1 meter 6 girl 93 catties. I want to lose weight to skip rope 4,000 times a day and jump directly to the hospitalization

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Ms. Wu in Shanghai is a girl who is more pursuing beauty and self -discipline, so she has always had the habit of exercise. She usually runs and does some health exercises.

So her figure still looks tall, and only 93 pounds of 1 meter and 6 meters. In many people, this weight is really slim, but she still feels that her weight is a bit too heavy. She wants to reduce it.By 88 pounds.

She wanted to try skipping rope to lose weight. She saw many sports bloggers on the Internet. She skipped thousands or even tens of thousands of rope every day, so she also skipped 4,000 times a day and insisted on it for a month.

It was found that one day I had a special pain, and then I went to the hospital to check it.

Many netizens have said that 93 pounds are so thin and they have to lose weight!

Many people’s pursuit of figure is thinner, the thinner the more beautiful, and we don’t know that our figure is standard.

The physical index is its own weight (kg), except for the square (BMI) = ÷ body height (m) square) of its own height (BMI).

For example, this Ms. Wu is 1.6 meters tall and her weight is 46.5 kg, so her weight index is 46.5 ÷ 1.6^2 = 18.1.

18.1 belongs to a thin body.She wants at least 95 pounds to meet the normal body standard, which means that she should not lose weight but increase weight.

The impact of deformity aesthetics on our body is very great.

Harmic one: drooping, indigestion

The muscles of too thin abdomen are relatively small, so the stomach is prone to sagging. The sagging of the stomach can cause indigestion, and it can also cause problems such as dizziness, headache, insomnia.

Harm 2: Women’s uterine prolapse caused gynecological problems

The uterus is growing in our pelvic cavity. If the fat in the pelvic cavity is too little, it will easily cause the uterus to not be protected enough, and it is easy to cause the uterine prolapse.

Therefore, do not blindly pursue a trace of fat on your body. A small amount of fat is helpful to our body, and it is also helpful for our women’s gynecology.

Harm 3: Too thin will cause infertility

Those who are too thin are easy to get irregular menstruation.I remember when I was in college, I especially liked to run. I did n’t have appetite to eat every day when I came back every day, so I often do n’t eat dinner during that time.

And my whole person looks very thin, but I often do not have menstruation during that time. Later, after I slowly paid attention to my diet, my menstruation was regular.

If it is too thin, the level of estrogen is relatively poor, affecting fertility.

Harm 4: Too thin and prone to gallstones

People who are too thin are mainly because the calorie intake is not enough to meet the needs of growth and development. Therefore, the body will burn the body’s fat, but the body’s fat is burned, and cholesterol and calcium are easily combined into gallstones.

Harm 5: People with too thin people are easy to fall down

Studies have found that the level of pleasure chemicals in thin people is lower than normal, and it is prone to depression.

And people who are too thin are prone to malnutrition. For example, if the iron is insufficient, it will also affect the blood supply to the brain. The brain is insufficient and the oxygen supply is insufficient, and it will also cause emotions to be low.

Harm 6: osteoporosis

If it is too thin, the estrogen level in the body is insufficient, and insufficient estrogen levels will cause calcium to not deposit in the bones, there is no way to maintain normal bone density, so it is prone to osteoporosis.

Harm 7: hair loss

When we are thinner, the protein is insufficient, and iron zinc is often insufficient, which will cause the hair to lose hair loss.

During this time, a friend was losing weight. He said that the most obvious thing to lose weight was that he felt that his hair had fallen terrible.

So don’t pursue too thin, normal weight is healthier.

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