"Kuotai" Li Nianhuai is so exquisite, wearing three rings with both hands, and earrings necklace is very valuable.

On May 3, 2023, "Kuotai" Li Nian shared a set of play photos.

It can be seen in the photo that Li Nian’s status is still very good. It is a pink to wear with a pink background, which makes people think of the cute girl.

If you don’t say, who can see that she is already in her 30s?I have to say that the status is very good, which is enviable.

In fact, Li Nian often took various beautiful photos during pregnancy.

In addition to the super high value, the most eye -catching is the various jewelry she wears, which looks valuable.

Perhaps Li Nian did not deliberately show off his wealth, but the inadvertently exposed jewelry was enviable.

So what is Li Nian’s pregnancy life?Why is she called "Kuotai"?

Li Nian was born in 1985 and his dream was a police officer in his childhood.

But when he was in elementary school, the young Li Nian was watched by a director and starred in a small role in the play.

This is Li Nian’s first contact with acting. The experience of this acting brought her a deep feeling.

After discussing with his family, Li Nian decided to change his thoughts and embarked on the artistic path.

In 2002, Li Nian was admitted to the Department of Performance for his excellent results.

In early 2005, Li Nian and his classmates participated in the interview of the "Huo Yuanjia" crew.

Due to the outstanding face value, and the acting skills online, Li Nian received a notification of the crew and asked her to star in the "Jinyu" of one of the movie heroines.

After the movie was released, Li Nian became popular with the corner of "Jinyu" and got more opportunities.

Later, Li Nian signed an orange sky and officially embarked on the road of performing arts.

In 2008, Li Nian once again came out of the corner of the "seaweed" in "Snail House" to get higher attention.

In 2009, the company arranged Li Nian to go to the United States for training, trying to make Li Nian into "Xiao Zhang Ziyi".

By July 2011, Li Nian publicly acknowledged on her personal social platform that she had registered with Lin Heping in Hong Kong.

Later, Li Nian also announced that he was canceled with Orange Sky Entertainment, and even expressed his mood with three "long lives". It can be seen that the relationship between Li Nian and the company at that time was not very good.

Netizens speculate that it is likely to be the cause of marriage. After all, the impact of marriage on actresses is quite great, and naturally it also affects the company’s income.

After marriage, Li Nian did not fully return to the family, but continued to develop his acting career and starred in the heroine of many TV series.

It can be said that career love is double harvest.

One is an actor with ordinary family, and the other is a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong. How do the two know each other?

Lin Heping is a youth talent or a partner of SoftBank Rich. He is very good and graduated from Stanford University. He is a wealthy businessman with strong personal ability.

The encounter between Li Nian and Lin Heping is not as beautiful as in the novel, which is simply met at a friend’s party.

The two of them knew each other to getting faster to get married, and it took less than a year.

In fact, Lin Heping has long seen "Snail House" starring Li Nian. After contacting, the two gradually became emotional and soon fell in love.

However, at the time, many people were not optimistic about this relationship. There were many examples of celebrities who married giants, but it was not easy to go to the end, and Lin Heping and Li Nian were 13 years old.

Some people say that Lin Heping and Li Nian will divorce sooner or later.

Faced with the disappointment of netizens, Li Nian responded directly, saying that he and Lin Heping’s relationship was very stable.

Others say that Lin Heping has his ex -wife, Li Nian is the third upper position, which is involved in the feelings of others.

Li Nian also responded quickly, saying that Lin Heping did not have his ex -wife, and there was no situation where he was in his third place.

After getting married, Li Nian often took his own beautiful photos.

But the most eye -catching is the various jewelry and luxury items worn by Li Nian.

Facing the question of whether Li Nian showed off wealth, netizens have different views.

Some people think that Li Nian’s husband dares to be so dazzling; others think that Li Nian is very annoying.

But anyway, Li Nian did get a high popularity through showing off wealth.

However, with two daughters, Li Nian has a lot of low -key and no longer show off wealth, but returns to the family.

At present, Li Nian has been pregnant with a third child, and his relationship with her husband is still stable. It is really envious of others.

Li Nian chose to return to the family during his rising period. Many people did not understand her decision, but had to say that Li Nian’s life after marriage was still very chic.

It can be seen from Li Nian’s state that she is 36 years old. She still looks very young. If she doesn’t say it, who can see that she is already the mother of two children?

After getting married, Li Nian left the deepest impression to be rich.

Li Nian’s 36th birthday was celebrated on the yacht, and there was a group of Kuotai around him. This life was really enviable.

In the photo, everyone’s wear is very simple, but the jewelry wearing is not low -key.

Li Nian was wearing a red skirt and stood in the C position. Compared with other wide, Li Nian looked younger, not like more than 30 people.

It is said that a person’s marriage state can be manifested from his face. In this way, Li Nian’s giants should be very happy.

In fact, Li Nian was not completely a giants, and occasionally appeared on the screen.

Soon after getting married with her husband, Li Nian had given birth to a baby. In 2015, Li Nian gave birth to a child again.

It happened to be a child, and many netizens were envious.

However, after getting married, Li Nian’s most commonly appeared on the social platform is all kinds of showing wealth videos.

The brand, the yacht, the sea view room, the diamond ring, etc., many netizens feel that Li Nian chose to marry Lin Heping as worshiping gold.

There are also many careful netizens found that there are few Lin Heping photos on Li Nian’s social platform, so they suspect the relationship between the two.

But no matter what netizens say, it will not affect Li Nian’s thoughts and life.

Later, Li Nian announced that he was pregnant with a third child and broke the guess of the breakdown of netizens.

On February 20, 2023, Li Nian once again disclosed the news of his pregnancy.

At the same time, she also showed a photo. She wore a pure black dress and a black -red small fragrant breeze jacket. She looked very slender.

One hand was placed on his own belly and looked very gentle.

Li Nian’s face also has sunglasses and expression of the mouth, looks like a lively and lovely little girl, who can’t see the real age at all.

Pregnancy did not affect Li Nian’s exquisite life at all.

The photos exposed during Li Nian’s May also were also very pink. They were wearing pink white small fragrant style coats and lying on pink bears.

Li Nian’s face value is still amazing, and it is also exquisite makeup.

The most surprising thing is Li Nian’s figure. He did not shape because of pregnancy. The overall looks very thin.

Considering it, at this time Li Nian has been pregnant for 8 months, and it is not easy to achieve this level.

However, in addition to the face value and body, Li Nian’s jewelry is also staggering.

Li Nian has always liked to show off wealth. This time, the pearl earrings on the ears look very delicate and very temperament.

But the most eye -catching is the three rings on the hand. Among them, there are large red diamond rings, which are valued at more than one million, which is true.

In addition, Li Nian’s neck still has a brand -name necklace, and the estimated value is expensive.

What is puzzling is that Li Nian put all the bags he was carrying on the cute mosaic, but the guessing that the bag of the long back must also be valuable.

This approach may not want others to feel wealthy?

However, it is not very effective in just coding the bag. After all, whether it is wearing or wearing jewelry, she has exposed her pride.

The practice of coding the bag is given a sense of intention to reduce the favorability of netizens.

But Li Nian may not care about these issues. She just wants to share her life with netizens.

Li Nian’s most circled work may be the seaweed in "Snail House".

However, the three views of the role of "seaweed" are tempted by fame and fortune, from simply to decay.

Therefore, when Li Nian chose to marry Lin Heping, some netizens felt that she was influenced by "seaweed".

However, most netizens still have the mentality of respect and blessing, and are glad that Li Nian can marry a wealthy man.

Some fans were angered. After all, when Li Nian announced his marriage, it happened to be a rising period of career.

If she does not get married and does not choose to return to her family, maybe better development in her career.

After all, the time in the entertainment industry is money. Only stars who often appear in the public’s field of view are more likely to be remembered.

And after getting married, Li Nian often showed off her wealth on social platforms, which also caused her image to change.

The practice of showing off wealth has indeed attracted the attention of some netizens, but it also aroused the resentment of some netizens.

Some people think that Li Nian is a person who worships gold.

But anyway, Li Nian still did what he liked and did what he liked.

After marriage, Li Nian did not completely give up his career and also participated in many TV series.

Li Nian has become popular again with "It’s OK" with Ni Dahong, Yao Chen and others.

But what made people unexpected was that Li Nian did not take advantage of his time to develop his career, but chose to return to his family and have three babies.

This decision really made people fall off the glasses.

However, most netizens still have a blessing attitude. After all, life is Li Nian himself, and she has no problem to choose.

However, Li Nian’s approach will definitely affect the development of the career.

The actors have a golden development period, just like the role of Shen Meizhuang in "Zhen Huan Biography", and also chose to return to the family during the rising period of career.

But after she gave birth to her child, there was basically no scene to shoot.

But Li Nian didn’t care about this problem very much. After all, even if there was no career, her quality of life had not changed.

And Li Nian feels that his career is not very heavy, and attaches great importance to life and family.

In fact, as long as you don’t regret it, no matter what others say, just make your own choice.

It’s not just Li Nian, the same is true of others.

Don’t be controlled by others too much, or have your own ideas, holding the right to choose in your own hands.

Li Nianhe and Lin Heping have been married for more than ten years. The two have a child and a daughter together, and they are about to usher in their third child.

Perhaps at the beginning, many netizens were not optimistic about this relationship, but over time, netizens’ ideas changed.

In fact, it can be seen from Li Nian’s state that her marriage life is still very happy. After all, she can still maintain a girlish sense in her 30s, which is not easy.

As for showing off wealth, maybe Li Nian just wants to share his life with netizens.

To choose to return to the family during the rising period of career, this courage is not owned by ordinary people.

Maybe many people don’t understand Li Nian’s choice, but she never regrets it, which is enough.

Life is for yourself, not for others, I hope people can remember this sentence.

Don’t be overwhelmed by other people’s ideas, firm your choice.

Both stars and ordinary people may be affected by some remarks on the Internet.

But people still have to learn to treat themselves rationally and to be themselves. This is very high in Li Nian.

However, Li Nian’s "wide" life is indeed enviable. After all, money can solve many troubles.

Do you think Li Nian is showing off his wealth?Is she really affected by seaweed?

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