"It’s not reasonable!" The pregnant woman was touched and beaten, but she was closed for seven or eight hours after calling the police!

Some time ago, such a thing happened in Qingdao: Women and husbands were at home, because the children at home were making trouble and making noise. The neighbors downstairs came directly to the door and beaten her husband. The husband picked up the bottle to resist.This incident was qualitatively beaten.

This has also caused extreme dissatisfaction among netizens. Some netizens even talked about it: It is really interesting to be able to resist when it comes to the house.

Recently, Zhuhai, Guangdong, also occurred in the law and order that was characterized by each other: A pregnant woman was touched and beaten by strange men in the hotel lobby. The pregnant woman resisted subconsciously, and the police were characterized by each other!

Pregnant women said that they did not accept the mediation, but they were turned off for a few hours. The police also said to the pregnant woman: If they accept the mediation, they will be detained.

What is going on?

On the day of the incident, pregnant women were applying for staying in the lobby of the hotel and waiting for her boyfriend here. The strange man suddenly wanted to ask for cigarettes.How could there be this in pregnant women, and immediately said no, how can the man think that the man actually insults and pushes the pregnant woman.

Pregnant women did not dare to do what, so she hid while calling the police for help. The man saw her about to call the police, so he rushed forward to hit the pregnant woman’s head and chased.The man did not stop his atrocities until the hotel staff came to stop.

After more than ten minutes, the pregnant woman saw that the police hadn’t come yet, so she called 110 outside the hotel, and the man actually followed up. From the sneaky, the pregnant woman also subconsciously pushed the man and kicked.

After that, the man had been entangled with a pregnant woman and chased the pregnant woman during the period. Even after the police came to the scene, the man was still arrogant and wanted to continue to violence.

Pregnant woman boyfriend said: Her stomach has been painful, and her ears are already deaf.

Pregnant women said: At that time, my ears were bleeding, my body was painful, and she was dizzy!

After examination, pregnant women have trauma in the left ear, and they are neurotic deafness in the medium -weight sensor.It is worth noting that at this time, the woman didn’t know she was pregnant.

According to a post from a pregnant woman, she went to the police station to record the pen after the examination, and was taken directly to the trial.

After that, the pregnant woman was released. The police asked the pregnant woman to sign for an understanding letter and proposed 10,000 compensation. It was still installment. The pregnant woman did not agree. The police also said that the behavior of the two was fighting each other. By then, both sides would be detained for 15 days.After the man was released, he said loudly that there were acquaintances in the game, and his son -in -law had something to do.

The next day, the pregnant woman went to the public security organs to deal with the matter again, but several policemen kept saying that they were fighting each other. The pregnant woman was faint and was pulled away by 120. Then she checked her pregnancy.The police changed their mouth immediately after learning that she was a pregnant woman, saying that she was a victim.

When the media interviewed the police station, the other party said that the case was still under investigation, and the specific situation was not convenient to disclose!

When the woman did not know that she was pregnant, she said that she was an ordinary woman. In this case, she was defeated after being molested and beaten. She became a big score.

Can women be illegal, can they only do whatever they want?How can it make this reason.

When the police immediately changed their mouths, the woman became a victim. I want to know what the law represents the police who handle the incident?

As a law enforcement, it is incredible to do such a thing. People always say that they must believe that the people’s police are the public servants of the people. But if there are too many things, who will believe the police?

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