"Qingpingle": Sweet!At the end of the emperor, Zhang Niangzi was the winner of life

In the latest plot, Wang Kai and Jiang Shuying finally rounded the room, which really had the appetite of the fans.Before that.Some netizens talked about it, and they couldn’t stand it anymore. The official family was too heartbroken and saw one of them. It was no doubt that Queen Cao was so perfect that it seemed that the flowers were full of flowers and lonely.As the most abandoned by the audience, Zhang Niangzi, who is the most abandoned by the audience, not only gathers the officials of the officials, but even the Queen Cao must retreat from the three houses. It is the winner of life!

Now the emperor’s abuse has finally come to an end, which really comforts the audience and gives the audience confidence in chasing.The reason why Zhang Niang was spurred because she gathered all the focus of contradictions, and it was precisely because of this role that this plot improved.

Among the many characters, Mao Ze’s people have countless fans, gentle and wise, neat and generous, and loyal.Even the admiration of Dan Yan can be hidden deep in the heart.

Zhang Niangzi in the play is more willful and bullish because she has a dragon tire.Due to the rebellion of the party Xia Yuanhao, when the party discussed the war with the minister, Zhang Niangzi used this as the starting point to scold Queen Cao "I have not seen the official family for five days" and did not listen to anyone discouraged.Instead of seeing the official family.

When the official family heard the matter, he quickly came, not only did he punish Zhang Niangzi without any penalty, but even more pity.The moment Dan Yan watched the moment when the official family picked up Zhang Niangzi, his heart could not help but shake and could not hide his loss.

However, Zhang Niangzi’s phrase, "There are so many concubines in the official harem, how many do you really want?" It was even more like a sharp knife inserted into Dan Xun’s heart.She remembered that she had no dare to slack off the peace labor of the harem in the past five years. She also had to be humble because she was serving Zhang Niang’s candidates, and she wanted Princess Changle.

Mao went up to be slapped for Dan Yiming, and this scene showed the queen’s humbleness.As a mother -in -law, we must always maintain the gesture of dignified and generous and mother in the world at all times.

And the Zhang Niangzi, who is going to myself, is proud and arrogant, but obsessed with the official family.Although the words and deeds were not in the middle of the palace, they loved the official family. Although they died in their early years, they truly became the most loved ones of the official family, so that they were chased as queen after death.

According to historical records, Queen Cao had no sisters in his life and was not loved by Emperor Renzong. He sat firmly for 28 years. On the surface, the scenery was endless. In fact, it was full of endless grievances. In my opinion, her life is a tragedy. The queenThe position is just a gimmick.

The saddest thing about Queen Cao is that it has lived as others and lost herself.We can see Dan Yan’s chic gesture before marriage, chat with sisters, and learn martial arts with his father and brother. His family background, experience horizons, and intelligence talents are not comparable to ordinary little women.As the queen recommended by the ministers, she must put away the posture of the little woman and set up with the national mother.

As the master of the harem, she must have a bowl of water.At that time, Miao Niangzi was pregnant, and the officials of the officials were promoted to Miao Niangzi as Zhaoyi. Dan Yan saw unstable, and the concubine ascended the concubine.How do you know that he was misunderstood by the official family as jealous, and he was angry with himself.Dan Yan not only did not have the power to return, but also scolded himself narrow -minded and satisfactory.

Zhang Niangzi, who was humble, was free and free, not afraid of the wealthy harem, and the unsatisfactory etiquette system. His publicity was a "clear stream" in the rigorous etiquette at that time.EssenceAlthough he was in heaven in the play, he pointed his finger at Queen Cao, and he could not be punished because of disrespect.

In my opinion, Zhang Niangzi has three capitals: First, there is no family background, even if it is promoted to Zhang Guifei, there is no power to attach the power. In the eyes of the ministers, she is just a woman who is not surprising. NaturallyPoint the spear head to others;

The second is to be pregnant.At that time, Emperor Renzong had no princes. The ministers hope that the officials can open their branches and leaves, and there are people in succession. Even if she is in heaven, as long as she is not a legal system, she can only open one eye and close one eye;

Third, you are young and beautiful, you will be coquettish, and you will compete for favors.The legendary Queen Cao was highly recommended because he was ugly and not easy to confuse the king.And human nature is a thing that likes beauty, even if a gentleman is no exception.

Renzong himself is so kind and looks more than 10,000 people. In fact, he is in a cage.The appearance of Zhang Niangzi made the officials of the official family bloom, so she opened the crazy mode of pet wife.

Compared with Zhang Niangzi, although Queen Cao was high in weight, and he had to return to his heart, he had to do it.Although Zhang Niang died early, she lived in this life. In her life, she was the real winner.

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