"Medicine" you make up for winter!The yam is just season, which can be used as medicines and foods.

Xia Shangminxing Supermarket sells iron rod yam.

Sales of yam boxes.

Cai Yam, iron rod yam, and hair yam are thick, thin, curved, straight … After the frost fall, yam across the country has been excavated and listed one after another, and the yam sold in the Xiamen market not only has different shapes, but also allows the names to make the names.People are dazzling.The reporter’s interview found that yam and medicine are two -purpose, and they are good partners in autumn and winter nourishing stomach.So, how do consumers choose in the face of yam with different primers and names?Is it the same for different yam?

Yam is stored very simple

Just put in a dry place

The reporter recently discovered that the amount of yam on the Ludao market has increased. Common varieties include iron rods, rookies, and Mao yam.In RT -Mart Supermarket, there are both iron rod yam from Jiaozuo, Henan, as well as Xianhuai Mountain produced in Guangdong.

"After the frost is reduced every year, a large number of excavations are excavated. Right now is the good time to take yam." Mr. Wang, the hometown, told reporters in Jiaozuo Mengzhou, Henan that the hometown after the frost descends, the fields are everywhere in the field.

Mr. Huang, a merchant at the Xiamen Minxia Agricultural and Sideline Products wholesale Market, said that the Mao yam in Baoding, Hebei, can reach 4 tons when the daily sales are high.He introduced that the preservation of yam is very simple. It only needs to be placed in a dry place in Xiamen. It can be stored for a long time. If the temperature is high, it will be refrigerated.Mr. Wang said that in his hometown, the yam was excavated and sent to the cold storage. It was not a problem for a year, so even if it was not a yam digging season, he could see a small amount of yam for sale in the market, but I wanted to take the seasonal yam.Essence

There are many ways to cook

Different tastes are different

Yam can be used as hot dishes and can be used as cold dishes. It can be used as desserts or cakes. It can be mixed, stir -fried, and can be stewed, raised, and roasted.Essence

"Mao yam is thick and straight, and some people are called Cai Yam. The water content is high and it tastes crispy. It is suitable for cooking. After the iron rod yam is cooked, it tastes noodles.The owner introduced.

"Iron rod yam can also be eaten directly after cutting the section, and the skin is used to fried fungus and celery." Aunt Wang, aunt Wang recommended that in November, yam is the common ingredients in the table in his home.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a kind of purple yam on the market. The appearance is similar to sweet potato. The inside is purple. Many citizens prefer to make yam. The color is seductive and fragrant, and it is also nutritious and delicious.

The price of iron rod yam is higher than that of Mao yam.In the Jinshang Farmers Market, Iron Stick Yam is 10 yuan/500 grams, and Mao Yam is 7 yuan/500 grams.It is worth mentioning that it is iron rod yam, and the price is also different.In the Wal -Mart supermarket, a certain iron rod yam is marked with the word "垆 在". The price of 500 grams is 15.9 yuan, while the iron rod yam is priced at 8.9 yuan without marking the word "垆 在".

Mr. Wang introduced that the iron rod yam in Mengzhou, Henan, is divided into two types: soil and sandy soil according to different planting soil quality. The former is higher.The soil soil is hard and sticky, and the yam is more laborious when growing roots. Therefore, the thickness of the growing yam is uneven, the finished products are short and curved;More straight.

Use yam into winter and supplement

It is recommended to buy taste powder noodles

Yuan Yuan, a nutritionist at Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that the crispy and high -moisturized cauliflower yam on the market is different from the medicinal yam.The medicinal yam is "Huai Yam", with low moisture content and comparative taste.According to historical documents, in terms of health effects, the iron rod yam in Henan is the most prestigious, its moisture content is low, and the content of starch, amino acids and viscous polysaccharides is high.

An industry insider who is unwilling to disclose that chooses yam as the ingredients in winter, it is recommended to choose yam soup and porridge with taste powder, such as the iron rod yam of Jiaozuo, Henan, and the sweet potato and sweet potatoes in Fujian.

Yuan Yuan said that the protein content in yam is high, and it also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, mucin, polyphenols, amylase and other ingredients. Especially containing many mucoprotein, it has certain effects on the protection of gastric mucosa.The cooking method of yam should be steamed or cooked. It is best not to make fried and sugar foods such as slim yam.

"Although yam is good, it also needs an appropriate amount, especially for friends who need to control blood sugar or weight." Yuan Yuan reminded that according to the recommendation of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, 50 grams of potato should be consumed every day.In other words, it is more appropriate to eat about 50 grams of starch (such as iron rod yam) with high starch content; if it is a cervical yam with relatively large water, you can take 100 grams a day.

Yam is a big family

It is understood that yam is good as Huaiqing (now Jiaozuo area) in Henan, so it is known as "Huai Yam". The authentic "Huai Yam" is mainly produced in Wenxian, Mengzhou, Qinyang and other places in Jiaozuo.The iron rod yam is its representative variety, at the entrance powder.

"Huai Yam" refers to the yam produced in the south in a broad sense. In a narrow sense, the Huaihe River Basin, such as the yam produced by Anhui, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Shandong.Among them, "Cai Yam" is also a type of Huai yam, and the entrance is relatively crispy.

The yam resources in Fujian Province are also very rich. Local varieties such as Huaishan, Mount Huahua Mountain, Dehua Huai Mountain, Mingxi Huaishan, Qingliu Snow Potato and Liancheng Xuepi have been protected by the national geographic specifications.

Yam ribs soup

Materials: 500 grams of ribs, one fresh yam, 10 grams of wolfberry, a little ginger and salt.

Production method: peel and section of fresh yam, cut pork ribs, slices of ginger, and wolfberry for later use.Pork ribs cool water, and boil the hematopoietic foam on the high heat.Add water to the pork ribs and ginger in the pot, boil the high heat, adjust it to low heat for 1 hour, add yam, wolfberry for another 20 minutes, and season with salt.It is best to wear gloves when cutting yam to avoid tickling hands after contacting the yam.

(Text/Picture Xiamen Evening News reporter Wu Jia)

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