100 sentences of food poetry, do not read when you eat, you will drool

Once, a "China on the Tip of the Tongue" fascinated everyone.

The yellow buns on the plateau, the pine dutura in the deep mountains, the grilled tofu on the iron plate, the lotus fish in the rice field, the crystal clear roasted wax … Every kind of food is mouthwatering.

There is a saying: I do n’t want home when I am full.

In fact, eating full can indeed cure the pain of life, don’t believe it, you see Su Shi.

Fireworks in the world, caressing the most!

100 sentences of food poetry, do not read when you eat, you will drool.

Rough tea and light rice, clearing in the world

It doesn’t matter if the rough tea is light rice,

It doesn’t matter if the friend is out of the field,

It doesn’t matter if the soldiers and horses are chaotic,

As long as you have a steaming soul,

Life will not be bad.

1. Stop the door lazily to eat flower pork, burn bamboo shoots and cook for a full winter.——The Zhang Wen Tao "Guixing"

2. Spring leek cut in night rain, new cooking room yellow beam.——Du Fu’s "Gift to the Eight Princes"

3. There is still a boat to sell cakes, and the market likes to fall in front of the mountain.——Su Shi "Cihu Tuck Wind"

4, leeks are shining spring disks, white and beautiful autumn vegetables.—— Huang Tingjian’s "Xiao Xun Ge Minxiu’s second student and the second one of the second rhyme to eat bamboo shoot poems"

5. Bean porridge can drive late cold and have the same interest as the public.—— Huang Tingjian’s "Answer Li Ren Dao Xie Divide Bean Porridge"

6, such as Silka, the spring disk, the leek leaves are not dry.—— Zhang Ye "Spring Day"

7, green leek in the spring, gan wine to send yellow mandarin.——Su Shi "Yuanyou Nine Years of Spring"

8. The fragrance of bamboo shoots is far through thousands of bamboo, and the rice is sweet and sweet.——Che Chen Yan’s "Three Ones of Huai Ling Yin Temple"

9, moisturize the bamboo root fat bamboo shoots, warm the vegetable armor to help the spring.—— Huang Tingjian’s "Second Rhyme Zhang Secret School Xixue Three of the Three"

10. Xuemo milk flowers float noon, saga mushroom bamboo shoots test spring disk.——Su Shi "Huanxi Sand"

Life in meat is more satisfied

Baked pork belly, crispy called flower chicken,

Juicy Beijing roast duck …

Think of the moment when the oil is full,

I feel satisfied.

Life is short, eating meat is happiness, is happiness

11. Mountain vegetables picking bamboo shoot fern, wild meals hunting elm.The bass is in ancient times, and it is blooming today and pushed.—— Mei Yaochen "Uncle Ouyang Yongyong in Luzhou"

12, ask Hu to think about it, to the crab for wine.—— Ouyang Xiu "Mizutani Night Walk Send Mei Sheng Yu"

13, cooking japonica crabs, chip bass fresh.——Li Yan "Send Horse Records to Yongyang"

14, short canopy drinking bass is cooked, except for Songjiang’s poems.——S Xin Qiji "The Tian Tian · Send Ouyang Guorui into Wuzhong"

15. Snow meat is fresh and comforts the old lady, and Jinzhong has a poet.——Chen Jiafu’s "Er Ye Buha Touch Nets Wet Baiyu Boil to Wait for the Ge Songs"

16. Litzi catfish is accompanied by cooked, drawing a boat to drum down the sheep.—— Guo Xiangzheng’s "Yu Yan Xiaolong Show Zeng Ling"

17. Yellow chicken, beautiful, purple crab chelace.—— Song Qi "Banquet Collection"

18. Stir -grouped fish scent nose, shallow water Shatian rice around the teeth.——Li Duan "and the Life Crossing Lingling in the first time"

19. The jade plate is broken and tender, and the sword cuts the sheep’s shoulders.——Wang Guowei "Bodhisattva Barry · Yupan inch Broken onion Bud"

20. The goose has pity the beautiful goose.——Han Han "Send Danyang Liu Taizhen"

Life, you need to be more sweet

Cute girl,

People will think she is "sweet";

A gentle and considerate person, everyone will call her "sweetheart";

And the person who shows the affection,

In the past, it was called "Sweet",

Now called "sugar".

One study found that

The person who likes to eat sweets is good,

And those who love sweets are more approachable,

More willing to engage in voluntary work.

Life is more sweet!

21. Icelet is recommended by amber.——Su Shi "Send Jinshan Township Monk Return to Shutang"

22. Funan sugarcane is as sweet as honey, mixed with litchi Longzhou orange.——Li Li "Send Liu Si to Xia County"

23. Light than the catkins, it looks like plum blossoms full bottle.I love Tiancheng without hands, full and sleeping on the window.——Li Yan "Yong Ice Cream"

24. Do not make a shallow note of pepper paste.——Wang Yanhong’s "Lanxi Mourning Feels Four"

25, yellow and orange tuned honey fried, white cake cricket frost.——Eya Chucai "Ten in the Western River in the Western River"

26. Spring sugarcane is squeezed as a pulp, and the color is shallow yellow.——Thong Xiwen "Smooth"

27. Sesame is desolate.—— Ye Tiayuan "Hankou Bamboo Branch Words and Fourth Miscellaneous"

28. Ginger ginger buds in rice, taro kitcus fat white cane sugar.——Teonyanhiko "Le Ping Road"

29. Lei Luo Jin Duan recommends sugar crabs, and slim jade refers to frost cream.——Lu You "Night Drink is the matter"

30, cane beef, rice, sauce, sauce, sunflower.——Wang Wei’s "Spring Congratulations to the Pharmaceutical Garden"

Four seasons, fruits, the best in the world

Plum, cherry, watermelon, melon,

Fresh apricot, sheep honey …

Wash fresh water with water,

Sour sweet, fragrant and delicious,

It’s refreshing!

31. Yupan bayberry is set up, and Wu Yan is like flowers and white snow.——Li Bai "Liang Yuanyin"

32. Four o’clock in Luofu Mountain, Lu Orange Yangmei is new.There are three hundred litchi in the sun, and they are not resigned as Lingnan people.——Su Shi "Huizhou A Jue"

33. Wind high elm willow sparse, frost heavy pear jujube.——Liu Zongyuan’s "Three of Tian Family"

34. Look at the crickets such as boats and eat jujube like melon.——Li Qingzhao "Xiaomeng"

35. The flavor is very like a litzi, so why not have a yarn sac.——The once "Three Baymers"

36. The fragrant fog is half -broken, and the spring springs are timid.——Su Shi "Huanxi Sand · Yong Orange"

37. After the black and yellow beams are ripe, the chocolate is half sweet.——Su Shi "Two of the West Bodhi Temple with Mao Ling Fang Wei"

38. In the green apricot and yellow plum, the puppet of catfish is in the jade plate.——Wang Qi "Recalling Jiangnan Liu"

39, jujube dangling north Guo, cold melon east fence.——Li Bai’s "Xunlu City Bei Fanjushi Lost in the Canglobe See Fan Zhijiu Get Cangle"

40. Pomegranate is made with cakes, waxing cherries and cheese.——The Lu You "Four Fits in the Fruit in Miscellaneous Wing Garden"

With food, there are family members, a happy life

Half half of one person, one person, one couple,

The partner is half a delicious person,

There is a sip of me.

Although coarse tea and light rice, I know you won’t leave,

You know I won’t abandon.

41. The tender fish is softer.New wine warm.Wife and children columns around the board.——Wang Xijue’s "Fisheries Ao"

42. Xiyu should be the most happy, cooking celestial plowing, spring plowing.——Su Shi "Two of the New Town Road"

43. Hu Tong cooks chicken for white wine, and the children laugh.——Li Bai "Nanling Bie Children Enter Beijing"

44. I am still pitying the young man who can drink wine and drunk the spring.——Le Mi Xun "Tan Yancheng Bachelor’s Early Spring One"

45. The small slot Qingning bands the fragrance, and the brewing method knows non -ravioline sheep.The worship did not resign to talk about his tongue, and Hu’er was recommended.——Che Chen "Zhang Shou sent the lamb wine to answer the two with three unique rhymes"

46. The whole family belongs to the former sage, and the blue wine is white crab.——Fan Chunren’s "Four Three of Li Zi Gaoyu Park"

47. The pole Dongjia branch meat, the white wine bed is ripe.——Exinchi "Seeing the Book of Qingpingle · Inspection School of Qingping"

48. The jade fiber once stabbed the yellow mandarin, and the soft fragrance was equal.——Wu Wenying "Zhu Yingtai is close to the night of the night"

49. Every brother is full of rest.The drunk eating straight fell to the west.Burn pork.Lamb is slaughtered.——Bang Xianzhizhi’s "Drunk East Wind"

50. The old and young people have no concern, noisy.New glutinous wine orange ravioli bud, brocade fish purple crab red shrimp.The cup and disk are strived to be drunk, and Yue Sui reed flowers.——He Xianhong "Man Tingfang · Yu"

Eat some cold in summer

Lao She misses Peiping’s ice bowl:

A large bowl of ice with Zhang Nen’s lotus leaves on it,

The leaves are holding fresh water chestnuts,

Fresh walnuts, fresh almonds, fresh coriander,

The fragrance, fresh, clear, cold wine.

It is the people who can’t afford the ice bowl,

You can also buy some water chestnuts and chicken head rice,

Is it "fresh"?

51. Cold Amoy Hua Leaven Ice, Soup Cake Sheep Fire in the abdomen.——Suzhe "Xun Xun to the Spring City"

52. People are selling snow near Shuangheqiao.Ice bowl.Plum plums and micro -chip.——He Yang "The Fisherman’s Five Five Yunnan Moon Festival"

53. Palm is tender for incense rice, and the new clusters of the peaches buds are cold.——Lu You "Six Four of Food and Tsiches"

54. Wan Yaman’s cold tao incense, Anghuan’s wine sells wine, drunk.——Con Kangzhuang "Nan Kezi Spring Suburb"

55. Peach leaves are cold and bones, and new agents of orange peels are warm and condensed liver.——Li Li "Summer is the one"

56. Dew bowls are mellow, and the ice trays are beautiful melon.——Liu Yun "One of the Three of Chi Ting of the Ten Choi Pavilion in the same country"

57. Cascus and cheese powder out of the ice bowl, drink three hundred cups for flowers.——Liu Tai "Title Dai Wen into the West Lake Map"

58. Cuipani rims of ravioli rouge, the blue bowl knocks the ice and split cane pulp.——Hean Yanqian "Sylum"

59. Zhirao and lychee come to ask the fiber hand and who passed the ice bowl.——The Zhao Yanduan "Qiaoqiao Xian"

60. Green floating eggs locust bud cake, red dot ice panel cubs.——Su Shi "On February 19th, bring white wine and sea bass over Zhan Zhanjun, eat locust leaves Lengtao"

Taste of hometown

Food is the deepest nostalgia.

When a person grows up, it always tastes,

Can only stay in memories.

No matter how many places have been,

How many treasures have been eaten,

What you miss most is the home -cooked dishes made by your mother.


Time has branded on our taste buds,

Born with life, never worn out.

61. At this time, the hometown is cut.—— Jiang Yingke "Fayong Ning Road"

62. Loneliness and deep girlfriend, the soft intestines are sorrowful.——Li Qingzhao "Point Lip Lip · Boudiang"

63. Love alone.—— Zhou Bangyan "Shanxi · Lake Heping Spring Water"

64. Bixun Milknia, Silver Sword Fresh Cruise, no dreams are accurate.——Li Jiang Shi "Water Dragon Yin Chunjiang Return Fishing Picture is Wangcan Village Taishou"

65. When the spring is white, it is turned into a cricket, and when the saury is listed.Try to ask the fisherman’s house, and every family’s leaves.——The ancestor Wang "The Twenty -one on the River on the River"

66. Smell the fragrant rice of the old garden, and the sail returns the sea bass.——Li Yan "Jiang Ting Late Hope"

67. Dream of day and night garden is good, recalling rain.——Wang Zao "Twenty -Yundong Dong Yuchuan, one of the two"

68. The newly pumped Jiangyan came out, and the reed buds were half a roll of puffer fish.Beans are beans, and they are beautiful, and they are neighboring.—— Cao Erkan "Manjiang Red Qijiang Village"

69. The winter bamboo of the old garden should be more bamboo shoots, and it is easy to adjust the fish.——Lin Ying "Send Ye Shirun Return to Fujian"

70. Isn’t it beautiful in Jiangnan fish and rice.——The Zhang Huan’s "Five Five of the Five of the Snow in the Snow"

Four seasons, each has their own food

People take food as the sky,

The old ancestor told us.

Almost every festival has unique food.

Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, pastries of Chung Yeung Festival,

Moon cakes of the Mid -Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival dumplings,


Four seasons, accompanied by food,

Time is much gentle.

71. Tongye incense floats ten miles and brings a bottle of wine.——Su Shi "Six Lings · Tianzhong Festival"

72. Laba and fruit are familiar.Today’s envy, the party ’s lino, Shijia bean porridge.——The Xu Yilong "Snow Lion Laba Day and Son Dragon Porridge"

73. Gel cake chrysanthemum wines to welcome preserves, and whales swallow and be intoxicated.——Gaoye "Gao Balcony Nine"

74. Spring and spring, lettuce, suddenly recall the hair of the two Jingmei.—— Du Fu "Lichun"

75. The orange is green in the jade cake, and the chrysanthemum is yellow on the color cat cake.——Lu You "Renzi Nine -day climbing drink"

76, white lamb, jade and snow like double, moon cakes are golden.——Xia Yan "Emperor Emperor’s Second Mid -Autumn Festival"

77. The wind and wind blow the temple to be slightly cool, and the bamboo leaves are fragrant.——Wang Gui "The Critical Post in the Dragon Boat Festival"

78. Xiaoyuan curtain roll, spring plate cake bait fragrance.——Liu Zizhen "Two Rhyme Zhang Shouli Chun"

79. Five -color new silk wrapped angle.Gold delivery.Shengyu painting fan plate double phoenix.—— Ouyang Xiu "Fisheries Ao"

80, rice cakes are like crystals, with osmanthus crickets.Although there are not many products, it is much sweet and warm.—— Zhou Zuoren’s "Five Five Five Five of the Four Burning Cakes in the past"

Food is an antidote on earth

The book says:

The days are toxic and have no antidote.

Some people say: bread, rice, fried chicken,

Roasted duck, hot pot, barbecue, seafood porridge


All the antidote on the world!

81. Spring wine fragrant sea bass beauty, who is drunk?——Li Yan "Nanxiangzi · Cloud Rain"

82, frosty sugar crab, new beauty, drunkenness.——Su Shunqin "Drink"

83. Dani sacred jade, beads and koi, staying in love, and years of age.——Su Shi "Water Dragon Yin · Xiaogou East Connect the Yangtze River"

84. The owner of Songjiang Crab House is happy, and the rice is also meals.—— Zhang Zhi and "Fisherman’s Song"

85. After the bamboo shoots are full of fish, when the robe is drunk.——Bai Juyi’s "Removal of Niu Xianggong after the first time the drama is rewarded and the friends of the Division"

86. The owner stays drunk, and wine and crab cheese fertilizer.——Ti Teng Yuanfa "Sentence · Qi Liu"

87. Under the beef and sheep scattered sun, weeds are sweet.——Su Muyu "Going to Beijing"

88, pity me with thin salt, and the milk is fresh.——The Yuanyou "Xie Kan Lao Hui Cake"

89. The tender green shakes and red crickets, the rain cream is greasy for noon.——Che Chen "Fan Lake Ten Judging Sentences Four"

90. Wash the dribble, less water, the firewood flames can’t afford it.When he is familiar, he can’t urge him.——Su Shi "Pork Song"

Poet’s food life

Su Shi loves pork, Huang Tingjian loves to drink tea,

Du Fu likes to enjoy Xiao Qinghuan of the family.

Every poet,

There is a story about food!

91. Seeing flower pork on the five days, I met yellow chicken porridge on the ten days.——Su Shi "Wen Zi Yu Shi"

92. A dwelling, the taste of the hometown.There are woodfish bamboo shoots, flowers pork, dense dragon tea.—— Feng Dengfu’s "Xiangzi Dongpo Birthday Hanging 屐 Image Wishes"

93. Dou Baiyi cooks jade, and it is a spoon of Yunzi Snow.—— Hu Zhongzong "Bean Porridge"

94. Spring plates have soft vegetables, and incense rice is made of jade.——Liu Xun "The Fourth Day of the first month of Yanjiao Jiangshi"

95. Chinese chefs run rich meals, cooking sheep slaughter fat cows.—— Cao Zhi "《《"

96. Learn Kyoto in the same way, crispy oil fragrance is newly released.——Baijuyi "Sending Hu Cake and Yang Wanzhou"

97. The sunflower is cooked in the duck feet village.——Li Kui reported "Huiyin Academy.Second Forest Scholar Poetry Rhyme "

98. Qingqing bamboo shoots welcomed the boat out, and the river fish came in.——Du Fu "Send Wang Fifteen Crusade to the Sales of the Fifteenth Genrippix Return to Guizhou"

99. Shake the fan on the restaurant, hold the crab cheek.——Li Bai "Send Dang Tu Zhao Shaofu to Changlu"

100. The sand layer of the sand layer is greasy soil, and the monk chef steamed the chestnut yellow cake.——The Yang Wanli "Hengshan River Bank"

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