"How far is the rivers and lakes from the temple" Chapter 184 "Liao’s pregnancy"

Long Lu Kun was taken down by the master Liao, and became the captive of the Liao family. After entering the Liao family into the arms, he sucked the marrow and knew the taste.The two secretly traveled for four or five years. Wu Yuandian was obsessed with martial arts and was bothered by Chinese major events and miscellaneous things.When Wu Yuandian was not at home, Longlu Kun looked for various reasons to come back to meet with Liao.Among the Wu family, except for the owner of Wu Yuandian, everyone knows, but no one dares to explain to Wu Yuandian.Because of the Liao family, the maid, son -in -law, old man, and Enweigko in the family govern them.

There is a way that the paper can not hold the fire, and often walks by the river. How can there be no wet shoes?Liao and Long Lu Kunlou were finally discovered by Wu Yuandian.

Coincidentally, the Japanese Wuyuan Dian and Longlongkun went out to inspect the local rudder for twenty -after ten years. After the two returned, Wu Yuandian saw Liao’s illness lying on the bed. Wu Yuandian asked: "Lady, you are uncomfortable.Is it? "

Liao has weakness: "In the past two days, somehow, there are always disgusting, dizziness, weakness, and lethargy. Sometimes they don’t want to eat food."

Wu Yuandian caring: "Could it be wounded? Come to see Lang Zhong?"

Liao said: "It’s too late!"

Wu Yuandian scolded the girl -in -law standing beside Liao’s bed: "The mother is sick, do you know the pork brain?"

The girl was aggrieved: "I was going to invite, but the main mother said it was slow, and it would be okay in two days!"

Wu Yuandian drank: "You are still pouting?"

Wu Yuandian was going to scold, and Liao advised: "You can’t get angry again, I taught her not to go! Since you are back, I haven’t seen it, and teach her to ask for it!" That girl hurriedgo.

Longlu Kun heard that Liao’s illness was sick, and stood at the door of Master’s bedroom. Although he often went in and out of this room, he was Liao’s bed. He was also very familiar, but today Master was present, and he had to make a good look.Essence

Wu Yuandian was in the room. When he heard Longlong Kun asked Liao’s condition, he said, "Lu Kunmo is worried that your master is afraid of the wind and cold, and he has sent someone to ask Langzhong.stop!"

After Long Lukun agreed, he retreated to the living room and waited for Langzhong to prescribe the prescription for Liao.When it wasn’t, the girl led Lang Zhong to come in a hurry.Lang Zhong entered the Master’s bedroom, and he had no half -cup of tea. Na Lang hurriedly went out with the maid. Longlong Kunxin said: This Lang Lang is very clever in traditional Chinese medicine.Condition?And took the medicine to know the bottom.

However, Longlu Kun sat in the living room, waited left and right, and did not hear that Master sent someone to send the medicine prescription. Longlu Kun was a little wondering. After another moment, Longlu Kun didn’t see the movement. Finally, he couldn’t sit still., Got up at the door of Master’s bedroom, and planned to ask Master, why not catch medicine?

Longlu Kun walked out of the living room and faintly heard Master’s scolding in the bedroom. Obviously, Master was angry, but he could not hear the real content.Longlu Kun was a little strange, speeding up his footsteps while listening to his ears at the same time.However, Longlu Kun’s heart jumped faster, his heart jumped faster, his face became pale. In the end, he was almost unstable and he was paralyzed to the ground.Because he obviously listened, Master was interrogating the master, who was her adulterer?When Longlong Kun was shocked, he only heard Master yelling in the bedroom: "Longlu Kun, come in!"

Longlu Kun only felt that the sky was turning, the sky was dark, and his teeth were hard to hold back. He walked to the foot of the bedside door, and stopped with the hesitation in his heart.Run, he dare not; enter, he dare not; stand in place, not!When I thought about it, Master Wu Yuandian’s face appeared at the door.Long Lu Kun did not retreat again, gritted his teeth, and bowed his head to the Master’s bedroom.

Wu Yuandian saw the bedroom in the Kunlong Dynasty in Longlong, and turned to retreat into the bedroom.After Longlong Kun entered the room, Wu Yuandian was sitting on a vine chair in the bed.Liao kneeled in front of him.Long Lukun glanced at Master’s trembling gray beard, involuntarily, and kneeled down.

As soon as Longlong Kunfu kneeling, Wu Yuandian’s voices came out of the ground: "Liao is pregnant, is your species?"

Long Lu Kun was shocked "ah".Wu Yuandian asked coldly again: "Dare to do it?"

It turned out that after Noruro entered the bedroom with the maid, Lang Zhong first checked the face of Liao’s face as usual, and asked some symptoms. Liao answered one by one, and then he cut the pulse.

When Lang Zhong asked the condition, the girl moved to a small square stool early and placed on the side of Liao’s bed. Wu Yuan Dianjiao Langzhong sat on the square stool, and taught Liao to reach out his right hand.Cut the pulse.

Susan, Lang Zhong opened his eyes, Wu Yuandian asked Lang Zhong said: "What is the condition, sir?"

Na Lang got up and said: "Xiaoxiao congratulates the Lord!"

Wu Yuandian said in a surprise: "My family is sick, what kind of joy is congratulatory?"

Nairo said: "The little congratulatory is because it is a joy to help the Lady Lady!"

Wu Yuandian didn’t respond to it, and asked, "What is the joy?"

Then Liao heard it so much, and drank to Lang Zhongzhong on the bed: "What are you talking nonsense?"

Now Wu Yuanxian wakes up, and can’t help but be happy: "This is true!"

When Lang Zhong saw Wu Yuandian’s look, he became more and more deliberate: "If there is a fake, help the Lord can send people to dig this double move and chop the small hand of this cut pulse!"

Wu Yuandian passed "knowing the destiny", the beard has been gray, and he has never had a son. Suddenly he heard his wife happy, and was stunned by the good news.Eye! "

Seeing Wu Yuandian in Na Lang was so excited that he was really happy that he was really happy, so he reminded him kindly: "Help Lady is happy now, it is an old age, and the Lord must take care of it. Especially in the first two months of pregnancyKeep warm! "

Wu Yuandian nodded again and again: "This is nature, this is nature!" After that, one or two silver was found out of his sleeves, and handed it to Langzhong.And Tao: "Mr. Xie advisory! Please!" Wu Yuandian said "Please", which uses the meaning of one or two silver, as well as the intention of sending customers.

Wu Yuandian’s shot was so generous. Na Lang was overjoyed. He took his hands and took his hands with his hands. When he turned around, he asked Wu Yuandian to send him out: "It is less than two months old to help the Lady Lady. Do not move his fetal gas during this period!"

Wu Yuandian didn’t know what Lang Zhong said, and looked at him.Lang Zhong explained softly: "Recently, help the Lord and the lady, do not have the same room!" Lang Zhong’s words were finished, Wu Yuandian’s old face blushed, Lang Zhong quit and quit, and the maid led him out.

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