"She is pregnant, what is afraid of?" The Phoenix male mother occupied the daughter -in -law’s luxury house and was beaten

In a private message she received recently, she said: "My husband and I have a free relationship, but due to family reasons, our parents did not recognize our relationship at first. After many obstacles, we finally were together together.. However, if you get married a little more than a year, your husband has been completely different. From old obedience to now I always find me, and even quarrel with me because of a little thing.

The same problem about the gap between marriage and marriage is not uncommon in life, so it is not surprising at all.The main reason is that men in love want to be liked by women.He will innovate himself, break through himself, deliberately hide his shortcomings, and then show his advantages to the opposite sex, so sometimes it is normal to see it.

The married man achieved his goal, successfully divorced himself, and felt that he did not have to hide in Tibet. He started to expose his real defects, and it was likely that he would have different problems.

So why are you different before marriage?This is one of the reasons, but there are other reasons.

Luo Xiao and Xiaoying are college classmates.They met at the university and loved all the way.

However, because Luo Xiao was poor and inferior in all aspects, he always hid behind his classmates, which attracted Xiaoying’s attention.

Xiaoying is a real rich second generation.Her parents regarded her as a pearl on her palm, and her family attached great importance to her education.Therefore, at school, she is one of the unspeakable girls.

She secretly loved Luo Xiao hiding behind her classmates.Perhaps because her usual life is too bright, and Luo Xiao’s life lacks such a factor.So after comparison, she took the initiative to communicate with him, and then discussed with him.

Luo Xiao’s parents are authentic farmers, and their grades are among the best.Luo Xiao also gives his parents face -to -face.

At first, Luo Xiao was accused by his classmates because he was close to Xiaoying.He even wanted to retreat.Thanks to Xiaoying’s understanding and enlightenment, the two became good friends.Once school activities, the two practiced a love song.After a long rehearsal, they sang on the stage, moved countless students, and moved to tears.

Since then, Luo Xiao has a feeling of admiration for Xiaoying, but he knows that Xiaoying’s family is rich, but he is a farmer.If he wants to be with Xiaoying, he may make her suffer together.After three times, he swallowed his admiration.

After the communication with Xiaoying, I only mentioned learning.Facing Xiaoying’s suitor, Luo Xiao turned to crazy.He can not accept others’ goodness to Xiaoying, or he can not agree to Xiaoying.During that time, in Russell’s words, "I’m going crazy. I have never really cared about a person, and there are no people around. I know I am very close, but this is like a crowded, very painful."

They said that only when you really love someone can you care so much about her, Luo Xiao is like this at this moment.

Until one time, a boy confessed to Xiao Xiaoying.Russell couldn’t sit still.He and his parents asked for 5,000 yuan.In a coffee shop outside the school, a confession ceremony was carefully arranged, and he had the courage to say his heart to Xiaoying.

Unexpectedly, in the face of Luo Xiao’s confession, she confessed that she was willing to fall in love with her.Xiaoying is honest, dare to love and hate, so they love each other.

After graduating from college, Luo Xiao chose to work, and Xiaoying continued to study for a doctorate.More importantly, their love remains unchanged, and they get married soon.

After marriage, Luo Xiao was upgraded to the legendary phoenix man. Luo Xiao was respected in the village because of his daughter -in -law’s light.

Due to the different family background, Xiaoying’s parents opposed their combination, but under her insistence, they finally agreed and gave them a luxurious room as their marriage home.There is no special requirement for Luo Xiao. It is enough to be better for Xiaoying after marriage, which is enough.

In response, "They are very romantic along the way, and Luo is also very reasonable. But Luo Xiao became degenerated within six months after their marriage. He tried to make a fault and bully himself with his parents." It turned out that Luo Xiaohe and HeheheAfter Xiaoying got married, Luo Xiao’s work was also transferred to the county.For Luo Xiao, this is the good news of career and love, and it also reveals Luo Xiao’s ambitions.

After half a year of marriage, Xiaoying became pregnant.Luo Xiao’s parents moved into their marriage residence with an excuse to take care of their daughter -in -law.At first, Xiaoying was very moved and felt that her mother -in -law was considerate and patient with her.

However, her mother -in -law didn’t think so.She believes that Xiaoying is married because her son is excellent, and Xiaoying has good family conditions. He naturally accompany a wedding room.In addition, the two got married.Traditionally, men support their families, and their sons are at home.

There is nothing to do, Russell’s mother even thinks that her son’s house is very large, and each room is the same.She just fancy her son’s master bedroom and explained to him that she wanted to enjoy a lifetime.

Luo Xiao felt very reasonable after listening to his mother.He was convinced that his mother was too old to him and could not enjoy a good life for her.Now he can finally give her some light, and he wants to satisfy her wish.Therefore, when Xiaoying was absent, Luo Xiao raised his master bedroom to his mother.When Xiaoying returned home, she found that her things had been moved to the second bedroom.He asked Luo Xiao and was very uncomfortable about this change. Who knows, Luo Xiao said coldly: "The master bedroom is for my mother."

"Then you should discuss with me. You don’t respect me to take me."

"You marry me. I should share the house."

Hearing this, Xiaoying thought she had heard it wrong and looked up at Luo Xiao again, but his face was expressionless, not like the person she knew for the first time.In addition to disappointment, Xiaoying turned to leave home and went to her mother’s house.

Xiaoying’s parents saw the expression on their daughter’s face, but she did not expect that they would have a son -in -law.You know, Xiaoying has been pregnant for more than a month, and she is particularly important at this time.I don’t think Russell understands.Thinking of this, Xiaoying’s mother picked up the phone and called Luo Xiao.

Unfortunately, it was not Russell, but his mother who answered the phone."Moving into the master bedroom is her idea, because every room is the same. Russell doesn’t know these. If Xiaoying disagrees, she will move away." Later, before Xiaoying’s mother opened, Luo Xiao took overCall."Mom, all this is a misunderstanding. I will pick up Xiaoying right away."

Before the phone had time to hang up, there was a voice: "Marry a chicken with chickens, how do you arrange how to obey!" It was too delicate."Yes, that’s the roar of Russell’s mother.

Speaking of which, Xiaoying’s mother was furious.At first she blame her daughter not to listen, and now she has ended like this.Xiaoying didn’t speak, and was thinking about this relationship, from the beginning of the romance to the present.

It didn’t take long for the doorbell to sound, and Xiao Ying came to pick up Luo Xiao.Although he apologized to his mother -in -law and Xiaoying, his words had changed.

in the country, the two sides are deadlocked.Luo Xiao did not let his mother move out of the bedroom, nor did he explain to Xiaoying. He just sat in the living room, and everyone had their own plans.

Xiaoying suddenly got up and pulled Luo Xiaoya into the room and said, "I don’t want your mother to sleep in the master bedroom. Do you want to discuss with me?" Do you think I am opposed to discussions or do you think this house is yours?"

Unexpectedly, her mother -in -law followed the two.Although the door was closed, she heard it clearly outside, whispered behind her without knowing what to say.After listening to this, Xiaoying had no choice but to give up.

Then walk in front, Luo and his mother walk behind.Her mother said to Luo Luo, "She is pregnant. What are you afraid of?" Russell said nothing.Xiaoying turned around and asked: "Mom, what did you just say?" The mother -in -law was anxious and said with a smile: "It’s okay, be careful of the steps."

Two days later, accompanied by her mother, Xiaoying was very sad and did not want to kill her child. She asked a lawyer to write a divorce agreement to prepare to show up with Luo Xiao.

The moment I received the divorce agreement, Russell panicked.He felt that what he did was right.He is a mother and a daughter -in -law, but he wants his daughter -in -law to understand him.

However, Luo Xiao did not think he wanted Xiaoying to understand, but that he was selfish and disrespected Xiaoying.Although his mother was unreasonable, he still felt normal at home.As a husband, regardless of the feelings of pregnant wives, he let the masculine spread.As a son, he disregarded so many books, obeying his mother regardless of the green soap, rejected his daughter -in -law, and wanted to occupy the dominance of the wedding house.

As Xiaoying said, Luo Xiao really changed, maybe it was too easy to get it. She didn’t know how to cherish it, or Luo Xiao’s mother felt that her son was very good, so she was very contrived and didn’t know much.

Until the moment the divorce, Luo Xiao’s mother still thought it was Xiaoying’s problem.Before signing a divorce agreement, Luo Xiao told her mother: "She is pregnant with my child, she can’t run." Maybe I didn’t expect to be beaten so soon!

It’s hard to imagine such family values.If Xiaoying does not divorce, what will she do?

In the end, Luo’s mother asked half of the house to Luo, but the lawyer refused.

After the divorce, Luo Xiao also left the county sadly; Xiaoying worked very hard, saying that she did not talk about feelings in the short term.In the end she said, "Don’t touch the Phoenix man."

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