"Internet celebrity" fascia gun pregnant women and children should use it with caution

"Although the fascia gun can appropriately relieve the pain after exercise, it is too exaggerated to lose weight.Miao Xin, a rehabilitation division of the Department of Sports Medicine, reminded this in an interview with the Chinese Women’s Daily.

"Massage in the pocket" fascia gun, because it can eliminate exercise fatigue and muscle soreness, it has been sought after in recent years.Many merchants have also claimed that fascia can be used to lose weight and treat cervical spondylosis, which regards it as a "black technology" in fitness.Miao Xin said that as a fast muscle massage method, the scientific use of fascia gun is particularly important, and it is blindly used or risky.Moreover, fascia guns are not applicable to everyone, and special groups such as pregnant women and children are best.

The use of fascia can really relieve muscle soreness

Everyone who exercises often knows that after a series of intense exercise such as long -distance running and ball games, muscle soreness will occur, and even fascia and spasm will occur. Exercise medicine is called delayed muscle soreness (DOMS), which is fascia.EssenceGenerally speaking, this soreness will last for 2 to 3 days. In severe cases, it will affect normal exercise and life.

Fascia gun, full known as muscle fascia relaxing massage gun, its function is to make muscles and nerves relaxing through high -frequency vibration beating.Miao Xin told reporters that fascia is the white silk -like part in the muscles, which are all over the body’s muscle and tendon tissue, and the fascia gun is mainly targeted at muscle fascia.She said: "Fascia gun really has a certain effect on alleviating muscle acid pain. It stimulates local blood circulation through mechanical vibration, which brings blood vessel contraction and filling, and makes blood circulation and metabolism.It can be appropriately relieved. "Compared with artificial massage, the frequency of fascia gun vibration is divided into three gears. The massage power and in -depth extent have advantages, which can meet the massage needs of such people.

Fascia guns can relieve the shoulder and neck unwell, do not use it blindly

A media in Wuhan reported that the 58 -year -old teacher Zhang recurred in cervical spondylosis. He used the "net red" fascia gun he bought to loosen the neck and shoulder muscles.Stability … For this kind of application time and relatively new products, Miao Xin believes that the rigorous scientific research on it is very limited. Therefore, it is recommended that you should try not to use it blindly. It is best to use it under the guidance of professionals.

Miao Xin reminded that if cervical spondylosis is brought by muscle stiffness, using fascia guns may achieve some effects of pain, but many cervical spondylosis is not only caused by muscle stiffness, but also other reasons.Fascia gun.At the same time, the fascia gun must not vibrate to the nerves.For parts with low muscle content, abundant nerves and blood vessels, such as neck, groin, and nests are not available, otherwise it may bring additional damage; more attention to avoid the face, head, chest and other parts, and bones, and bonesThe joints, especially on both sides of the spine, lumbar spine; wounds, bruises, or muscles are in inflammation, redness, swelling and heat pain, and should also be avoided.

Massage cannot replace active exercise, fascia gun reduces fertilizer and body, and lacks scientific basis

The effect of "weight loss" is a seductive label on the fascia gun. What is the fact?Miao Xin said: "This view is completely scientific, and it is a business behavior, which exaggerates the effect of fascia."She said that active exercise can consume fat.The way of fat consumption is to transform fat into energy through aerobic exercise, which is an internal metabolic process.Only through running, swimming and other movements can the human body promote aerobic conversion and consume fat healthily.Fascia gun does not consume energy and fat, so it does not play a weight loss effect.

The Institute of Sports Medical Research, the State General Administration of Sports, has conducted relevant experiments on whether the fascia gun can lose weight.Experts designed two sets of simple control experiments. The experiments first measured the two -sided calf enclosure of the two volunteers; the first volunteer was massaged to massage the right calf after doing aerobic exercise. The second volunteer wasDo not perform any exercise to massage the right leg. Studies have shown that the two have not changed the fence and did not achieve the expected weight loss effect.

Chen Wenhua, chairman of the Rehabilitation Treatment Committee of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association, said that it is impossible to lose weight through the vibration of fascia.None of the vibration or massage can lose weight.Because this is not unreasonable from the principles of sports and human metabolism. The recognized scientific weight loss method is "holding your mouth and opening your legs."

Pregnant women and children use fascia guns, or affect their normal development of children

Wang Qi, chief physician of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, believes that the use of fasciars during pregnancy may have an impact on pregnant women and fetuses. It is not recommended that pregnant women use fascia guns.Due to the large strength of fascia and the human acupoints, if pregnant women use massage guns to massage certain acupoints, they may involve the abdomen, stimulate the uterus, and even cause abortion or affect the baby’s normal growth and development.If pregnant women use fascia guns, they must seek medical treatment in time; if they have no physical discomfort, they should also avoid using fascia guns and take regular production inspections.

Miao Xin said that fascia guns can stimulate muscles to achieve relaxation by vibrating. As long as they are not massaging taboos, scientifically use fascia guns.If you are pregnant or children, you need a professional doctor to evaluate the specific situation before determining.Because children are in the period of physical bone development, if the fascia gun is too strong, it will hurt the skeletal and joints that are developing, affecting the subsequent development of the child.Moreover, general children’s health is recovering quickly, it is recommended not to use fascia.(All media reporter Peng Yun)

Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

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