"The King of Spring Cai" is listed in large quantities, beauty, brain health, and digestion ~ but not eating right, and hurting your body!

As the saying goes, "You have a lot of spring bamboo shoots." Now it is the time when the bamboo shoots have begun to grow.

Spring bamboo shoots are one of the eight major mountains. They are known as the "king of spring vegetables" and "prime first products". Whether it is fried, simmering, stewing, and cooking, it is delicious and has high nutritional value.


"Spring Vegetable King", often eat more benefits


Dietary fiber: intestinal laxative

The spring bamboo shoots are rich in dietary fiber, ranking among the top ten among vegetables, and ingesting the appropriate amount of dietary fiber is very good for human health.

Dietary fiber helps promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and play a role in laxative and excretion of intestinal waste.Li Shizhen once compared the bamboo shoots as "scraping the intestines" in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", which means that it can scrape the greasy and stagnation of the intestine like a mule.


Potassium: Auxiliary pressure adjustment

Spring bamboo shoots contain a large amount of potassium, which can excrete excess sodium in the body, so it has a certain effect on preventing hypertension.


Tyin protein: brain health

The white powder -like substances appearing at the skin and incision of the bamboo shoots are a protein crystallization called casein, which is transported to the brain in the body, which can stimulate pressure -resistant, anti -depression and brain potential.


Carotene: beauty skin care

The spring bamboo shoots are rich in carotene, help to maintain the normal function of skin tissue cells, stimulate skin metabolism, and keep the skin moist and tender.


Spring bamboo shoots are not right, and you hurt your body

In life, some people feel uncomfortable with the stomach, and symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, indigestion and other symptoms occur.How is this going?


Anti -nutritional factors are the source of discomfort

The large amount of cellulose contained in the bamboo shoots can laxative for ordinary people, but there are digestive problems, such as gastritis and gastric ulcer patients, they will cause discomfort and even aggravate the condition;

On the other hand, spring bamboo shoots contain substances such as oxalic acid and acid, which not only causes uncomfortableness such as bamboo shoots; too much intake will reduce the activity of various digestive enzymes, cause indigestion, and hinder the absorption of calcium in food in food.Essence

In addition, bamboo shoots also contain aspinase inhibitors -it can affect the activity of isin in small intestine, which seriously hinders the digestion and absorption of protein. For people with weak gastrointestinals, diarrhea may even occur.

Therefore, patients with gallbladder disease, liver cirrhosis, and gastrointestinal ulcers, as well as pregnant women, elderly people, and children’s groups; as well as patients with skin diseases and allergic asthma, they should not eat more.


Master these two steps, eating bamboo shoots is more at ease

If we can’t help but want to eat, what should we do to reduce its adverse effects on the digestive tract?


Simpy water in boiling water for about 5 minutes, helping to soften crude fiber for digestion; it can also remove about 70%of the ingredients such as oxalic acid, acid, nitrite.

It is best to soak in cold water after the water, which can further reduce the astringency and taste more refreshing.

Tips: You can add a small amount of salt or white vinegar during the water.This is to promote the dissolving of bitter oxalic acid, acid and phenol.


Spring bamboo shoots and one thing, upgrade the umami flavor


Spring bamboo shoots+bacon

This is one of the most classic ways of eating bamboo shoots. Belomon and fresh meat are rich in myociditic. The spring bamboo shoots are rich in birdine. The two are matched with the principle of umami.Intersection

If you simmer the bamboo shoots, the flavor is not enough, and with fresh meat and ham, then it is called a must!Eat a piece of bamboo shoots, drink a soup, crispy bamboo shoots, fragrant meat, and fresh soup, full of delicious mouth, freshly eyebrows fell!Spring’s breath comes from the face ~


Spring bamboo shoots+chicken

If you ca n’t finish the amount of spring bamboo shoots, you can also make dried bamboo shoots. Dried bamboo shoots can be cooked with chicken. You do n’t need to use too much seasoning, which can highlight the ingredients of spring bamboo shoots and chicken itself!

The dried bamboo shoots still retain the umami and brittleness. Chicken and chicken skin wrapped in the fragrance of bamboo, and drink a soup, fresh but not greasy ~

The chicken itself has some moisture, plus the penetration of bamboo penetration from bamboo during steaming into some distilled water, so the fragrance is superimposed, so that the taste is natural and pure ~

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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