"I don’t dare to see him!" 155 pounds girls, hiding secretly crying secretly!Two years later, she finally fled the nightmare …

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Open the bottle cap in the backhand, touch the navel in the backhand, and Gina, the wife of the pianist Lang Lang, showed the waist around many times in public.

At 6 months of pregnancy, Gina’s magical waist circumference became a hot spot again. When the two were in the propaganda, the data of "the waist is still 56cm", which was even more glasses of eating people.

In front of the lens of the women’s monologue "Hear She Said", which was just launched, the actor Qi Xi spent two hours and thirty -seven minutes of "refined decoration", and asked to the camera, "This is this is theA era of looking at the face, isn’t it? "

Are you anxious?The topic of anxiety and appearance was quickly detonated and searched on top.

In fact, from female stars to ordinary girls around us, the figure is anxious. They are all nightmares that they can’t escape, and some are even overwhelmed.

Because they have anorexia and overeating because they are anxious, or because they are afraid that they will not return to their original appearance after pregnancy, they are extremely inferior because of their pervasive fitness exercises on social media, and they are unwilling to have too much social.

When the person’s anxiety came out of this anxiety time, the first sentence they said "advice" is still –

"I hope everyone will not let go of myself because of my story, and no longer control weight. Keeping moderate anxiety can make you live better."

Speaker: Xiao Nuan, 22 years old, student

"The favorite boy rejected,

There is only one goal of life -thin "is thin"

"Don’t you think, will you confess to me, will you be ashamed of me?"

He used the word "shame", and I think I would probably hate the word for a lifetime.

In high school, I was still a carefree fat man, 174cm, and the concept of instilling from an early age was that it was fine.So I have never controlled my mouth.When I was under high pressure, I ordered fried chicken milk tea with a few sisters at noon. When I stayed up late at night, I was hungry and I ate a spicy hot hot.The fattest time was the next semester of high school, and my weight soared to 155 pounds.

There are also distress, mainly because wearing pants will grind the sides of the thighs.I especially like Quan Zhilong. I used the long pocket money to buy a pair of black pants of Hi Panda he endorsed. As a result, the day when I put on the school, I all worn all my legs and bleed.I felt embarrassed, embarrassed to tell others, just endured it myself, couldn’t help it, I cried in the toilet.

I have always had a careful thinking, that is, after the college entrance examination is over, I will confess to my table.I like him for three years. Before I was a good friend, he had never revealed to me.But when I really exported this sentence after I finished the college entrance examination, what I got was actually answered-

"Don’t you think, will you confess to me, will you be ashamed of me?"

I only knew that boys could play with fat girls, but they would never be with fat girls.At that moment, the first 18 years of life seemed to collapse, just what girls were happy, and what to know how to please themselves. The boy I liked didn’t like me, and I was unhappy.There is only one goal of my life -thin.

"Look at this fat man, so fat and still eat,

There is no self -control force "

But how can it be so easy.Once the diet habits are developed, it is difficult to control.

Of course, I am not the kind of blind weight loss girl. I chose a way to lose weight that was most suitable for me at that time -ketogenic weight loss method.Strictly speaking, it is to consume high protein, high fat, and eat more meat. At the same time, low -carbon water does not eat staple food and does not eat sweets. Coupled with auxiliary exercise, the body changes from carbon water to consumption of fat, and then achieves weight loss.

I just started to persist, but after a week, I started to want to eat cakes and drinks.You know before that, I don’t like sweetness at all.In this weight loss method, the intake of fruits must also be strictly quantified. Too high fructose can also lead to high carbohydrate intake.For the first time, I bought a box of kiwi in the supermarket downstairs. It was very sour. There were 6 in total. I could only eat two.But that day, my ghosts ate all the six kiwi that were not familiar with, but it was unpalatable, but it was comfortable.

Pandora’s magic box has been quietly opened.

I have no mood to class.I opened my phone every morning and picked up the mobile phone to see the takeaway.Wait until the order is completed, often three or four hours have passed.After ordering, I got up and washed, and the takeaway arrived.But eating takeaway, I often ride a bicycle to eat a steak and comfort myself to eat, and then start eating a meal in the self -study room in the afternoon, and my mouth has never been idle.

At dinner time, I usually go to the cafeteria two sets of meals, throw all the rice away, and eat only the meat and eggs inside.Then I continued to muddy until late at night. I started to panic and watched the rest in the bed, mainly to watch the big stomach king eat all kinds of fried chicken, skewers, burgers and hot pot.Booking until one or two in the morning, I would climb the stairs up and down in the bedroom, from the sixth floor to the first floor, and then from the first floor to the sixth floor.

After the weekly, my weight did not change at all, but I started to lose hair, irritability, sensitivity, and unable to concentrate.

I want to eat "junk food" with heavy oil and salt.Finally, one day, in the video of a big stomach king, I didn’t hold back, ordered a fried chicken, thinking about eating only meat and not eating skin.The fried chicken got in my hand, I first carefully put the skin carefully

Call it out and eat, and then chew the skin into the mouth and spit it out. Finally, I can’t help it.

I feel that I live in a devil in my body, and a devil who wants to eat the food that makes people get fatter all over the world.

In this way, I started to gain weight quickly.Seeing myself in the mirror, I will feel that all my misfortunes are alienated with others because of this damn figure.I resisted socializing and even reluctant to talk to people. When I went downstairs to get takeaway, I would wear a mask.If someone looks at me, I will make up their reactions in my heart–

"Look at this fat man, eat so fat and eat, there is no self -control."

"I am most afraid of seeing what I see,

It’s myself in the mirror after the vomiting "

My amount of exercise can’t keep up with the speed of getting fat, and I start to be anxious and restless every day for my damn appetite.

At this time, I occasionally visited a hidden group and entered a QQ group.The group taught in the group, all of them are about "puffing vomiting". The group friends claimed to be "rabbits".

"Since I can’t control myself, I can vomit it." I did think so at the time.

I started trying to make myself vomit with my fingers.At the time of the first time, I didn’t notice it. I just finished applying the temple with wind oil, and there was residual wind oil essence on my fingers, which caused me to vomit as soon as I touched my throat.Although the process is uncomfortable, but when I think of how I can eat, I will not change, and my depressed emotions have been better for the time being.

But I don’t know, I fell into another abyss from one abyss.

At first I could also control the frequency of my own vomiting. As my fingers reached into my throat, I became more and more proficient, and I started to become more and more presumptuous.Five a month of takeaway red envelopes, I can use it all the day.I even want to do a broadcast and give myself a few more living expenses for myself.The frequency of vomiting has also changed from once a day to two or three times a day.

The most scared thing is that after the vomiting, I saw my face when I washed my face and washed my face.Tears, snot, and saliva are mixed with saliva, the face was flushed and swollen, and his hair was messy behind his head.I deeply despise myself, and then scold myself fiercely- "You are a pig!"

I started to lose our scale, but accompanied by the changing sound brought by gastric acid corrosion of the esophagus, and the stomach disease caused by irregular diet.My hair was big, I was thin, but even ugly.

Life is such a cruelty.I seem to have forgotten what the original intention of weight loss was.When I was in the worst state, those who liked four years came to Beijing to play, and came to my school to see me.But I just melted a makeup, glanced at him from a distance, and then sent WeChat to tell him: I want to meet temporarily. I can’t see it today.

Watching him leave, my tears couldn’t control outwards.This year, I did not make friends, did not enter the society, and tossed myself into a man who was not a ghost.Nowadays, even the boys I like have no courage to meet again.

I fanned my two mouths fiercely and sent a poisonous vow: I tossed myself again, so I couldn’t read my book, and returned to my hometown to re -examine the college entrance examination again.

"Dance gave me the second life,

I am no longer the foil of others ""

In order to distract myself, I reported myself a hip -hop dance class and studied female group dance.

I think, although I can’t do the figure of the women’s group, I have the skills of national dance, at least I can learn their dance.

I soaked myself in the dance room. When I did n’t have a class, I went there.When I was hungry, I forced myself to dance.I am the fattest in our dance room, so I hid in the corner every time I class, but those younger sisters in the dance room are particularly enthusiastic about calling me to eat with them.Talking, I started to have friends.

The transfer of energy made me start not to care so much about eating it itself.I still occasionally eat a deception meal (also known as "indulgence meal", generally refers to a high -energy, high -carbohydrate food for a few days in a row for a few days in a row.Supper, insist on eating only three meals.After a few months, although I was unhappy, I was very regular. On average, I was thin three pounds a month, and my menstruation began to gradually become regular, not just once every two or three months before.

Under their encouragement, I took off my coat and exposed my waist when I danced.Although there are a lot of fat, I can look directly at them.I stared at the mirror in the dance room, dancing over and over again, sweating, jumping until my hands and feet could not be lifted.I fantasize that I must have one day, and I will become like my favorite female love beans. They are light and standing on the stage.

Of course, this process is not smooth sailing. The demon often wakes up in the middle of the night and invades my brain.At this time, I still choose to watch the broadcast, but I won’t go to see the big stomach king anymore.I will order some small UP owners to see their eaten tunnel food, and then silently add a stroke to their graduation travel plan, sleeping with a small regret.

From 143 pounds to 112 pounds, I took two and a half years.From four or five times a day, to call regularly once a day; from using APP to record your own 3D data, to recording your daily exercise data with APP;Go to socialize boldly.The most important thing is that I recovered the carefree state when I was not losing weight.The only difference is that I am no longer the foil of others, and I can dominate my own life.

After thinning.My life suddenly became comfortable.When shopping, you don’t need to ask the clerk if you have XL code, you can pose a M code to try it.When you are a senior, you will be exaggerated by strangers, and you will even have the courage to interview some fashion magazine companies.These are things that I never dare to think about before losing weight.

So far I still thank the boy who is awake and let me pay attention to my figure.As long as you have your own mentality and be responsible for yourself, don’t worry too much, you will make me better know how to urge myself.

Speaker: Ning Ning, 28 years old, a model broker

"I am the agent of a model company,

Pregnancy is a nightmare that I still can’t survive so far "

When I saw Gina’s pregnant waist, I just finished the last set of stretching movements of yoga.Later, I fell my phone on the sofa fiercely, and an unknown fire rushed into my head again.

I am a model company agent. Although I am not in front of the stage, I have no more than a hundred times since I was small.

So when I first met my husband, I was particularly confident.He is a model photographer who has seen too many beautiful figures.He said that he liked me to start with face value, loyal to personality and character.We quickly fell in love, love, and got married until we encountered the biggest contradictions -having children.

I am not afraid of pain, nor is I responsible for a life. What I am afraid of is that I am in shape. I am afraid that I will become "imperfect" because of a child.But such ridiculous reasons.How can I get my parents on the table and each other?

I couldn’t stand the persuasion. In the second year of my 27 -year -old marriage, I was pregnant with this child halfway.

Pregnancy response, swollen hands and feet, when I was pregnant, I put the whole body mirror at home, insisted on not looking at myself, and comforted myself.Restore the original.

Therefore, I have reluctantly accepted the supplements and food sent by relatives from friends from all walks of life. I thought that pregnancy is also good. I usually do n’t dare to eat more.

I think it is probably the greatest pain in my life.But the really endless hell started from the moment the child was born.

The next day when I gave birth to my baby, when I recovered a little, when I could walk around, I couldn’t wait to go to the hospital.I can’t forget that number so far -123 pounds, 33 pounds fatter than before I was pregnant.

At that moment, I was stunned.I never thought that even if I had fell a piece of meat on my body, I could still be so fat.

I cried and called my husband, and asked him: "Why do you see that I get fat and not remind me?" My husband looked at my eyes and was puzzled- "Pregnancy, shouldn’t you gain weight?"

I collapsed, holding his clothes and shouting to lose weight.He responded to me with a perfunctory expression in my naked eye, telling me not to worry, even if I get fat, he will love me, not to mention I added a cute daughter to the family.He told me to confine with peace of mind, so the flowing water -like supplement was sent to my bed: This is beneficial to milk, that is beneficial to recovery … I feel like a robot that is filled in various nutritional productsThere is nowhere to hide.

"The fifth month of postpartum,

I faint in the lobby of the rehabilitation center "

I started to measure my dimension frantically, setting the computer’s password into the previous three -encapsulated data -83, 56,88.Then measure your detailed dimension data changes three times a day. I bought a body fat scale in front of the bed, and just measure weight as long as the bed.Even dreaming, dreaming of these numbers slightly changes, will make me awaken in my dreams.

For rice, I will secretly pour it in a few mouthfuls, and I have to replace the bread to whole wheat.Looking at the nutritional meals from my mother and my mother -in -law’s love meal, I only nodded on the surface, secretly poured off while no one was.This has caused my milk to be very lacking, and the functions of my body have also had problems.I occasionally dizzy, my legs often twitch, and my stomach follows the problem. When I smell the smell, I just want to vomit.

I know that I have something wrong myself, but I can’t stop at all.Especially when I started remote office, the perfect figure in front of the screen poked my eyes straight. I looked at my drooping chest, the fat accumulated in my abdomen, and sad.

It didn’t take long for such days, and I was fainted in the lobby of the rehabilitation center because of insufficient blood supply to the brain.The doctor said that I was malnourished, and it was completely exposed to weight loss.No one around me understood me, and my parents and I quarreled.Since then, my emotions have become more sensitive and suspicious. As long as people passing by look at me a few times, I will think he is laughing at me.

Because of my figure, I suffered from severe postpartum depression.Those numbers are like a tight curse, around my mind.I went to see the psychologist. He taught me the simplest way -wear a rubber band in hand. If you think of losing weight or thinking of those numbers, he will play himself.

However, I am now my second rubber band on my wrist.Whether it is conversation, hypnosis or stimulation, it cannot change the determination to change back to the original weight.

I started to do yoga, find private teachings that specialize in postpartum rehabilitation, and full of my schedule.As for my child, in my state, I took care of my parents and husbands.

Until now, I still haven’t gotten out of the shadow, shaping, and weight loss, which is still the focus of my life.

Are you anxious?Welcome to share your experience in the comments area–

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Calculator Huang Xiaoxing Surgee reporter Liu Qiao Yan

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