"Unloading" is super wanted to "change your head"!Can mothers dye their hair during lactating?

Women’s dreams are duplicated, and women’s dreams of tinching their hair are also similar. Before being a mother, she frequently enters and exits the hairdressing shop, a new girl every month, and a pretty beauty every quarter!After a while, the red hair floated across the sky, and after a while, it was beautiful and beautiful.

Since pregnancy, everything is mainly a baby. Everything is done, the skin is deteriorated, the body becomes different, and the problems of edema and cramps have to be experienced!This is not the success of "unloading", and then you can "change your head" and "start from the beginning"!

Hair dyeing is the choice of many beautiful women, and it does make women more beautiful and full of personality, but the harm of hair dyeing is also something we cannot ignore.

In the breastfeeding stage, some beautiful mothers began to care about whether they could dye their hair and change their mood.

From time to time, the assistant will see such a conversation in the women’s group:

Today, the little assistant will have your hair during pregnancy and lactation?


How much do you know about hair dyeing

Hair dyeing is a deep chemical reaction. It destroys the structure of the hair through chemical agents, penetrates into the inside of the hair, and finally achieves hair staining through color reaction.

There are three main types of hair dye, plant types, metal types, and oxidation types. At present, the main products on the market are oxidized hair dye, which contains dozens of chemical components.Hair dye contains toxic chemicals such as nitrate phenyl benzene, aniline, etc., which is easily absorbed by the skin. It has toxic and side effects on the human body. The chemicals of benzene have clearly made it harmful substances that cause leukemia.

In addition, some imported hair dyes also contain lead acetic acid, which contains 5 to 10 times that of household paint and pigments.After leading into the human body, it is difficult to excrete the body, causing accumulation of poisoning, and the symptoms of poisoning with dizziness, headache, fatigue, fatigue, and numbness of the limbs.

Medical experts point out that if hair dye is used for a long time, as long as 1%is absorbed into the human body by the skin, poisoning will be accumulated.


Negative impact of hair dyeing

Some chemicals in the hair dye may cause less women’s menstrual flow, delayed menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc., and the deserter and bended dyes may be related to bladder cancer, blood tumor cancer, and endometrial cancer.Although the carcinogenicity of hair dye is not concluded, because the pores on the scalp are more than 100,000, the rate of absorbing these chemical agents is fast, and women in menstruation are poor in physical resistance.

Pregnant women are stimulated by chemical stimulation after using hair dye. Women have poor constitution in the middle and late pregnancy, and their hair quality becomes very fragile and easy to fall off. Perm and hair dye will exacerbate this condition.

Hair loss during lactation is the most headache for new mothers. Many mothers often enter postpartum depression.But this hair loss is an inevitable phenomenon of lactation, so don’t worry too much.If perm and hair dye during this period, it will also greatly damage the basic tissue of the hair and speed up the degree and scope of hair loss.


Can mothers dye hair perm during lactation?

In fact, hair dye is not advocated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Non -pregnancy and non -breastfeeding women are actually limited to dyeing hair. Generally, dyeing within half a year may reduce the impact on the human body to a minimum.Non -pregnancy female hair dye has the requirements of the number of times. Women during pregnancy and lactation still try not to do hair dye.

Breastfeeding mothers because they want to breastfeed their baby, so when the toxic substances in the hair dye enters the body and pollute the milk, the baby is absorbed by the emulsion.Babies have adverse effects such as allergies and poisoning, bringing major hidden dangers to the health of the baby, and may even have some unimaginable sequelae.


In summary, although ordinary people have no major problems with hair dyeing, the harm of hair dyeing is real. Mothers and breastfeeding mothers during pregnancy should be considered for their babies, minimizing or avoiding hair dyeing and perm.

If mothers really have a kind of obsession with hair dyeing and perm, it is also possible to make a hair to improve the mood, but you must choose a regular and qualified product.You can go to the hairdressing after weaning, and be careful not to let your hair touch the baby’s delicate skin.If the mother’s hair loss is severe, it is best not to rush to dye hair and perm, otherwise it may increase hair loss.

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