"That’s the matter" and bleed the private part after?Don’t underestimate this matter, these 5 reasons are behind you

Many women find that they have bleeding in their private parts after their husbands and wives live.This is something that needs to be paid attention to, but many women don’t care.It is very meaningful to understand the cause of the bleeding of the private parts after the life of the husband and wife.

1. Existing gynecological inflammation

The reason why women have bleeding in private parts after the same room have a very close relationship with gynecological inflammation.If it is infected with mold, trichin, or chlamydia infection, it will affect the cervix of women.If the cervix appears severe, there will be a private part of the private part after the same room.

2. Cervical meat

Cervical polyps are benign feldinians formed by local hyperplasia of cervical mucosa. The most typical symptom is contact bleeding.The reason why cervical polyps are related to many factors, including chronic inflammatory stimulation, endocrine disorders, cervical infections, and so on.Once the cervical polyps are found, surgery should be arranged as soon as possible, and drugs are used for treatment.Do not delay, and do not use some soil methods. You should follow the doctor’s advice for treatment.

3. Lacra rupture

The luteal rupture is a common acute abdomen in gynecology. It often appears in the same room and often appears in the later stage of women’s ovulation.When the luteal pressure is too high, the luteal will break spontaneously, especially when it is affected by external forces.If there is not much bleeding, conservative treatment can be performed.If the amount of bleeding is very large and the symptoms are severe, the operation should be performed in time to stop the blood as soon as possible.The luteal rupture is not a small problem. If there is bleeding after the same room, and suddenly abdominal pain is very serious, you must be alert to the occurrence of luteal rupture.

4. Bleeding during ovulation

Bleeding during ovulation is a relatively common type of functional disorders, and many women will have such problems.If bleeding during ovulation will interfere with women’s conception, women should pay attention to their own hormone problems, and they should rest well on weekdays and do relevant conditioning.If the amount of bleeding is not particularly large, and the last time is not very long, it can be improved by conditioning.If the amount of bleeding is relatively large and lasts for a long time, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.If there is bleeding after the same room, you can see if you are in the ovulation period to see if you have such a situation before.

5. Bleeding before and after menstruation

If you are close to your menstruation or immediately after menstruation, you may bleed your private parts for menstruation at this time.This is not a good thing, because it is not suitable for intercourse during this period.In addition to not being able to perform intercourse during women’s menstruation, three days after menstruation is just over, it is best not to do things to avoid affecting women’s gynecological health.

There are five reasons for bleeding of women’s intercourse, some are normal, and some are symptoms of diseases.I hope that everyone can pay attention to this matter, and we cannot regret it after the serious consequences.Although it may be normal, it may also be due to the disease. There is no luck. It is necessary to check it.

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