"Mom’s hips" during pregnancy?Do this after childbirth, quickly get rid of it

Since pregnancy, Xiaosi found that her feet have become more and more swollen. There is no way to wear the previous shoes. Now she can only wear slippers to go out, which makes her a headache.I believe that many pregnant mothers have also encountered the same situation as Xiaos. In fact, the swelling of the foot during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, mainly because many pregnant mothers have been sitting for a long time after pregnancy, which leads to their influence of their feet., Thus swelling.During pregnancy, there will be some changes in the body parts of the pregnant mother. Next, I will introduce the four body parts with a relatively large change during pregnancy during pregnancy.

1. abdomen

Because the fetus in the abdomen is growing, the abdomen of the pregnant mother will become larger.This situation will bring a lot of inconvenience to the life of pregnant mothers, so be careful in the life of pregnant mothers to protect their abdomen so as not to be harmed by the fetus.And as the pregnant mother’s abdomen continues to grow, they must also pay attention to when choosing underwear.The first is breathability. You must choose the style of breathable and dry material. Soft and breathable fabrics can absorb the sweat of the body and bring a good comfort to the pregnant mother.The second is to choose the style of using elastic fabrics, because this can better fit the shape that changes during pregnancy during pregnancy, and will not limit their activities and cause them to restrain them.

2. chest

During pregnancy, the hormone content secreted by pregnant mothers continues to rise, which will stimulate their breasts to continue to become larger.This problem caused a lot of headaches for pregnant mothers, because their previous underwear would not fit well, and they were uncomfortable to wear.Therefore, some pregnant mothers simply choose not to wear underwear, but this is wrong.It is precisely because the breasts of the pregnant mother are constantly getting bigger, and we need to wear underwear to prevent their chest from sagging and better protect their breasts.For the health of their chests, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose to wear special underwear for pregnant women.

3. Hip

Many pregnant mothers find that after pregnancy, their hips are constantly getting bigger, and they are very distressed.In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, because the fetus in the stomach is constantly becoming larger, which expands the pelvis, which will lead to larger hips.However, pregnant mothers do not have to panic. They can wait until their production is over, and the hip recovery exercise can effectively reduce the hips and help Baoma return to the good figure before production.

4. Legs

During pregnancy, the movement of pregnant mothers remains unchanged, and their most common state becomes sitting or lying down, causing the blood in their legs to flow in poor circulation.Slowly blood stasis can cause edema in the legs of pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers can improve the problem of leg edema by performing appropriate exercises.

The above four situations during pregnancy are normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to have much pressure, just calm their mindset.

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