"Stepping Step" Ruo Xi eventually miscarriage and unable to give birth.

"Step by Step" is a very classic Qing Dynasty drama. There are many details that are worthy of repeated consideration. The finale. Ruoxi’s end is not good, and even miscarriage. She can no longer have birth.

His last thought in the palace was gone, and his heart was so heartache. Many people thought that he moved his fetal gas because of Yu Tan’s death. In fact, the root cause was the eighth.

To put it bluntly, the beginning of the eighth master is the beginning of Ruoxi’s nosy. Every step in the future is wrong, and he can only get deeper and deeper. There is no other way.

Because of the words of Ba Fu Jin, Ruo Xi was panicked, and when he stepped down, he tripped on the ground. Minghui couldn’t dodge.All know.

Siye was furious and forced the Eighth and Minghui to the desperate situation. This time, Minghui hung and set up on his own mansion. The eighth grandfather arrived, and Minghui had exhausted his gas, so he sprinkled this gas on Ruoxi.Essence

Thirteen Lord said that Ruoxi may not have children in this life. Ruo Xi, who was immersed in the pain of bereavement, also faced a blow when he heard these words. In front of the most beloved one, sheBut you can’t blame, you can only blame your choice.

If she did not have so much love at first, but did things with bystanders, she would not be involved in her children, and those knees would not be infected with cold.

Ruo Xi came through from Zhang Xiao. It was the old eight who taught Ruo Xi what is love. It was a girl’s mind, but also ruined Ruoxi. When the eighth grandfather farewell at the gate of the city, Ruo Xi regretted it.

At that time, the King of Eight Sage said that his mind, she understood that such a tacit understanding was not what the domineering person who could be given by Siye.With a fault, but in the face of the person she once loved, she had thousands of words and sorrow.

Ruo Xi knew that it would not be possible to meet again with Ba Ye in this life. Since then, it is eternal life.

If it wasn’t really happy, it would not be derived from sorrow, but Ruo Xi knew that the smart women and talents such as Minghui were more suitable for the Eight Sage King, but it was too humbled that Minghui could not get attention.

But for the Malta family, Minghui was always cruel. She was jealous of if Ruolan enjoys preferences and hates Ruoxi as the fourth child.

However, the words that Ruoxi once said, all remembered in Minghui’s heart. Ruoxi was for love, but also became a knife that stabbed herself. As Ba Fu Jin, she also killed Ruoxi’s child.

Ruo Xi’s love for Siye penetrated into details. When this weak woman kneeled in the rain and begged, the Siye opened his cloak and gave Ruoxi a good place to dodge. It was really affectionate.

Therefore, the more Ruo Xi cares about the Siye, the more he intends to dodge with the past. The naive love can only exist in the memory. Later, if it was not the old four men, the old eight and Ruoxi had to be killed.Essence

On the night of Ming Hui’s self -immolation, the light and light shine on the face of the three people. A big woman full of mind gave her husband’s last love and made Ruoxi’s determination to escape.

When I was a year, I made a mistake, and she might want her life anytime, anywhere, but a person like her is impossible to completely leave the eighth grandfather at all, and the love that exists in memory is also the most beautiful.

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