"I’m pregnant, please turn off your wifi", the pregnant woman turned off the power and was angry by the neighbors

Pregnancy is a happy but painful thing for women.The happiness must be because the little angels who are about to have their own are in this world, but the pain is the physical and psychological discomfort given to the pregnant woman.They will involuntarily generate anxiety.

Under normal circumstances, we can understand that pregnant women can make some small emotions.Most people can be considered special care for pregnant women.There is a degree of everything, and not everyone can accept some unreasonable requirements.For example, a netizen talked about his own three views in his own community unit building.

Things originated from this pregnant woman in the community group: I have been pregnant recently, and I am worried that radiation is not good for the baby. Please turn off WiFi.At the beginning, everyone didn’t take it for granted, but who had thought that the pregnant woman actually visited the house next day and asked the neighbors to turn off the wireless network at home.How can this, how do you have the communication, life, and work of everyone on the Internet?Everyone refused or perfunctory.Everyone learned that this pregnant woman is also arrogant at home on weekdays. A person who cares about everything has risen after pregnancy and the emperor in the whole family.

When he saw himself, no one was angry when he heard the pregnant woman. She just scolded her neighbors but was angry with the neighbor, so she ran to the property area to turn off the power of the entire building until everyone came to the door.Go to stop.

Most people in daily life do pregnant women are reasonable, and many people are willing to help them help them when they see the inconvenience of pregnant women.But this is virtue rather than obligations. Everyone has the right to choose help and not help, and cannot force others for selfish desire.For the impact of radiation on the baby, in fact, people have always absorbed radiation in daily life, but these are all acceptable.

Although mobile phones have radiation, as long as the use time is reduced, absorption is not hindrance, and it will not affect the baby.What needs to be paid attention to Bao Ma is second -hand cigarettes. Excessive second -hand smoke is likely to make the fetal deformity that does not affect the baby’s development.Whether you are doing anything to satisfy your prerequisite is that it cannot affect others.This pregnant woman’s approach is indeed too extreme. She is worried that the influence of radiation on the child can break the network of her home, but she has no right to cut off the network of others.

First of all, the family must take the initiative to bear the family’s housework.Housework is not a matter of women alone. This is a matter of the whole family.However, for babies and mothers who are weak during pregnancy, their uncomfortable discomforts have already consumed the strength of the whole body. Therefore, other family members in the family should take the initiative to contracted housework to create a comfortable living environment for the baby mother.

Secondly, prepare a nutritious meal for the baby and mother.At this time, it was not only Baoma who was eating alone. The baby in her belly also needed nutrition. Therefore, the nutritional balance of the baby’s mother’s three meals should be guaranteed, so that they have a healthy body to welcome the baby.

Finally, we must pay more attention to the mood of pregnant women.On weekdays, spend more time to accompany the baby’s mother, alleviate the anxiety that they are prone to occur during pregnancy, and let them have a good psychological state waiting for the baby’s advent.

Pregnancy is indeed a sensitive period for Baoma, but this is also the difficulty that every Baoma needs to overcome with her family.It is normal for Baoma to worry about the baby’s injury, but it should be paid attention to, scientific prenatal education, and cannot affect the lives of others for selfishness.

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