"Stealing a boyfriend money to me to drink milk tea? Punishment!

May 9th

Reporter from Sky Eye

Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province

A milk tea shop called "Yuyu Boiled Xiancao Flagship Store"

He was fined 30,000 yuan for violating the advertising law

Video screenshot

The punishment information shows that on December 20, 2022, the milk tea shop produced the billboard of "Can you steal your boyfriend’s money to bring me here to drink milk tea", standing at the door of the shop, the production cost is 332 yuan.

Since the opening of the store, a total of 6 "visitors" have been promoted for it. The billboards have appeared in the video, and 3 of them have spoken the advertisement.

Milk tea shops have paid advertising fees at 35 yuan/note to "Tourists" and paid cash.The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shuangqing District of Shaoyang City ordered immediately to correct the above -mentioned illegal acts and fined 30,000 yuan.

Recently, it is questioned for publicity issues. There is also a milk tea beverage store named "Haopeng Friends Beverage Factory" in Zhejiang.

It is reported that the store is printed with the word "You take a cup" on a drink cup called Snow Ding Fugui.Netizens pointed out that in Wenzhou and even Wuyu dialects, it is a swearing word.

What’s wrong with the behavior of the shop?

First, advertisements must prevent social public order or violate the goodness of society.This is the clear specification of the advertising law, and it is also one of the basis for the law enforcement of the regulatory authorities.The slogan of the milk tea shop not only was suspected of encouraging and guiding "stealing money", but also spread on the Internet by the "tan shopist" on the Internet. It is undoubtedly illegal.

The second is that the signboard production is incomparable.The billboard of the milk tea shop is designed as a road signing form -familiar color matching, similar elements, and how to look at the "I miss you in XX" online red road signs that are popular in all places last year.The "Regulations on Place Names" stipulates that no unit or individual may set, demolish, move, modify, cover, and damage the place name signs without authorization.

Third, advertising should also be guided.Merchant advertising should be propaganda. Advertising publicity can connect to "ground gas", but it cannot be "smoke".

Comprehensive Harbin Daily, China Market Supervision, Surging News

Source: News Morning News

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