"Princess Little Girl" Xin Le’er is pregnant!Before taking care of the gastroscopy, I discovered the "Hi Liang Ultrasound Photo"

Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

Actor Xin Le’er originally arranged to take care of the gastroscopy. As a result, when the doctor confirmed his physical condition, he found that he was pregnant and marveled "everything is not real."Now that you have seen a dream, you will be particularly emotional and special when you see the affairs related to life. It is easier to satisfy the current situation. He hopes that you can be a wise mother.

Xin Le’er was pregnant.(Photo / Refined from Instagram / Balalabelle)

Xin Le’er showed 10 photos wearing a white T in a white T to put on the surroundings and his body. The more he found the more surprises, the more he wrote the BOSS on his belly.It admits that this time it was discovered in order to look in the gastroscopy. The current three thoughts are surging, "I want to tell the other half", "I will not have pain for three days in vain (because of the low diet for 3 days)", "Long live, I can I canEat. "

Although it was hard in the early stages of pregnancy, Xin Le’er felt that everything was worth it. He became more and more convinced that his body could give birth to a life. He always said to himself. Now he will talk to the belly.As a result, the evil dream: "Seeing all related to life will be particularly emotional, and the sense of substitution is very strong; I become easier to satisfy than before, and I look forward to different changes every day."

Xin Le’er was happy to hold the ultrasound photo.(Photo / Refined from Instagram / Balalabelle)

Recalling the phrase "Xin, I think you must be a good mother in the future", Xin Le’er dare not say that he will be a good mother, but Xu can become a very intelligent mother. At presentBe a happy pregnant woman.Wu Shanru, Lin Yanxi, Prince (Qiu Shengyi), An Yi Buckwheat, Ji Peihui, Xiao Xun (Huang Jingyi), Fang Yu and Cai Zhenting all poured into the message area, excitedly sent to blessings.

In fact, Xin Le’er’s real name Xin Yaqi was born on April 2, 1988. He is 34 years old. In 2007, he entered the drama circle with the corner of Xiaomi, the Princess of Princess.The way of survival, "the bookstore in the alley" and "Adverse situation", not only so challenging the movie "Flowers to Eat the Girl", "Human Fish: Little Girls in Red", "Unveil the Boy"Essence

【Xinle Er IG Full Text】

I was arranged before gastrointestinals, and for this low diet for three days, I felt excited and nervous, but because of the careful confirmation of the physical condition of the doctors, I was unexpectedly learned that my pregnancy was positive.Not too real …

The first thought now is that I want to tell the other half

The second is that I won’t hurt for three days in vain for three days

The third is long live I can eat

The hard work in the early stage is worth looking for myself, rest assured!I have taken good care of myself, and I am more and more trust my body to give birth to a life.I feel very fresh about the changes in my body and soul. I always love to talk to myself, and I will actually talk to my belly. I really like to watch suspense thriller horror movies.It will be particularly emotional related to life, and it is very strong; I become easier to satisfy than before, and I look forward to different changes every day.

Demi once said to me, "Xin, I think you must be a good mother in the future." I’m not sure if I will be a very good mother. I hope I am a very intelligent mother!But I will be a happy pregnant woman first.

May everything be safe and healthy, the little boss is about to go online

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