"My wife is pregnant and loves farts, what’s the matter?" The prospective dad asked sincerely, and netizens answered hot eyes

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Women are not sick, to be torture and life …

I believe that many expectant mothers during pregnancy are helpless about the changes in their physical and physiological changes.The embarrassing problem of hidden "keeps …

Small embarrassment such as constipation, snoring, and farting makes Bao Ma sometimes embarrassed, and what really understands the little embarrassment of Bao Ma is the closest husband.

Regarding the successful mother’s conception, it must be the prospective father who is excited. Each husband knows that he will be promoted to the ranks of his father.Pregnant mothers are more attentive, and even quit their mobile games. They hold their mobile phones to learn about pregnancy. The search list records are about the health and performance of pregnant mothers.

A few days ago, I saw a standard husband on the Q & A Channel. I kept asking questions about the performance of his wife during pregnancy. One of the questions with a question responded to spicy eyes:

Great gods, what happened to his wife after pregnancy?It has no effect on health!

Many netizens answered this, but in the standard answers, they still couldn’t help but tease the "intentional" prospective father.Pig Mom: This phenomenon is normal and caused by endocrine changes. Generally, mothers in the early stages of pregnancy will fart. At this time, the mood is the most important. It is recommended that the dad smell more.Linger Mom: The increased secretion of progesterone, coupled with the development of the fetus in the palace affects the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, resulting in an increase in farts.At this time, the prospective dad must learn to smell the taste and discern health. It is a good thing that it means that the intestinal digestive function is good. The prospective father must insist on covering a quilt with the pregnant mother.Dongdong Mom: It is normal to fart during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I was full of fart. At this time, the prospective dad could not dislike it. It was necessary to let the pregnant mother eat a light diet to ensure the nutrition and health of the pregnant mother.It is good for pregnant mothers to regulate the mood, let’s go long, come on!

Seeing the above answers, I really feel a little painful to this prospective dad. Maybe I really will really be happy to smell the wife around the wife and the health of the wife and the fetus, but such a good dad and a good husband who counts the standard.

As a kind of physiological manifestation during pregnancy, it is actually normal to love fart during pregnancy. It is not necessary to pay too much attention to couples. The reason why this physiological reaction occurs is still unable to get rid of the development of pregnancy.

One: It has something to do with the development of the fetus

At the same time, the fetus is developing, and the uterus is growing. At this time, the stomach of the abdomen will be squeezed, and the digestive and peristaltic ability will subscribe. This will cause gas stasis in the abdomen and prone to fart and exhaust.

Two: The performance of sufficient nutrition during pregnancy

As a pregnant mother, we must care about diet during pregnancy, such as the increase in the amount of protein and meat, and when this kind of food is digested in the abdomen, because of the lactose intolerance, it will also cause flatulence and cause exhaust.

Similarly, high -protein foods will occur during the decomposition process, and sulfide can cause the gas to "smell bad". The reason why it loves "smelly fart" is the reason why the protein supplement is too much. You can try a light diet to relieve it.

3: Endocrine affects emotions

During pregnancy, expectant mothers have caused great emotional fluctuations due to the imbalance of body hormone development. If anxiety and restlessness occur, they will inadvertently sigh. This process increases the intestinal gas and a lot of farts.Therefore, although the answers of netizens in the above are ridiculous, it is undeniable that when you want to tease the pregnant mother during pregnancy, you can really alleviate the embarrassing things like farting.

This sentence is vulgar, but it is related to the health of pregnant mothers. Forcibly fart can lead to blood pressure and heart rate unstable, which is not conducive to fetal nutrition supply. Therefore, a series of reactions during pregnancy must be treated normally. Do not feel embarrassed.Don’t hold it forcibly, "put it with fart" is good for the fetus.

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