"I give you a set, you feed me for medicine" I took an emergency contraceptive pill. Are you worried about pregnancy?

The so -called "I give you a set, you feed me for medicine" refers to the two contraceptive methods that are happy among the people of the people: condoms and contraceptives.There are not a few Chinese women who choose condoms, and drug contraception sounds more worrying.Due to various reasons, we have limited knowledge of taking regular contraceptives, so when everyone intends to take contraceptives, the following state is generally:

Basic classification of contraceptives

First of all, as a woman, first understand the basic category of contraceptives.Oral contraceptives are generally divided into three categories: short -acting, long -term, fast -acting, and emergency contraceptives.

The mechanism of short -acting oral contraceptives is to inhibit ovulation.Generally, the medication will be taken on the fifth day from the day of menstruation. Even if you take 22 days, you must not be interval.It can be contraceptive for 1 month.

Long -acting oral contraceptives can inhibit and change the speed of the pregnancy eggs. Take a monthly contraceptive for one month, suitable for long -term cohabitation couples.The method of serving is to take one medicine on the 5th day of menstruation, 2 tablets on the 25th day, and take one piece on the same day on the same day every month.

Quick -acting oral contraceptives, also known as family visits, are also known as relatives. The mechanism of action is mainly to speed up ovulation, affect sperm penetration and make the pregnant eggs not bed.

Emergency contraceptives are currently most commonly used by many women. Emergency contraceptives refer to the contraceptive method used in order to prevent pregnancy without protective sexual life or contraceptive failure. The drug contraception is effective within 72 hours after the intercourse.

Cognitive error of emergency contraceptives

In fact, no condoms can be 100%contraception at present, and there are still many misunderstandings about contraceptives.Some experts point out that oral contraceptives do not hurt the body is a health and effective contraceptive method.The emergency contraceptive pills are even more unjust, and somehow is inexplicably adding a tight curse of "only three times a year".However, the reality is:

◆ The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that there is no clear evidence that reusing emergency contraceptives will cause any health risk.

◆ The American Obstetrics and Gynecologists’ Society (ACOG) believes that it can be taken multiple times even in the same menstrual cycle.

◆ A comprehensive opinion on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mentioned in a comprehensive opinion on emergency contraceptives that there have been studies that 8,800 women use normal doses with 2 to 4 times emergency contraceptives, and take an average of 6-8 months.There are no serious side effects.

Therefore, if you are not prepared to be a happy dad/mother, then this medicine should still be taken.

However, it must be noted that drugs are drugs after all, and emergency contraceptives are not a suitable contraceptive means.So it is not recommended to take it frequently.

Remember about emergency contraceptives

First, the efficiency of emergency contraceptives is only about 80%.

Secondly, although the instructions say that it is effective within 72 hours after sexual intercourse, the later the use, the worse the effect, and long -term use will harm health.

Furthermore, the most common complications of taking emergency contraceptives are irregular bleeding.If the amount of bleeding is not large, it can be cleaned in about 7 days, and the problem will not be large; this bleeding does not mean safety. If the bleeding exceeds the menstrual flow or the time is relatively long, you must go to the hospital.For long or bleeding time, you may be pregnant, and on the other hand, hemorrhage may cause infection (low incidence).

Finally, it is recommended that after taking an emergency contraceptive pill, it is recommended to test the possibility of pregnancy after one month. After all, the contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives is only 80%.

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