"I was the first time, how could I get pregnant!" The 19 -year -old girl said, and the doctor laughed at all.

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Our "sex education" is very important for children. Whether it is a boy or a girl, sex education should implement the entire childhood and even adolescence. Until the children grow up and mature, they can deal with these things by themselves.

It is a pity that many parents do not pay attention to education in this area, making children very ignorant, and therefore make a lot of jokes and even hurt themselves.

When I brushed the post last night, I saw a case shared by a doctor and felt deeply. I took it to share with you.

The doctor met a very special patient when he was on duty. The girl was 19 years old, but it looked smaller.

The symptoms of girls are lethargy, pain in the lower abdomen, and have been delayed for more than half a month.

After listening to her description, the doctor suspected that she should be pregnant, so let her have a blood test and measure HCG and progesterone.

The girl was shocked after listening to the doctor and flushed: "I … I was the first time, I couldn’t get pregnant …"

The doctor was wondering and asked, "Who tells you that you will not get pregnant for the first time?"

The girl said stutteringly, "That is, I won’t get pregnant for the first time!"

The doctor was ridiculous, and felt very speechless. Some people thought that "the first time would not be pregnant." In the end, the girl had a blood test. As a result, it proved that she was pregnant.

Seeing such a case, can’t help but sigh? Now there are girls who have such a big misunderstanding about breeding of life?

This reminds me of a very simple girl in college. After pregnancy, she cried and told us that she really didn’t know it was like this. If she knew, she would not agree.

Children know nothing about this matter, and they can understand, because no one has taught them, and some people feel incredible: Does the junior high school textbook do not learn?

When some teachers arrived at this course, they taught themselves directly. When we were in middle school, the teacher did not say this lesson, and said it was not important. Just look at it yourself.

Teachers do n’t talk, parents do n’t teach. If there are no other ways to understand this, they will really know nothing about it, which has nothing to do with age.

Our Chinese parents are still more traditional. These traditional parents believe that this matter itself is indecent. It is not suitable for placing on the bright side. The child grows up to a certain age and will naturally understand these.

What bad influence will parents ignore sex education?

1. The child really knows nothing about this

Like mentioned above, the girl girl from that university, she came from the countryside, never exposed to knowledge in this area, and no other ways to understand these. After going to college, I don’t even understand the secrets of life.It’s incredible, but this is true.

So when her boyfriend made a request, she agreed easily. As a result, she was pregnant unexpectedly. The whole person was stupid and didn’t know what to do.

To avoid this situation, parents must pay attention to sex education for their children.

2. Understand from other channels, it is easy to be taken away

Many boys have become interested in gender after adolescence. Because they have not received education in this area, the boys have come together to understand these knowledge through other channels.Affecting their emotional concept and affecting their outlook on marriage.

3. Affect the child’s cognition of gender

If the child has never received the system’s gender education, all rely on personal exploration, and even "self -learning" by other channels, it can easily affect their understanding of the opposite sex.

This should be a serious topic, but when the children do not have the right guide, the perception of the opposite sex is easy to misunderstand, which directly affects many choices in their lives and then affect their entire life.

Sexual education is not a child’s drama, nor is it the topic of "can’t get on the stage". All parents should pay attention to let the children understand the gender more and become a positive and positive person.

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