"I was pregnant at the age of 19 and had a lot of big boyfriends. My parents didn’t know yet. What should I do now?"

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Life is long, and sometimes there is no problem walking the wrong step.But as long as it is corrected in time, it is not too late, but I am afraid that the ghosts will be fascinated for a while, and they will be wrong again.

A few days ago, I received a submission from a girl in the background: I was 19 years old at the age of 19, and I was pregnant unexpectedly. My boyfriend was many years old and had been working, so I wanted to give birth to this child.Now my parents don’t know, I am tangled, I don’t know what to do?After watching the girl’s submission, I only gave her a word: In the youngest, the same age, don’t be wrapped by chai oil and salt before blooming.Don’t live too passive age at free and active age.I hope this girl can understand my words.

I really feel mourning for such girls. I am angry at it. What a good age at the age of 19, I also went to college. Parents spent their living expenses.I would like to bring a baby and clean up the shit and the fart, which is really stupid and naive.Such age can enjoy the beauty of falling in love, but why don’t you know how to protect yourself.Although this girl does not describe too much to her boyfriend, it can be seen from her description of only words that this man is not a responsible person.So much larger than girls, I have already worked. I don’t know how to take protection measures?If you really love girls, you will get a girl who is still in college at the age of 19 in order to pursue the stimulus.I was pregnant and ignored the future and future of girls, so that they were born and tied to girls.Such a man is an irresponsible, selfish person.Even if girls are born to get married, it is estimated that they will play in a few years, and the situation of girls will be more difficult.

At the age of 19, most of them are still in the ivory tower, without the suffering of life.It is easy to be fainted by some sweet words of men, with blindness and longing for marriage and having children.But only after experiencing Chai Mi oil and salt can you know the suffering of life.At the age of 19, the book has not finished reading, and he has no ability, and he is still a child.Giving birth to a child, can a big child take care of the child, can you bear it psychologically and mentally?The most important thing is the economic ability.Not to mention anything else, from the pregnancy test, nutrition, and production bags, to the production of these spending, it is a small number, not to mention that after the birth of the baby, it is even more bottomed.What does a college student who have not graduated?Yes, there are boys. If the boys are good, the man’s family has a sense of responsibility, which is enough to help you raise children.But will such a boy get a 19 -year -old college student pregnant?I am suspicious.

If you meet a good person, this girl is lucky.Even if the child is born, there is a man’s family to help raising. The girl can revisit, and you can continue his own life, although this is the most ideal state.But according to reality, such girls are generally miserable, and their lives will be destroyed in the future.The rational girls will not take a child’s life and bet on their own half of their lives.

At an immature age, when you do n’t know what you want, there is no mature thinking ability, and what you do n’t think about the problem will bring yourself what itself will bring to himself. Following the pace of your peers, you should go to school and go to school.Golden age is unsatisfactory with eighty -nine endings.One step is wrong, step by step.

There are many things that can be done in such an age.Why can I do what I can do so early, and now I am too young. After growing up and polishing myself, I know what I want.This can also take a lot of detours.

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