"Tingling" worsen!If you are pregnant during Hindic, will continue medication affect your baby?

According to statistics, there are more than 7 million psoriasis patients in my country, most of which are mild and moderate patients. These patients are a group that needs to be paid attention to for a long time.

According to a "China Psoriasis Disease Cover and Patient Survival Quality Research", it was found that 37%of patients in China were unemployed because of psoriasis; 73%of patients were unemployed;Reduce work efficiency; 99%of patients with severe weights feel mental pressure, and about 90%of patients who strongly feel the psychological pressure caused by psoriasis, only for psychotherapy for psychotherapy.

Shi Xingxiang is an old patient with a 33 -year -old age of dandema: "There are too many patients who have been diagnosed with errors or delays, and they are subject to unnecessary or insufficient treatment plans and care for the treatment of psoriasis." Shi Xingxiang saidSince suffering from psoriasis, many patients, like him, must not only endure physical pain caused by psoriasis, but also to bear discrimination in society.

Psoriasis seriously affects the quality of life of patients, and my country has a saying that it does not treat ringworm.Professor Zhang Jianzhong, the leader of Ben Weimod Clinical Test and Director of the Department of Dermatology of the People’s Hospital of Peking University, said that in recent years, the development of new psoriasis drugs is a hot spot in international research. Biological agents and small molecular targeted drugs are two types of representative drugs.

Ben Weimod milk cream is a small molecular targeting drug. It is a new-in-in-class in the national innovative drug and new drug. It is mainly used for local treatment of adults to be moderate to moderate stability psoriasis.It is an epoch -making drug for the treatment of international psoriasis for 30 years, and it is a major contribution to China to human health.

Professor Lu Qianjin, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Dermatology Branch, introduced that the clinically commonly used glucocorticoids are effective and effective, but there are disadvantages that are easy to repeatedly. Patients often do not accept psychological psychology because they are worried about side effects;

As a national new type of new drugs independently developed by my country, Ben Weimod cream has a new mechanism of new drugs and can inhibit the onset of psoriasis. It is a non -hormonal anti -inflammatory/immune small molecular drug. Tyinine protein kinase, interference/blocking the expression and function of multiple immune cytokines, to treat a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Ben Weimod cream has fast results, long -term effects, low recurrence, and high security. Studies have shown that in the third phase of Ben Weimod, no systemic adverse reactions have been seen. At the same timeAfter stopping the drug, the recurrence rate is low and the high safety has a significant advantage.

Clinical trials show that after 2 weeks of medication, the status of erythema has improved significantly. After 8 weeks of medication, the skin lesions can be seen by the naked eye.It has become a new choice for the treatment of mild to moderate stability.

The new medicine Hindic Benvimod cream is currently launched shortly, so we have not yet entered the medical insurance. If the price is the same, we also understand that it is very expensive. At present, the Miaoshou Mall is available. After purchasing the medicineIf you ask for an invoice, if there are preferential policies and preferential activities in the future, you will inform them in a timely manner.

Hebick has not been conducting clinical trials among pregnant women. The safety of pregnant women’s medication has not been established. Animal test results show that germination such as reduction of embryo reduction and slow bone development will occur. Therefore, women who are pregnant and planned for pregnancy are prohibited from using Hindic.

Tips for medication: Shimbik is used for single medicine for single drugs, and is usually used as a single drug. It is not used with psychiatric drugs (such as sedatives and sleeping medicines).During use, you can avoid smoke and alcohol, strong tea, coffee, seafood, fried and spicy foods, and you can eat more fruits and vegetables.

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