"Pregnancy 5" is not eaten by the pregnancy of pregnancy. Will the fetus be malnourished?

This is the 5th of the series of things I encountered during the pregnancy of my record (there is a link at the end of the first article). If you are also in pregnancy, you also have a lot of confusion. Maybe you can provide you with some references.You can click on the above to follow me to continue watching the follow -up ~


Remember about 10 weeks of pregnancy.

In order to be healthier, and to control the weight of pregnancy in a timely manner, I began to record my weight regularly.

I haven’t been scaled for a few days. Looking at this big face, it is estimated that it is 2-3 pounds.

Ouch, light, it’s light!

I did not expect that from 60.5kg the day before yesterday to today’s 59.5kg, it turned out to be 1 kg lighter, so surprised.In my past life, I had never rising, slowly and slowly!Sure enough, I do n’t know, the number tells you!Surprise, thank you for your early pregnancy reaction.


How difficult is the early pregnancy reaction?

What is more common is to be disgusting, or suddenly smell something, or if you suddenly eat something, maybe it may be a trendy?

Of course, sometimes it is not retching, it may be true vomiting. I heard that there is a friend who can eat anything in the early pregnancy.It was really bad.

I was amazing, I didn’t vomit, and I didn’t vomit.

But snoring, guilty, snoring, but just don’t vomit!(Imagine chatting with others. Others may be hungry. You snoring, "Well? What to eat like this?" You can only say, "No, this is pregnancy!". So I had to explain again and again: "I’m pregnant, react early!"

The oil fume is unsarmed, and it is not possible to starve to starve.

If the taste changes, it will not be mentioned.

Don’t want to eat meat, don’t let me see meat.I really see the meat, and don’t let me see the Morlum Star.Even if you just add some lard and stir -fry, you don’t want to eat it.

The yogurt that I loved to eat before couldn’t eat it anymore.Eat in my mouth and get bitter, unpalatable, I don’t know why it is so unpalatable.

Eat more nuts during pregnancy?No, don’t let me eat, eat one kind of disgust.

It was a variety of snacks that I used to like before: potato chips, roasted ravioli, soda biscuits, simply noodles, spicy strips and the like, love is still.Cola?If you think about it, drool!

What?Do you not let me eat junk food such as noodles and spicy strips?

Cangtian, destroy me!


What should I do if I can’t eat it in the early pregnancy?

On the one hand, I said no, the body was more honest and unwanted, and the early pregnancy reaction was more honest.Push in front of you enthusiastically, and I am eagerly looking forward to you eating: "You have to eat, eat a little, and drink some soup. You are now a double person. Where can I not eat the baby in the belly?"

In fact, the most urgent thing is whether the pregnant mother himself has.

Some pregnant mothers also thought about it in their hearts. For the sake of the fetus in the abdomen, they squeezed their noses and endured disgusting, vomiting, and vomiting.

However, the embryo is still small in the first three months of pregnancy. During this period, the diet has little effect on the fetus. The hard pregnant mothers, you still want to eat whatever you want to eat. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to eat it!

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