Eri is a good student with excellent academic science and science.

Unfortunately, when he graduated, he was catching up with the government’s large layoffs, and the diplomatic system was no exception.

Before the students’ expectations, the outstanding class was assigned to the British Embassy’s telephone room as a worker.

A small neighborhood is very unbelievable in the eyes of everyone.

Those who know him are regrettable. They feel that they are not lucky.

He suggested that he find a better job.

However, Eli himself had no complaints and regrets, and was willing.He said that starting from the leader, it may grow more solid.

He was full of enthusiasm and devoted herself to the work of the neighborhood.

The names, telephones, work scope of the embassy, and even the names of their family are familiar.

Some calls came in, but he didn’t know who to find what he wanted to do. He always asked for details.

Try to help find the person you should find.

Slowly, the embassy staff often called him before going out and told him who might call him, and asked him to help him.

The answer to the matter was commissioned by private affairs.

In less than a year, the embassy staff well joked that he was the secretary -general of the message center.

One day, the ambassador who never easily praised his subordinates came to the phone room in person, and praised Ali very much that there were no small characters, only small actors.You have made extraordinary results in the position of ordinary workers, and you will be awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ambassador’s move is in the eyes of the embassy staff.

It didn’t take long for him to translate the chief reporter from a British newspaper abroad.

The chief journalist is a very famous old man.

He has won the Battlefield Medal and has been subject to the Lord. His ability and temper are also great.

After rushing to the predecessor, I didn’t want Erin at the beginning. Later, I heard that it was good, so I barely agreed to try it.

One year later, the chief reporter was not only very satisfied, but also formally made a request for retirement, and suggested that Avey to take over his work.

Avey failed to replace the work of the chief reporter, but was transferred back to the British Embassy as the secretary of the ambassador, becoming a promising and enviable diplomat.

If a person is really ethical, it is like pregnancy, and when he wants to cover up, he can’t hide it.

For those who work hard and gain money, work often gives him unexpected rewards.

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