"Small recipes" and "small taboos" before and after drinking

Wine has a history of thousands of years in my country, and now it has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life.

In the New Year’s festival, friends gathering, work entertainment, etc., and other formal occasions, the shadow of wine can be seen everywhere. Wine is a adhesive of people’s establishment and close relationships.With a meal, strangers became friends, a meal, and friends became friends.I have heard a sentence before: "Nothing cannot be solved by a meal, if not, then drink another meal."

However, everyone only knows that wine is a good thing, and drinking will be drunk, but few people may pay attention to drinking. In fact, there are many "small recipes" and "small taboos".Let me take a look at it for everyone, so that friends can be more leisurely when they should drink alcohol in the future.

Let’s talk about the taboos of drinking

1. Avoid smoking while drinking

The saying of "smoke can be drunk and drunk" is unscientific.Smoking while drinking is more harmful, because the ethanol in the wine will stimulate the blood circulation system and accelerate the dilatation of the blood vessels, which will increase the absorption of harmful substances such as nicotine in smoke, and its harm is doubled.Friends who have such a habit will find that smoking when drinking is also the most diligent in smoking. You may be able to smoke a day of smoke for a day, but a meal and two packs of cigarettes are not enough. This wayIt will be very uncomfortable and easily cause inflammation of the tonsils.

Second, avoid drinking mixed wine

Different alcohol ingredients, content and content are different, mixed with each other, and certain changes will occur, which will be more drunk and harmful.Take liquor and beer, the high degree of liquor means that the alcohol content is high, but the beer contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Once the two are combined, it will reduce the stay in the stomach and accelerate the rushing into the human body.Accelerating the absorption of human alcohol will make people drunk in a short time.The burden of decomposing alcohol to liver will double, leading to problems such as liver function damage.

Third, avoid drinking empty abdomen

It is said that wine is a liquid fire. Drinking on an empty stomach is too strong to stimulate the stomach and intestines, it is easy to cause discomfort, and it is very easy to get drunk. People who often drink on an empty stomach will have more or less problems.Stomach bleeding.

Fourth, take a bath after alcohol

Many people like to take a bath after drinking. In fact, this approach is wrong.After drinking hot baths, it is easy to increase people’s drunk state, and even cause vomiting, syncope and other phenomena.And if you take a cold bath, it will cause blood vessels to shrink, which may occur in severe cases such as blood vessel rupture.

5. Drink strong tea after alcohol

After drinking the wine, it will cause people to have thirst and stomach.Many people think that drinking a lot of strong tea can be uncomfortable with the stomach, and to hangover, which is incorrect.Because the caffeine in the tea will combine the combination of ethanol in the wine to produce synergistic effects, not only can not solve alcohol, but will increase the degree of drunk and play the opposite role (this is definitely the author’s personal experience. Once I went to my grandmother’s house as a guest,, Drink too much, my grandfather has the habit of drinking strong tea. He brought me a cup of strong tea he made.

6. Drink carbonated drinks and hangover after drinking

Some people think that soda is a cool beverage and can use soda to hangover, which is unscientific.Because soda can spread alcohol in the human body, speed up the body’s absorption of alcohol, and increase the poisoning of alcohol.At the same time, there are a large amount of carbon dioxide in soda, which will damage the stomach, liver, and kidney.

Seven, avoid sex after alcohol

The lethality of wine to men is very huge. After a large amount of drinking, 20%of the small tadpoles are not developed. At this time, the other half will cause the other half to get pregnant. The probability of 26%will cause the fetus to deform.Therefore, the Compendium of Materia Medica has the warning of "not entering the room after wine".

The above are the "small taboos" of drinking. Let me tell you a few days of drinking. I believe that everyone who really loves to drink is what everyone really wants to know.

1. Drink a bottle of pure milk before drinking

Pay attention to pure milk here. Milk is a very common drink in life, with high nutritional value.Some friends who intend to go to drink if they want to avoid fast drunk, drinking a bottle of pure milk before drinking is definitely a good choice, because milk contains more protein, which can play a role in protecting the gastric mucosa and avoid gastric mucosa pairs of the gastric mucosa pairs.The rapid absorption of alcohol substances appears to be drunk, and it is not easy to cause stomach pain and acid reflux after alcohol.(I often vomit drinking before drinking, so I often ugly on the wine table. Now this situation has hardly occurred. Do you say that this stuff is effective?)

2. Eat some tomatoes before drinking

If you want to avoid drunk, people who often drink alcohol are suitable for eating some tomatoes before drinking.Tomatoes, as a common food in life, contain nutrients needed by the human body, such as vitamins, minerals, and lycoma in trace elements.If you can eat it appropriately before drinking, you can protect the gastric mucosa of people and avoid being drunk by the human body and cause drunk.

3. Eat some grapes before and after drinking

To avoid drunk before drinking, you can eat grapes. As a common fruit in life, grapes also have the effect of hangover.Because grapes contain more alcoholic acid, this substance can decompose alcohol to avoid drunkenness when the body is quickly affected by alcohol material. If you drink slowly and eat more grapes, you will find that you suddenly change today.You have to drink.

4. Eat some meat and fat when drinking

Proper time, meat and oil can help adjust some of the body’s function, so that the stomach that suffers from great crimes may be hazy with a thin layer of protective film due to the fat to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall.(This method is not recommended, because it feels useless. Welcome to publish a friend’s comment area for personal experience.)

5. Drink more boiled water when drinking liquor

Drinking boiled water when drinking liquor can dilute the concentration of wine, and it is more conducive to excrete the body as soon as possible with the urine. After drinking, drink as much as possible, especially the fish soup, which has the effect of hangover.

6. Drink honey water before drinking

Before drinking, drink a glass of honey water.Honey can help prevent people from drunk quickly.Because honey can protect the gastric mucosa and prevent alcohol from being stimulated more after entering the stomach.In addition, the nutrient content in honey is also rich.After drinking, it is also very intoxicating. If you can drink a glass of honey before drinking, you can also improve some discomfort after drinking and alleviate bad symptoms such as heart burning.

7. Eat some raw soybeans before drinking

Studies have shown that soybeans are rich in protein, which will deform after entering the stomach, which can consume alcohol and prevent alcohol from entering the blood circulation. Therefore, if you have friends who need to drink at night, you can eat some soaked soy beans before drinking, so that you canEffectively prevent drunk, but pay attention to the amount, do not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to swell.

Well, the "small remedies" and "small taboos" shared before and after drinking today are over. I hope it can help everyone. Finally, I persuaded everyone to say that although wine is a good thing, do not drink too much for a long time., Hundreds of harm and no benefit.

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