"Xiao Kun Ling" Kimberly is pregnant!All naked pregnancy photos: do not want to conceal for work

▲ Kimberlly suddenly announced her pregnancy.

Taipa’s hybrid female model Kimberlly (Chen Yiling) looks like a Barbie doll, and is also known as "Little Kunling". At the age of 21, she only released a photo book a while ago.When the outside world thought she was joking, she now PO came out of ultrasound photos and pregnant belly photos, which proved that she said it was unsatisfactory and made fans surprised and happy. She also admitted that she did not want to conceal the facts of pregnancy for work.

Kimberlly released a full naked pregnancy photo on the 4th. She stood in front of the floor -to -ceiling window and only covered her chest with one hand to avoid dew points. She was still retained with a slender figure at 31 weeks of pregnancy. In the ultrasound, she can see that the baby’s face is veryIt is clear that she has never knew how to disclose pregnancy. Thank you for your support. He also joked since Children’s Day this year, so there is no need to put photos of her childhood.

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▲ Kimberlly Public baby ultrasound photos.

Soon after, Kimberlly wrote again: "In fact, there are many things at work that never 100%want it to look like, and the people who like the layman imagine it." Suddenly announced the news of pregnancy, I believe there are scared many people scared a lot of people, But she doesn’t want to hide it anymore, because work should hide her real life. It is really tired and nervous. I am afraid of being discovered when I go out. "I am really sorry for my friends who live with (Yu).Or who I want to lie to, I never like this. "At that time, I had not found pregnancy before signing the contract, and then discussed with the company, so I did not broadcast again in the end.

As for the photo album, Kimberlly explained that it was taken at the end of 2017. After finding up pregnancy, I thought that I would have thought about not issuing it, but then I thought carefully that she had done a very hard attitude to complete the work.I will continue this way in the future. I don’t want to lie to whom! "I hope everyone will not misunderstand her.Although the fans were shocked, they still presented blessings, congratulations to the goddess promoted to be a mother.

▼ Kimberlly explained why the pregnancy was concealed.

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Photo/Well -known blogger@名 图 图 图 图 图

Kimberlly Facebook full text:

In fact, there are many things at work that never 100%want it to look like, and the people who like the layman imagine it. Suddenly announced that I was scared to scare a lot of people, but I don’t want to hide it anymore!

Because a job requires to conceal his real life, this is also too nervous and tired to go out to get it.I actually feel sorry for my friends who are live with the live broadcast. I am not intentionally concealed or who wants to lie to anyone. I never liked this. I did n’t find that I did n’t find myself about my pregnancy.The company’s discussion was not broadcast!Hope to get your understanding!

Photo … I took it at the end of last year!After I found that I was pregnant, I couldn’t think of it, but later I thought about it.Whose money!

I hope not to be (cause) everyone’s misunderstanding!

Thank you friends who have supported me since (directly), and you who are willing to continue to support me. I have received your blessings

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