"If you are a girl, how far is hug and far!" I learned that the girl was pregnant, and I persuaded her daughter to have a miscarriage

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Emphasis on men and women are a very backward idea, but this idea is still deeply fascinated by a few people.

Guer’s uncle is a man who is a young man, because of her heavy male and daughter, Guo Er almost failed to come to this world.In a certain show, the mother of Guo’er told the behavior of being a young man, which made people very angry.

Mom said that when she was 92 days pregnant, she knew that she was pregnant with a girl, but she was unwilling, and asked her to kill her children. It was advised her to have an abortion.How far do you hug and far; if you are a boy, you can put the baby this, what are you willing to do with his dad. "

For the remarks, the mother was very angry.After Guer was born, he didn’t wait to see this child.Mom believes that my attitude towards Guoer is very perfunctory. For example, Guoer’s fighting drums have been on the Spring Festival Gala of children for two times."

After her appearance, she also told that she was not so mean at the time, and although she at first seeing Guer did not meet the expectations, she also accepted the granddaughter.Later, I also asked the teacher at the scene, "Do I like a boy?", A teacher said that although he can understand, he cannot recognize it.

In fact, it is not wrong to like boys simply, but if he is heavy and female, and treats boys and girls differently, it will be outrageous.

Lack of self -confidence

Living in a family of male light and girls, girls will be ignored or scolded by parents, which will make them full of disturbances.These children do not know where they do wrong to make parents dislike themselves, so they often be careful about speaking, for fear that they do something wrong to attract punishment.

On the other hand, parents who are heavy men and women never pay attention to the results of girls’ gains.Children have made progress and good results. They usually want parents to praise themselves. But in the family of male and female, the girls never get a praise. No matter how well they do, they only ignore and in exchange forPerfunctory.Over time, these girls will doubt themselves and lack their confidence.

Rights are deprived

In the family of men and women, the rights and "resources" of boys and girls are never equal.For example, the boy has poor grades and a good girl. The family will keep the boy from studying, but he is not willing to let the girl continue to be academic and have a better pursuit. Su Mingyu in "All Good" is a good example.

In ordinary families, children have their own small wishes more or less, but if parents focus on men and women, girls have no right to make personal requirements. Even if they say it, they are likely to be rejected, regardless of whether it is reasonable.

What is even more terrible is that some parents who are young and light women even treat girls as tools. By desperately blood -sucking girls to feed the family and boys at home, they force the girls to become "helping brothers".

It is worth noting that not only the family of male and female, there are many second -child families who have serious eccentric phenomena, causing great harm to the children.Parents are advised to be responsible for his child to be born, and you must not treat the child differently for other reasons or other reasons.

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