"Pregnancy is to resign", the employees of a company promise the book, netizens: a slap can not make a ring

The reality is cruel. What is needed in the workplace is talents and people who can create value for the company. They will find that the most popular objects in recruiting in all walks of life are fresh college students. Although they lack experience, they are "less things".Don’t be hungry and not affect work because of family.

And college students who have just walked out of the school gate have ideas, pioneering thinking, and strong hands -on ability, and they should also be popular. For their joining, the company will warmly welcomes.After the passage of time, some companies have changed, and "pregnancy" seems to have become a wrong thing.

Under normal circumstances, the employee to sign a contract is a guarantee for the two parties, but a "employee commitment letter" appeared in a company. After reading it, he couldn’t help but talk too much. Let’s take a look at what the employee’s commitment was written?If you do it, you can accept it.

Today is an era that values academic qualifications. Because of this, talents with high education abound. They who have received higher education will not be treated unequal.It is difficult to "calm".

"Pregnancy is to leave," the employees of a company promise the book. You can see that there are not many contents of the promise, only two lines, and the content is: once you are pregnant, automatically leave, and give up "accountability".It means that "pregnancy is to resign", you must clarify the relationship with the company.

After a woman was exposed to this promise, it was really "eye -opening". Why?Isn’t this clearing the naked discrimination?All the previous credit was taken by a stroke?I thought that netizens responded to this incident very much, and it seemed that netizens did not feel surprised.

Some people say: Do not work, of course, there is no salary, and some people say: I only know the clip, do not make an evaluation, and some netizens call directly: a slap can not be shot, I ca n’t say who is right and who is wrong.In this regard, some people said the reason.

Perhaps it should not be completely accused of the company. Many people not only do not complete their own job after pregnancy, but also make colleagues calling colleagues and do not take the leaders in their eyes, which seriously affects normal work efficiency. Therefore, this may be possibleIt was also forced to be helpless.

In fact, there are indeed many people who do not seek their duties in their position. They will also do whatever they want in the workplace, and the leaders must give three points politely.I am afraid that I am going to leave, and it is difficult to get employment. It can be seen that word of mouth is affected.

From this incident, the author also wants to remind you of the post -00 students, don’t be willful anymore, and don’t feel how powerful you are after receiving higher education. There are too many people who receive higher education.Do not be lazy, do not feel that your behavior will not be found.

College students should have a college student, vitality, and have their own unique side, which can make others see their advantages. At the same time, they have to love and love.After 00, students should be alert and attract asleep.

The author believes that no matter where you go, students must establish their own "workplace reputation". The reputation is good enough to be easier to employ, and if they get married and have children in the future, they will not be disliked. This is the performance of an excellent person.Do not remember your future.

When you are at home, parents will not care about themselves. When they are at school, they have the tolerance and understanding of teachers, but they are not the same after walking out of the school gate. Students should learn to converge, reflect their high quality and high literacy, and accept for many years.Education, don’t make people feel that they are low -degree people, let alone give up themselves, so when they say this, there are some matters to remind post -00 students to avoid causing themselves to be in trouble.

It is said that there is no one in the students after 00, and they always do things with their own temperament. This is absolutely impossible. After 00, students are "small white in the workplace". It is the critical period of accumulating experience and learning progress.My own mood is beautiful and not to take care of the overall situation. There must be a proper thing in everything, and we must consider the feelings of others, rather than letting others disgusted.

Learn knowledge and receive education. After 00, students should understand that everything I do is for employment. After walking out of the school gate, every job I do should be cherished, not "mixed days", and hope that all of all ones are also hoped that all the onesPregnant women can actively work to change the company’s views on themselves, and also hope that the company can treat them well.

Today’s topic: As a post -00 student, what is your biggest feeling after entering the workplace?

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