"I’m Come as the Lord"#decompress

I will be the master.

The company’s boss split the boss and the boss pulled me as a military division, and shared her body after wearing it.The boss and lady carefully told me to remember: your task is to make her change.I nodded like pecking rice.After a meal operation, not only did the boss successfully achieved the success of the lives, but I also kissed Xu Huaiyu, the leader of the opponent’s company.The boss watched her zero bank account, and for a long time, she did a good job. During the rare May Day holiday, I decided to go to the seaside vacation and go to the high -speed rail of the destination.

I opened the company’s group to chat, but I did not expect that I accidentally ate the big melon that the boss suspected of cheating.In the group chat, the colleagues who usually Wei Nuo Nuo, at this time, spoke more than one more enthusiastic about holding a sneak shot photo with a magnifying glass.I was so happy that I was ready to make fun, and then there was a strange shock in my ears.Immediately, a flower in front of me fainted directly, and when I woke up, I found the boss who was worn by my soul.However, I didn’t wait for me to scream in surprise, and the craniocerer rang the soft voice of the boss: Hi, listening to I opened my eyes, and the pupils were unconsciously enlarged. Who could tell me what the fucking was.I trembled my voice and trembling old, my boss, and my boss, you just call me the name Su Silian.

I was unhappy in my heart. There was only one person in the room, but this person talked with two types of tones uninterruptedly. It was definitely the degree of schizophrenia when anyone saw it.I tried to calm myself, and then asked the most important question boss, what is the situation now?Su Silian groaned and answered, you know, you know.Yi Lanting splitted.I nodded Yi Lanyan as my boss. Not long ago, I also saw a photo of him and a woman hugging.Su Silian said: I asked you to accompany me to arrest.What she said was full of iron and iron, but I could hear the mess in the clouds in the clouds. It wasn’t that you did what you did, and I had no experience in this area.

At first, I should have arrived at the prestige and the seaside, and wearing my bikini to go to the handsome guy.Su Si Lian was embarrassed and twisted again, because I observed in the company for a while, I felt that you were the worst, and it looked very smart.I agree with one sentence, but is the previous sentence a bit of appearance?

Su Silian is an actionist.Although the face in front of the mirror is very white and tender, she has been handing the eyeliner and eyelashes in my hand, as well as black lipstick and sorrowing: Be sure to paint the eyeliner a bit, tap the eyelashes and then put the mouth again, and then put the mouth again.Clamping, this is very suitable for white -cut people.I couldn’t help but say that the boss was like this: Don’t you really think this is like a black widow?

Su Silian, in the end I still painted normal lipsticks.Su Silian on the car asked the driver to raise the partition, and then she explained it carefully: Remember, your task today is to catch treacherous with me, and then let Yi Lanting change his mind.I reacted a lot. Su Silian had a coughed twice to try to hide people. Don’t be excited.I think that although this man is not dedicated, but it is a cash cow, let alone the opportunity to take the opportunity.I leanlessly leaning against the window.

Men’s splits are only for the first time and countless times.I know Su Silian, but you can help me give me a little bit of color first.Please, she is pitiful, and I have no resistance.I knew it well. Ilanting invited a party at the hotel today. I had accompanied him to entertain before.When Su Silian and I rushed to the party, it was more than half of the party. I pushed the door open and saw a woman, and lying weakly on Ilan Pavilion.

I didn’t hold back the rejuvenation, and the sound of Su Silian’s Yingying sound came in my mind.Xiao San seemed to be difficult to deal with. I hummed to convey my thoughts to her because I didn’t meet me.I walked over and dragged the chair and sat next to Yi Lanting. He glanced at me lightly. Specifically, he glanced at Su Silian, and then went to drink lightly.

This Yi Lan Yan usually squeezed the employees and often asked me to work overtime. I did not expect that her genuine wife would not be so on.In this case, I am directly enlarged: I Lanting is pregnant.I said calmly: After that, I deliberately looked at the small three.Xiao San suddenly looked at the whole table and looked at it in surprise.Including the scumbag, Su Silian in his head is crazy. What are you talking about?I said to him before telling him that I resolutely Dink.Isn’t this slamming my face now?I’m silent, so don’t you talk to me in advance, it is a word that can only take one step at one step.Fortunately, Illan Pavilion drinks seven or eight, and I only know that I look at Silian with relief. Are you really pregnant?You are willing to have a baby for me. I blink and talk nonsense. Of course, the doctor also said that it was twins.

I was stunned for a moment, and the small three face beside Xiaosan was so anxious from white to red.Yi Lanting laughed and stood up to say to the others on the table: Do you hear it, I will have twins right away.When the child was born, everyone came to eat wedding wine, and I pretended to laugh.At the same time, Su Silian was amazed in his mind, and he was still very eye -catching.Do you call this way to take the path of others and let others have no way to go?

Look at the face of the Primary Three is really a good center, and Yi Lanting is really easy to hook.I was so proud of sitting beside him.After sitting down, I looked around and found that most of the people present I knew. Basically, they were all daily entertainment people in the company.However, I looked at the man sitting on my left hand through Yu Guang. This was very facial, and the sideways were pleasing to the eye.

So I quietly asked who Su Silian was, and looked good.Yi Lanting also has such a business partner. Su Silian immediately said that this was Xu Huaiyu. He and we were traveling with us. It took less than a year to be a leader in the industry and was very means.So Yi Lanting wanted to win him, and I pouted.

I heard that someone said that our company would not be able to support it anymore. I also said that Ilan Pavilion was going to lay off for layoffs, wouldn’t it be true?Su Silian hesitated, saying that although I didn’t know much, Yi Lanting was really a bit anxious recently. Otherwise, he would not want to win Xu Huaiyu.

Listening to Su Silian said this, I didn’t hold back and glanced at Xu Huaiyu. I didn’t expect to see Xu Huai and look at my eyes.Do Xu Huaiyu like you?I have a well -founded question that Su Silian has denied that you don’t talk nonsense. This is the first time that he has seen him.

It was only known in the mouth of the beautiful boy magazine or Yilan Pavilion before. If you were not amazing in a word, he would not know the relationship between I and Ilan Ting.

He just looked at me so much, I almost thought he wanted to press the same song as you, Su Silian turned his eyes to save it!When I rectified meals, I didn’t feel irritable because of the warmth of Yi Lanting, but I was affected by Xu Huaiyu.Because he always held a cup in carelessly, drinking and chatting, his arm would inevitably encounter me.

I asked him to look at me. When he glanced at me, I would be inexplicably stare at him. I almost couldn’t help but lift the table and asked him what he wanted to do.Send me home, I stood at the door and thought about it, and then told Su Silian that you waited for me. I had to ask Xu Huaizhu what it meant at the dining table.I was so happy after walking, so I put the pigeons in Ilan Pavilion and ran to the door of the room to block Xu Huaidu’s road. It happened that he was the last person. I just closed the door and said nothing.

What did you just mean by President Xu? I directly asked Xu Huaidu’s linked buttons slowly.He stretched his eyelids.You just touched my arm, Xu Huaiyu meal me, that I was reminding you what to remind me, I glanced at him, because you were stepping on my feet throughout the process, and it was not enough.My shoe circles, do you think I was not like the last one on the upper upper?I looked at Xu Huaiyu’s sight, and it was a big piece of his shoes.

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