the results of my fetal protection!

My cute baby, ecstasy sleeping position, bless everyone can have a cute baby

Baby Scale-(24inch)