"I didn’t drink today, how could it be a drunk driving ????"

"Comrade Traffic Police, I don’t have a drink today."

"How can it be a drunk driving?"


9 o’clock on June 6

Police of the Xinhua Brigade of the Loudi Division of the High Police Department

At Lou Xinhua Shinuchua Toll Station

During the routine inspection of a Hunan K number plate,

Discovering driver Luo is suspected of drunk driving

Examination of alcoholic alcohol content

The alcohol content in Luomou’s blood is 47mg/100ml

Drinking driving standards

Police: "Master, you drunk!"

Luo: "Impossible, I didn’t drink in the morning."

Police: "Did you drink yesterday?"

Luo: "I drank some red wine last night …"

Luo explained that at 22 o’clock the night before, he drank 3 glasses of red wine at his friend’s house and thought that it was okay after a night. He drove out the car the next morning and was still found to be drunk.

The police criticized Luo, and fined illegal acts of driving motor vehicles after drinking and fined 1,500 yuan according to law. At the same time, the driver’s license was 12 points and temporarily deducted for 6 months.


Just about an hour later

Xinhua Brigade Police

I seized a driver of "drunk driving overnight"

At 9:50, the police found that the driver Zhou was suspected of drinking driving during the routine inspection of the car of Xiang Kue ***.After testing the alcohol content, the results showed that the alcohol content in the blood of Zhou was 45mg/100ml, which met the drinking standard of drinking."I drank 2 or 3 bottles of beer at 9 o’clock last night. I couldn’t think of this morning it would be drunk …" Zhou said.The police criticized Zhou, and fined the illegal act of driving a motor vehicle after drinking and fined 1,500 yuan according to law. At the same time, the driver’s license was 12 points and temporarily deducted for 6 months.


"Ortoloic wine" and "overnight wine" exist

Everyone thinks as a precepts and learns lessons

Do not drive at noon at noon

Don’t drive the next day the day before the night

High -speed traffic police reminder

From the perspective of changes in alcohol concentration in human blood, the alcohol concentration can meet the alcohol concentration of 20mg/100ml after drinking a cup of 200 ml of beer.

If you drink 3 two low liquor or 2 bottles of beer, alcohol concentration can reach drunk driving standards of 80 mg/100ml.Of course, personal constitution may be slightly different.

Experts said that in general, about 10 minutes after drinking, alcohol will be absorbed into the blood by the human body, and the highest peak will reach the highest peak in one hour to one and a half hours.

The human body’s metabolism of alcohol is much slower than absorption. First of all, alcohol will be transported to the liver by the blood. Ethanol in alcohol is converted here into acetaldehyde, and then slowly converted into acetic acid.Excessary carbon dioxide.

If you only drink a glass of beer or a glass of red wine, you need to go through the metabolism at least 6 hours before you can drive again; if you drink low -degree liquor 3 or more, considering the differences in individuals and the environment, at least 20 to 24 hours must be passed by 20 to 24 hours.Only to drive.

The metabolism of alcohol in the human body depends on many factors. After drinking for too long, alcohol can be volatile without a fixed value.Generally speaking, alcohol’s degradation in the body is more than 6 hours.According to individual differences, some metabolic time may take more than 10 hours or even 20 hours.

It should be emphasized that after drinking, driving will not take the driver’s self -feelings as the criterion, nor will it be defined by the length of time after the wine, but the professional test results of the human blood alcohol concentration.(Source: Ministry of Public Security Authority)

The weekend arrived

When you are a happy party with friends and relatives

Remember not to drive if you drink alcohol

Driver a cup of wine loved ones two lines of tears

Don’t touch the steering wheel anymore after drinking

At present, the Hunan high -speed police are carrying out the theme activities of the "Safety Month".We call on the majority of drivers and friends to consciously resist traffic violations such as drunk drunk driving, and travel safely and civilized. Do not cause a big mistake due to luck!

Civilized law -abiding and going home safely

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