"Remember to be my kid!" She dreamed that her baby was pregnant after dreamed of dying.

Jolin Dai, who died, was very similar to the newborn child potatoes.(Figure / Netizen Dai Xiaoru authorized)

Intern reporter Zheng Yiru / Interview Report

After confirming your eyes, I believe this is fate!Netizen Dai Xiaoru’s 14 -year -old love dog Jolin DAI died 3 years ago. At that time, she agreed in silence, "Remember to be my child, you must remember!"Thinking of the "potato" born 2 years later, the deep eyes were exactly the same as the dog, and the wonderful fate was quite moved.

Jolin Dai likes Ma Ma very much, and often meets Ma Ma in his dreams.(Figure / Netizen Dai Xiaoru authorized)

"On the day of the angel of my hairy child, I said to it in its ear, remember to be my child, and my sister also said to it, remember to be a boy, and then protect the family in the future." Dai Xiaoru recalled that Jolin was in one monthWhen they were collected by their couples, they have always been with them for 14 years. They are usually very well -behaved and have a deep relationship with their families.

Jolin Dai and potatoes like to wait for parents to go home at the door.(Figure / Netizen Dai Xiaoru authorized)

Dai Xiaoru shared in an interview with "Ettoday Pet Cloud". "One year in February, my friend joked and asked me if the dog would be born as his child. I said it was impossible. As a result, I dreamed of Jolin that night.After Jolin’s death, Dai Xiaoru often dreamed of love dog figures, but this dream was very different. "The dream is so clear, it uses it to tell me that it is still waiting for me.I also say yes! "Surprisingly, after two months after the dream ended, she was pregnant, and she was really a male baby in her belly. Since then, no dog has appeared in the dream.

After the male baby’s "potato" was born, the slender eyes were matched with bright eyes, which was very similar to the death dog.Not only that, Ma Ma also said, "After giving birth to potatoes, he found that he has many habits that are very similar to dogs. It is like waiting for us to wait for us in the bathroom or standing at the door of his house.Sitting on the blanket is the same as before. "Coincidentally, children who were expected to be pigs were originally expected to be" dogs ".I have to believe that this is really fate! "

Dai Xiaoru "a bit hairy" of this wonderful story Facebook society attracted nearly 10,000 netizens in less than 1 day.That look is exactly the same "," I believe! This firm eyes are superimssed, congratulations! "," Shen Yun really seems to be! Wonderful fate "," Believe, because my son is also! He has a dog head birthmark in his back neck!, The bigger the more like a dog head "," Shen Yun is very similar, the baby comes back and renews the fate "," Believe! My family will still tear toilet paper! "

▼ Tudou must be here to continue the forefront!(Figure / Netizen Dai Xiaoru authorized)

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